Top Ten Reasons Why Online Trolls Are Dangerous

We may laugh them out, or take them lightly considering them nothing but insignificant pricks. To some extent that's true. But when trolls touch the highly sensitive topics, they can be as dangerous as anyone. And the biggest dangers concerning them - spreading false facts, creating online wars, cyber-bullying, messing up with everyone's psychology, bad influence, creating bad impressions and so on.

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1 Spreading False Facts as Truth

The biggest mess. Kids, immature people, inexperienced internet users are the biggest victims of this. When you look up for facts and information regarding something on the internet, never go into the chatrooms for advice or information. There is 90% chance you will get trolled. Never do this when you search for sensitive information.
Human psychology is like one hard concrete brick. Once some impression regarding a particular thing is set into your brain, it is hard to remove or change it. Thus even if you learn the the truth after sometime, the false facts you learned in the first place will never leave your head. And that troll will be laughing in anonymousity. - Kiteretsunu

I hate trolls so much. - CardboardBox

My God, this stuff happens everywhere. I once saw an article about how dubstep was made in the 1300s. How stupid.

2 Creating Online Wars

For this a troll just has to pick up a highly sensitive topic, for example religion. It's not hard for a troll to start an online war, and the more the war propagates, the more the fun for that troll. - Kiteretsunu

I nearly got involved in one. don't reply to certain YouTube comment chains

The sad thing is, I'm one of those people who would accidentally fall into one of these wars by saying 'the wrong things'. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Skanthunt42 trolled all of Denmark, man.

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3 Spreading False Rumors

A staple job for a troll. If you've nothing to do, just start a false rumor. Once a rumor gets popular, it has no traceable origin, and it's pretty hard to find the source of it (or falsify the rumor itself). It's pretty much similar to spreading false facts, but with a difference that a false fact takes the place of truth whereas a rumor is something created in itself. - Kiteretsunu

4 Cyber-Bullying

Obviously, hurting other's feelings and making them miserable is evil, but a simple solution to being made fun of via social media, calling, or text is just turning off your phone, or blocking the other person. Just ignore them and the problem won't be a problem anymore. The only exception is when others make legitimate threats. Then the involvement of police is necessary. - NoEntranceHere

The worst a troll can do. And in this case it targets a specific person. I'm sure everyone knows how it feels like to be cyber-bullied. - Kiteretsunu

Cyber-Bullying and trolls aren't really the same, though both are incredibly annoying.

This is really sick. Honestly, if I cyber bullied somebody and they ended up feeling sucidal, I seriously couldn't live with myself.

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5 Messing With Your Brain

That's what trolls love to do. Even you laugh them off, that mess still remains in your brain. - Kiteretsunu

I'm sure you will never be able to forget about a troll...

I know I shouldn't reply to them but... AGHH - keycha1n

6 Spamming

Posting a single comment again and again just to prove a point. The worst victim of this was the "Most Hated Countries" list present on the TheTopTens. - Kiteretsunu

Chat rooms, comment sections, etc. this happens everywhere and it's so annoying.

7 Fake Questions

Like on Yahoo answers. I got bit by a turtle when I was a young lad, can I still drink orange juice? And idiots in the comments were responding: No! It will activate the turtle venom in your veins!

You'll get plenty of them in forums and yahoo answers. Though a little bit harmless, it's still a pain in the neck. - Kiteretsunu

I see stupid questions on yahoo answers all the time!

8 Disliking Good, Responsible and Accurate Comments

A range of responsible and accurate answers on the yahoo answers will get a number of dislikes, and the bad and inaccurate ones would be left alone (or even would get likes). That's equivalent to spreading false facts. - Kiteretsunu

Yeah I see this all over the top tens

9 Hateful Comments

I just feel sad for those who do this. They must be so lonely and desperate. - Britgirl

A way of spreading hate. Be it YouTube or any chat room. - Kiteretsunu

10 They'll Never Leave You Alone

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11 They Destroyed Your Life, Career and Future.
12 They Could Wish Death Upon You

Wow it's very true

13 They Make War Predictions

War can be scary to millions of innocent people. Right now (a few days before the 2016 election), online news website are spreading false things about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump and make Vladmir Putin (the Russia president) look bad by spreading WWIII rumors. I can't even go on Google without seeing a thing about politics or false things about both presidential candidates. News websites have turned into troll headquarters and spammed false things about Clinton and Trump. WWIII could happen one day but no one will ever know when it will happen. No one knows if it will be nuclear (like what all websites say) or similar to the Cold War or WWII. This all happened around a month before the 2016 election (Early October 2016) and now (as of November 6, 2016 just two days before the election). I will not go on Google, YouTube or any popular website until Wednesday November 9, 2016 (a day after the election) when all random and scary things that look true but are pretty much 85% false ...more

14 False and Inaccurate Blogs

It's one thing to spread false facts through comments, but if you have a troll blog, then that becomes super dangerous. - Kiteretsunu

15 They're Snooty
16 They Could Dox You
17 Hacking

On this gaming website called Roblox, some people hacked all my points and made it negative one million. Trolls can be hackers sometimes. You never know. Your identity, credit card number, and social security number could be put at risk. - ethanmeinster

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1. Spreading False Facts as Truth
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