Top 10 Reasons Why Heavy Metal Is Not Satanic

There's still people out there saying that Heavy Metal is the devil's music. It's not at all. It never was and it never will be. That whole belief of Heavy Metal (and Rock and Roll) being the devil's music is a stupid rumor that needs to die now.
You can dislike Metal all you want but don't go around saying That it's the Devil's music because it's not fact. It's not fact at all. Saying that Metal is satanic, would be like saying that Pop, Rap, and Country are satanic. I listen to all kinds of music and I don't view it all as satanic. if you want proof that Heavy Metal isn't satanic, then here are your reasons.

The Top Ten

1 There is Christian Metal
2 Screaming and Loud Noises does Not Equal to Satanism
3 Most Heavy Metal Vocalists are Christian (Ozzy Osbourne, Tom Araya, etc)

This reason is incorrect

Well, Tom Araya is Catholic and Ozzy didn't really specify if he was religious or not. - Metalhead1997

4 Most Heavy Metal Songs are about Topics like Politics, War, Heartbreak, Fantasy, and Living Life. Even Celebrating Life
5 Justin Bieber Plays Pop Music, Not Heavy Metal

I love how this is a reason, let alone one that is in the top 10.

6 Most Metal Bands Claim they Don't Worship Satan nor do They Condone Satanism in their Fans
7 Metal Can Actually Prevent Suicide
8 Most Metal Bands Sing About Satanism Because They're Merely Interested In the Subject and They Do Not at All Condone It In Their Fans

This is a lie with some artists

9 Most Metal Bands Sing About Anti-Religious Themes Because They View Religion As a Negative Influence On Society

Honestly, I agree. Religion ALWAYS causes fights in my area. Religion seperates people, and keeps people from being nice to eachother. Honestly, I really don't think religion matters at all. What matters is how much someone can be kind to eachother. Religion is just a phase to be honest.

10 Metal Does Not make you Depressed

Actually that's not true. There was a poll of depression kids and 65% of people who are depressed listen to either metal or classical

The Contenders

11 Satanism in Metal is Just a Way of Expressing the Dark Side of Humans. Even Religious People Admit in Humans Being Flawed. Many Metal Focuses on This Concept.
12 One of the Founders Of Heavy Metal, Tony Iommi, is Catholic
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