Reasons Why Marilyn Manson Is Better Than Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj

Now before you all go on about how satanic he is, I want you all to know that Marilyn Manson is a really nice, really intelligent guy in real life. His songs do have good messages just disguised as bad ones. I'm not saying kids should listen to him, but the thing that really shocks me is when the two girls on Ellen Degeneres sang Super Bass by Nicki Minaj and everyone thought it was cute?! HOW?! Nicki Minaj is NOT a role model for the youth of america. She talks about partying and sex a lot. A lot of people thought Marilyn Manson was talking about sex and partying in his song This Is The New S***, but the meaning of that song is really about turning against songs that talk about nothing but partying, sex, drugs, committing crimes, and having no good message at all. And the new s** Manson was talking about was new and different songs with good and positive messages.

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1 He's nice in real life

I agree with what you said. He is very intelligent and sees things how they are meant to be seen. But I do not like his music, even though I am a huge rock fan. Marilyn Manson, no offense, IS a little creepy in some ways... But yes, he is better than Miley and Nicki. - Alpha101

One of the few people that actually has common sense.

I'm not sure thet is beter then Nicki Minaj or Miliey Cyrus (I don't like them neither Marlyin Manson judging from there music) but this guy is good in RL

2 He writes his own music
3 Actually has positive messages in his songs (believe it or not)

"You live apes man, it's hard to be clean! " I think we can all relate to that. Especially with these modern celebrities and musicians.

Hard to believe, amirite?

He doesn't believe in god. and that's okay. ''I'm not a slave to a god that doesn't exist. I'm not a slave to a world that doesn't give a care''

Actually he has :v

4 Is more creative

His music videos are really creative. (i know they are, sometimes creepy but they are fantastic) you can't say they're not creative.

5 Does not actually worship Satan

Parents think he worships the devil because of his appearance. I think that's plain stupid. Then they see kids sing a Nicki Minaj song and think it's cute?

Even Manson himself is scarred of what he's become.

If manson himself is scarred of what he's become.

6 Has awesome music videos

You just have to listen to his song lyrics. then you see that his music is awesome.

7 Is funny

More like she has sex wi - Johniscool

8 He's not trying to encourage bad behavior in his fans

A lot of people think he's a satanist because of the title of his most popular album Antichrist Superstar, But This was because he was against organized religion in general, and it was pointing out hypocrisy in the bible.

Think about it. If you really want to blame society's crimes and murders on both heavy metal and rock music, then think about some of the things that have been done in the name of religion. 9/11, Jim Jones, The Ku Klux Klan, Ruhollah Khomeini, Heaven's Gate, etc.

9 He is against bad parenting

He even said in his interview on violence and blame that bad parenting is one of the worst things you could do. Bad parents make bad kids who go off in the world killing people, raping women, stealing, partying, abusing animals, and all kinds of horrible things. He put this on his website "is adult entertainment killing our children, or is killing children entertaining adults? "

I honestly think that bad parents are one of the worst of the worst. They're the reason for today's serial killers, robbers, rapists, vandals, etc.

10 He doesn't believe violence is the answer

He even said in an interview that seeing violence as a solution to solve a problem is what's sending a bad message. He thinks it's more serious than seeing just violence as a problem


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11 He is friends with Johnny Depp
12 He cares for other people

True. When I met him I was so nervous I stumbled on my words but he truly listened. I know by what he said to me. So so weird how I've met & spoke with ease with other celebrities.

He's said he expressed condolences to the families of the Columbine High School Massacre victims.

13 Loves to paint
14 He has diverse ideas
15 He doesn't even believe in the Devil
16 He likes video games

He's even claimed that he proudly own a Nintendo DS and is a fan of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

17 He will be remembered while Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj vanish into obscurity

I honestly think as time goes on people will start to appreciate Manson more. Ozzy Osbourne was disrespected back then because people thought he was a satanist, but look at him now. Everyone loves him (I mean, I can't imagine one person who hates Osbourne). Maybe the same will happen to Manson. But these are just my views.

One day people will look back at Nicki Minaj and think, "why did I listen to this garbage? "

18 Has better performances

In all honesty, I would rather watch his performances than Miley's. Miley's performances are way too graphic.

At least he didn't screw up the Mexican Flag like Miley did.

19 He's smart
20 Has more meaningful lyrics

All Nicki Minaj sings about is sex.

21 Is a great philosopher
22 He has dignity

Nicki Minaj never had any dign ity in the first place. And that is straight up fact. Really.

23 Has better music videos
24 He did a song with Eminem
25 He likes animals
26 He doesn't twerk
27 He’s intelligent
28 He taught a university
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