Top Ten Reasons Why Justin Bieber and One Direction Both Suck


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1 Both of their fanbases are made up of spoiled teenage girls

That's not entirely true. Some of the fans are nice and accept one's opinions. The mean ones are just jerks who are spoiled. Last month, I made my own nail polish. It was dark red and it was mine. The main ingredient was rattlesnake venom( I killed my own snake to make it). One day, I was doing my nails. Girls came by and asked me if I asked 1D. I said no, and they started to bully me. I was angry I scratched one of them. Three long red marks were on her right cheek. It took a long time for the venom to sink in. She screamed and screamed and was on the floor. I told them that the polish was toxic when it was wet. They stay away from me after that. It was worth it, though. - Jessicarabbit

True, their fans are completely girls - 05yusuf09

I'm a teenage girl but I guess most teenage girls are too lazy to find good music and just listen to the most popular resent stuff then get obsessed with them and stuff. They just like pop since that's what most people around them are doing and they think rock bands for example are old and stuff. Like I have quite a few friends who listen to the same stuff as me but I have some that only listen to Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift etc. I respect what they listen to but when they disrespect my taste I normally hit them. Just today someone said Queen sucks and I hit them a few times(not extremely aggressively to the point I would get into trouble though, don't worry). A lot of them think that genres other than pop or dance and sometimes even rap(Cardi B)is weird or just screaming and stuff. But I guess their all just pretty basic I guess

Not true, my sister is a diehard 1D fan and she is not spoiled at all. - TheInsomniac

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2 Neither of them can sing

1d rip off songs but Justin Beiber doesn't. I still hate both of them equally

Like you can sing better then them. Justin Bieber and one direction also have feeling so thing before you say something mean or stupid.

Thanks to the use of autotune, you really cannot tell who can really sing.

Yeah, they can sing, but when they do, they sound like tortured chipmunks. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

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3 The only reason people like them is because of looks

I like One Direction because of their singing. I don't care for their looks. Plus, I ABSOLUTELY HATE Justin Bieber!

We like there voices we don't care how they look they can look bad but if they have good voices I would like them.

I am the only girl that don't hate and don't love one direction and justin bieber?

True. Very true! - Userguy44

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4 Both of their fanbases get offended if you don't like either of them

All the items on this list are correct. - cosmo

They start stupid feuds with other fanbases

There are people looking at this whole list that love both of them. Do I love them? Hell No!

Both of their haterbases get offended if you like either of them (I don't like them either, but it's ridiculous how every person who says the slightest positive thing about them gets offensive reply comments). - Alkadikce

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5 They both think they're better than legends like the Beatles

That's impossible, the Beatles are proven to be long lasting in terms of music. Even people around my age (I am 22 years old) still like the Beatles.

It's their fans think this way, not them. I'm not a fan of either of them, but it's a very stupid reason to hate - smill

How dare they!

Except for the fact that The Beatles can actually sing, play real instruments, won’t be forgotten in 10 years maximum, have influenced other great artists and unlike Justin Bieber and One Direction, they appeal to more than just teenage girls. - 3DG20

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6 They both have done bad things.

Ok they are also human and everyone do bad thing even you. Justin Bieber is clearing his image and one direction don't do so many bad things.

You cannot praise Justin Bieber for pissing in a mop bucket. Thank God Zayn went solo! I must listen to "Like I Would"!

Cory it was louis

I heard one of the 1D guys was arrested for beating someone up. - Croy987

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7 Most of their songs are love songs

They are stupid songs with no taste - Goatworlds

Can't they write anything else - MrQuaz680

Whats wrong with love songs

There is nothing wrong about writing love songs, but many people just think they are not creative. Especially now, songs are about hooking up or acting like sluts.

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8 Both fanbases think that their haters are jealous

We care about the music, not the girls, you irrational creatures!

Why would anyone be jealous of bad singers?

Why would I be jealous because they get more girls? - MrQuaz680

9 Neither can play an instrument well

Go listen to Slash for good guitar - MrQuaz680

Ugh even if JB played a guitar, it still wouldn't change the fact I feel like putting my fist to his face...

Justin is the only one who can't make music well.

I hate one direction and jb music

10 They have terrible voices

What do you mean TERRIBLE?

Actually, JB does, not 1D.

I rather listen to rap, R&B, funk, west coast beat, and electronica better than the bubblegum pop. - waraypiso

JohnaLove, I was talking to the anonymous comment. We have better voices than those two music writers of death. - Gehenna

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11 They Ruined Music

Definitely - Gehenna

12 Their lyrics are mediocre at best, and therefore only appeal to teenage girls
13 They rip off Michael Jackson and The Beatles

I didn't really like it when justin bieber covered let it be because everyone started to think it was a beiber song

How do they rip them off? Why does it matter?

What?!?!?!? They are so different than either of them, and they are different from each other too - TheInsomniac

To the ignorant media, JB is NOT the new MJ and never will be. One Direction are NOT the new Beatles and never will be.

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1. Both of their fanbases are made up of spoiled teenage girls
2. Both fanbases think that their haters are jealous
3. The only reason people like them is because of looks
1. Neither of them can sing
2. Both of their fanbases are made up of spoiled teenage girls
3. Both of their fanbases get offended if you don't like either of them
1. Neither of them can sing
2. Both of their fanbases are made up of spoiled teenage girls
3. Both of their fanbases get offended if you don't like either of them

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