Top Ten Reasons Why Digimon's Fanbase Sucks

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1 It's ignorant

Just like Pokemon fans - ParkerFang

Its ironic. How there's a rivalry between the two fandoms, even though both are so flawed. - Sentimental

No they are not.I love Pokemon and digimon.I also love SpongeBob,danny phantom,and smash bros.

2 They enjoy bashing Pokemon

"Digimon fans are Pokemon fans"
Not, every Digimon fan likes Pokemon. Not every Digimon fan hates or dislikes Pokemon. But, still some people like both.

And you always bash digimon.You are just a hypocrite.

Wrong digimon fans are Pokemon fans.So your argument is invalid

Visa versa - ParkerFang

3 They worship Digimon

Oh, and Pokemon fans don't worship their show like a "god"?

Same goes for Pokemon fans - ParkerFang

They worship Digimon way too much. - Croy987

Lots of Pokemon fans worship Pokemon and some are furries who yiff.

4 They say Pokemon is a rip off of Digimon

Both are rip offs of Monsters in My Pocket...Cereal Toys haha.

And visa versa - ParkerFang

Pokémon fans call digimon a rip off your argument is invalid

5 They're trying to erase Pokemon from existence

Just like how Pokemon fans try to erase Digimon fans - ParkerFang

Digimon is as popular as Pokemon in Japan,Germany,and latin America.Your argument is invalid.

6 They're stupid

I love Pokemon just as much as digimon. Liking both=stupid?

This list is to be honest - ParkerFang

7 No taste in video games

Then why do I have a Wii u and Xbox. So liking digimon means Xbox and Nintendo are bad taste.

Wii is good taste. Xbox is for losers. - Goatworlds

I love Mario,Minecraft,and sonic.I have a taste in video games.

Opinions. - ParkerFang

8 Thinks everything else sucks

How do you know - ParkerFang

There is this dude called protomario and he loves both.

9 Nintendo haters

Some of them are, some aren't - ParkerFang

Then why exactly are there Pokemon fans in the digimon fanbase.You should look up proto Mario.

Ummm...I have a Nintendo and I think Digimon is better than Pokemon. - Mugi

10 They're mean

I got beat up by Pokemon kids when I said that I thought Digimon was Better - animemasterman

Isn't this list mean? - ParkerFang

They're just jerks - Goatworlds

Then why are you bashing them.

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11 Renamon fans are the worst

Please, Diaboromon is hotter..

Simply because they sexualize her when the fact is that Renamon is not made to be sexual. She is a Digimon, not some furry's sick fantasy. And no, Krystal from Star Fox is not her love interest, either.

Here is a fun piece of trivia: In one of the European dubs of Digimon; Renamon is a male character rather than a female. (Maybe that will stop the furries from making such disgusting art of her for a change)

12 Pokemon fans aren't better

What a stupid troll item. - KalloFox34

13 They ship crossover couples

Krystal is Fox McCloud's love interest. Not Renamon's. Get your doggone minds straight.

14 They Sexualized Renamon
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