Top 10 Reasons Why Meghan Trainor, Iggy Azalea, and Britney Spears are Better Than Led Zeppelin and Metallica

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1 St. Anger sucks

St. Anger have some good songs. For me, Meghan Trainor only has 1 good song "Like I'm Gonna Lose You". And she wants boys to treat girls like a queen. And she is sexist too!

Just because they had one terrible album doesn't make 'em terrible the artists you overpraise have all terrible albums.

I suggest you leave TheTopTens and never come back unless you want everyone to criticize you.

Just Because They Had One Bad Album doesn't mean they suck

2 Meghan Trainor has talent

She does have a keen sense of humor, and I foresee a long career for her as something like the female version of Weird Al Yankovich, probably doing a weekly comedy song on Saturday Night Live, but nobody should take her seriously as a musician.

A lot of her songs suck.

She has no talent.

She Has 0 Talent

3 Meghan is very pretty


Nothing to do with her music. - Elina

You can't base who's better on looks.

She is the epitome of unpretty. Even still, why is everyone getting so triggered - ProPanda

4 Led Zeppelin is overrated

I might dislike Led Zeppelin but it's not because their a tad overrated.

If I had to say who is greatest pop singer I would say michael jackson,madonna or adele.they have ot had talents - zxm

5 No is better than Led Zeppelin copying songs

Even their copied songs are better than No.


6 Led Zeppelin copies songs

That led zeppelin argument never seems to end. Now I've realized my mistake. Cause neither I am going to dump their songs in the trash nor I am going to argue with others and waste my time for them. it's better to use that time for searching new songs instead of typing unnecessary things and making enemies

This is one of the worst arguments people make about why Led Zeppelin is bad. Face it, pretty much every artist likely stole from someone else at some point. Led Zeppelin wasn't the only one.

Even admin liked my remix,that's why it came on top than the author's remix (joke)

You are just saying this cause you heard this.OK exactly what did they copy?

7 Pretty Girls is a good song

Ugh, this is the worst of the worst.

No it's a horrible song.

It sucks and it’s stupid. Iguana Alienzalea and Britney Spears made a flop. This video shows Iggy is an alien and you have to be pretty to get what u want.

All around the world pretty girls

that song is kind of lame in my opinion

8 Britney has 2000s vibe

You don't want to know what Britney was doing during the 2000's, but it had to do with running around in public with no underwear, and allowing the paparazzi to take pictures of.

Yes you know why because Led Zeppelin was made from the 90's (please correct me) and Metallica.

9 Team is the best song of 2016

Your pop team is terrible.

No it's not.

Lorde’s version is better than Iguana Alienzalea’s

10 Iggy has good singing along with Britney

James Hetfield beats both of them at singing.

Iggy has awful singing. - Powerfulgirl10

Her Singing Was Awful - VideoGamefan5

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11 All About That Bass has more bass than "...and Justice for All"

Ok, that was funny - Firepower

Not really valid.

12 Megan has better messages

All About That Bass - a rant on skinny people
Enter Sandman - Not being able to sleep at night

Yep, that is so DAMN UNTRUE!
Stairway to Heaven- a masterpiece about todays consumerism and how money wont get you everything
All about that bass- some crap about Meghan Trainwhore talking about her body

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