Biggest Problems With Metalheads

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1 Not Letting Bands Explore New Horizons

It depends on the album. For example, I find that One more light by linkin Park Is pretty good, but I cannot listen to amo by bmth.

Some bands do great, some bands don't. But let's give them a chance!

Let the bands do whatever they want!

2 Not Exploring Other Genres

In metal or in general? Right now, I'm listening to a LOTR soundtrack. Up next is Acid Witch, then Bing Crosby, then Howlin Wolf, then...

I have explored almost all genres in existence, including cajun and chanson, but metal was the best. And I became a metalhead.

A lot of metalheads hates many metal genres like nu metal and metalcore.

What, like pop fans are to metal...

3 Thinking Heavier Means Better

This is the problem with symphonic metal haters. Just because you can't mosh to it doesn't mean it sucks.

Untrue. My favourite bands aren't so heavy, but I listen to a lot of very heavy bands.

4 Not Letting Music Grow On Them

Yes, there are metalheads on this site who look at the whole music industry from their close minded bubble, and listening only to Metal

I tried to like pop and rap rap grew on me a bit but pop just doesn't click with me

5 Opposing Other Opinions

Ever heard of christangrant and Metal_Treasure. They respect other opinions.

6 Just Being Mean

Metal-Elitists can be mean if they see you wearing
a metal/deathcore/Nu Metal shirt while you're talking to them.

The average metalfan/head doesn't care what kind of music you like. He can be your best fan like everybody else.

Anyanans comment is complete thrash/excactly the same thing I think about metal.

In fact, the meanest yet the dumbest comments on this site were written by a metal hater - a visitor at 60+... He's basically a troll but he isn't a funny troll - he's a boring and repetitive cyber bully.

I have noticed one thing, people generalise this. When they get to know about your music preference they judge you by that only, and maybe this is the reason people esp here are friends with similar music tastes

This a VERY loosely used word here. Define "mean" in this case.

7 Not Giving The New Album A Try

Problem is that I don't get "bored" of what I love, my mind is not that shallow.

Only metal elitists

8 Thinking That More Popular Bands Are Better Than More Obscure

Underground bands are actually great! The only problem is we don't really have time to look for them.

9 Thinking That The Band Betrayed You
10 Thinking More Complex Is Always Better
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11 Thinking That Soft Music Is Bad

I don't like Country because it's just bland to me. I like some soft rock songs

12 They're the Reason Metal Isn't Mainstream

No, it's not mainstream because of the Millennial generation and the fact that pop and rap are what they like the most, and the music industry is collapsing in on itself.

Nothing wrong with every genre being mainstream.
Maybe the real reason why Metal has never been mainstream is because of Biblical nutters.

Metal isn't mainstream. The new generation just listens to crappy rap stuff (Ex. Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne)

Could be a valid argument, but it's okay if metal isn't mainstream.

13 Bashing Other Music Genres

I only bash ones I don't like.

14 Close-Mindedness

Only metal elitists

15 Thinking that you absolutely have to drink or smoke a lot in order to be classified as "true"

This is wrong. I don't encourage drinking or smoking. I despise both of those things anyway. Who put this here? A die-hard Country music fan?

I don't drink or smoke because one, I'm underage, and two I despise smoking.

Actually ignorant fella, The thing is that metal musicians are the ones who don't die of drinking and drugs unlike many musicians of other genres ( And fans too...)

What? Whoever submitted this item is completely wrong.

16 Thinking That a Band Can't Save Anybody's Life

They can't. Unless you're burning in a car and they happen to notice you, then drag your sorry ass out, you saved your own life by letting their music guide you.

17 Thinking That a Band Saved Their Life

Well that is pretty much true. Bands do NOT save lives. You save your life.

18 Bashing Metal Subgenres

Metal is already great in itself. But sometimes Black Metal gets into my nerves. I don't blame the artists for their music, but I blame some for the church burnings.

Dumb reason. Why are you are metalhead and do you bash metal subgenres? Makes no sense at all.

I like Metal subgenres!

19 Thinking that There Has to be Screaming and Growling in Every Genre

That's sort of like saying that all doom metal bands have to sing, when doom metal gives you pretty much vocal freedom.

What? That's not true at all, I don't understand why others think that metalheads are crazy, I don't care, not at all.

This person who put this here clearly never listens to metal, or power metal (metal heads know what I mean by that

Operatic vocals are also great!

20 Arguing Over Different Genres of Metal

"Death metal is better than black metal! Doom is too slow! Metalcore and deathcore are stupid! Nu metal isn't metal! " That's what happens.

21 Thinking That More Obscure Bands Are Better Than More Popular

This isn't a problem with metalheads. I believe this is a good thing and I pretty much agree that "More Obscure Bands Are Better Than More Popular".

I think this because it gives you more room to explore. If everything was popular, it would all start to sound alike.

I don't think Metalheads generally think the other way around.

22 Thinking That Metal with Electronic Beats and Instrumentals is Bad

What's bad about metal mixed with electro beats?

23 Hating Everything

I don't hate everything. I enjoy my life. Things I hate though are Nicki Minaj, Brussel sprouts, Fortnite, and Country Music (because it was never my thing)

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