Top 10 Reasons Why People Should Stop Arguing Over Matt Walst and Adam Gontier

The Top Ten

1 They are both talented.

I personally like Adam a little bit more, but they are both very talented singers.

They are both obviously amazing. I listen to Three Days Grace, My Darkest Days, and Saint Asonia. All great bands, no one should be complaining.

2 Matt's doing a great job in Three Days Grace

The songs on “Outsider” were probably some of their best in my opinion. - 3DG20

3 Adam's in Saint Asonia so stop telling him to come back to Three Days Grace it won't happen.
4 They're great together at singing music.
5 Matt thought of Adam as an idol
6 Adam & Matt are doing great live.
7 Both had to leave two bands and would join a better band.
8 Adam is NOT the only reason why Three Days Grace was so successful.
9 Three Days Grace is NOT dead.
10 Matt Walst sings good

The Contenders

11 Matt Walst is trying to impress people
12 Adam wanted them to continue without him
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