Reasons Why People Like Donald Trump


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1 He's Honest

They have a lot more money than they did under Obama.

On an average, he lies 3 times a day, so I don't see where you're coming from. - PhenomentalOne

This list is so stupid. He's honest, but he's an idiot, so he should be president. He doesn't know anything - venomouskillingmachine

Umm, have you made a typing mistake? Or are you really saying that he's an idiot, so he should be president (doesn't really matter, he already is)? - PhenomentalOne

No an even bigger liar than Hillary Clinton, and that's saying something. His remarks can easily be debunked by this magical thing named Google...

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2 He Tells All His Thoughts

So did Hitler. Does that make him good? - 3DG20

But will he ever build that wall? - Userguy44

He doesn't HAVE a brain and you need a brain to have thoughts - venomouskillingmachine

Pretty true, but some of his 'thoughts' are really demeaning and hurting and sometimes downright stupid. - PhenomentalOne

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3 Because He Will Ban Muslims Entering the Us

Wait, this is supposed to be a good thing? - 3DG20

Wrong word: it's not "ban", it is "temporary freeze". Exactly like the one Jimmy Carter imposed.

That's just rude. - DarkBoi-X

The country has been made by immigrants of various religions, races, sexes, castes, creeds, etc. So he is just hurting the country by doing this. Plus, his reason for banning Muslims is really out-of-place. If you want to ban someone, ban religious extremists. - PhenomentalOne

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4 Because Trump Will Build a Wall On the Mexican Border

The wall will cost so much money that he would not finish it

This is exactly why a lot of people vote for Trump. - Userguy44

That's called a border and there's already one I'm pretty sure - EliHbk

Good for him. He’s wasting billions of dollars on a wall that will do nothing. Now can you start adding some good reasons? - 3DG20

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5 Because He Will Destroy Isis

Isis is a bad thing, terrorist groups or whatever. Off course Donald Trump is going to destroy them.

No he won't. Isis is everywhere and you think he can do it on his own? - Userguy44

This is a good reason. Isis should’ve been destroyed a long time ago. - 3DG20

6 Because Ben Carson Endorses Him

Who cares about whoever Ben Carson is? - 3DG20

And who is Ben Carson? Your dad? - PhenomentalOne

7 He is a Billionaire and Owns Trump University, Golf Courses, and Casinos

Being rich and being patriotic are different things. - PhenomentalOne

Don't forget successful ventures such as Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump Ice, and Trump Vodka!

8 He Will Make America Great Again

But when? - Userguy44

No, he’s made America anything but great... - 3DG20

9 He Will Get Good Security In the United States
10 He's Sexist

No sexism is terrible.

Yes.He is not sexist but if he is then he is awesome- Stereotypical Trump Supporter. - DarkBoi-X

Even if that was true which it’s not, being sexist isn’t a good thing. This list should’ve been called Top 10 Reasons Trump Supporters Don’t Have Brains. - 3DG20

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11 He's Winning

Like Charlie Sheen

12 They Love Trump Steaks
13 His Economic Policies
14 They Want to Watch the World Burn

Please tell me that this is a joke! - Userguy44

15 He's Hilarious

But does that make him a good president? - Userguy44

16 He's Not Politically Correct

Why would you like him as a president then if he's not politically correct? - Userguy44

17 He Puts a Fee on Chinese Goods
18 His Hair

Funny but it's getting overused now. - Userguy44

19 He Shaved Vince's Head
20 He Took a Stone Cold Stunner and Survived
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