Reasons Why People Like Donald Trump


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1 He's Honest

No an even bigger liar than Hillary Clinton, and that's saying something. His remarks can easily be debunked by this magical thing named Google...

2 He Tells All His Thoughts

He SHOULD tell all his thoughts. Its about time we get some TRANSPARENCY in this country. All we have now is a big sham of crooked people running this country who are either illuminaties, cultists, extremists, jihadists, (and even crooked Christians in addition to other religions) that are persecuting each other in the name of our Holy Creator (whoever that may be for you as long as it's a GOOD god and not an evil one). Grow up, get real, and live and let live within the realms of peace! Whoever your god is will straighten it all out in the end for good. So y'all just cut the evil out of your lives, and wise up! You WILL be happier. I promise! - anon p.s. I like donald. he's nuts. But I think he's honest and REALLY wants to help the US if he can. he's NOT a politician and that's a breath of fresh air. He wants to keep us SAFE more than anything instead of his legacy (which he already has a legacy), and that's what I want. I don't agree with EVERYTHING he says, but I think he's our ...more

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3 Because He Will Ban Muslims Entering the Us

Oops. Who cares about so called "exotic quisine." If you believe its really all shipped over here from other countries, think again. Food companies like to tell people that so they can sell their food.Most so called exotic food in the USA us from right here in our own country grown on special dna, hormones, other unnatural chemicals to make it look better. Its not truly exotic. Besides I'd rather be safe from ANY religion that wants to come here and hurt us, not just Radical Islam. There's other radical religions that are willing to inflict harm on our soil (not as wide spread but what about radical right wing Christians that have had a history of murdering abortion doctors? Is that not terrorism? ). Religion itself is not necessarily bad (it can be), it's the religion's EXTREMISTS.

Who cares. KFC chicken is hormone grown clones grown at Tyson Chicken Factories around the USA. Disgusting. I'll never eat there again. If Trump can somehow manage the dificult task of getting enough approval and then actually start building a southern border wall, I will be thrilled. Its about time. Whats sad is that it probably will take some more of our taxes especially in southern cali, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, and also that it will take a long time to build - probably not soon enough to do any real good. But it is a lofty and noble goal and I welcome him to get started on it if he can!

Enjoy your McDonald's and fried chicken as you won't have the opportunity to eat some nice, healthy Mediterranean food.

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4 Because Trump Will Build a Wall On the Mexican Border

Because drugs and people will stop being smuggled once that $25 billion wall is built. Genius idea.

5 Because He Will Destroy Isis
6 Because Ben Carson Endorses Him
7 He is a Billionaire and Owns Trump University, Golf Courses, and Casinos

Don't forget successful ventures such as Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump Ice, and Trump Vodka!

8 He Will Make America Great Again
9 He Will Get Good Security In the United States
10 He's Winning

Like Charlie Sheen

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11 They Love Trump Steaks
12 His Economic Policies
13 They Want to Watch the World Burn
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