Top Ten Reasons Why Iron Maiden is Better Than Slayer


The Top Ten

1 Iron Maiden has more variety

I love Slayer, but Iron Maiden is tied for my favorite band in the world, so, I agree with all of your points. - CostcoHotDogs

The biggest reason, though I still agree with all the other ones. - TheMaelstromKing

2 Iron Maiden is more melodic
3 Iron Maiden has better guitar solos and riffs
4 Iron Maiden has more experimentation in their songs
5 Iron Maiden has better vocals
6 Iron Maiden has better basslines
7 Iron Maiden is more influential
8 Iron Maiden has very epic songs
9 It's easier to listen to Iron Maidens music
10 Iron Maiden is the perfect example to introduce non-metal listeners to metal

The Contenders

11 Without Iron Maiden there would be no Slayer
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