Top 10 Reasons Why Political Correctness and Political Incorrectness Are Both Equally Bad

It's bad enough the world is overly PC nowadays but it's not like political incorrectness is any better (basically where it's overt racism, sexism, ageism, or advocacy for Hitler or any other well known douchebag). These two are equally toxic and are only devolving our homelands into dystopias.

The Top Ten

1 Both have been ruining society for years now.

Political correctness because of how oversensitive people are nowadays, and political incorrectness because of how overinsensitive most are as well.

2 Both are way too extreme.

They both can go way too far (if the former triumphs, our society would be overly PC, boring and oversensitive. If the latter triumphs however, our society would definitely a dystopia of racist and sexist douches who would commit allnkinds of immoral acts like theft, destruction, etc.).

3 Both are not healthy for society.

Political correctness because too much sensitivity is unheakthy and a huge distraction from the real world, and political incorrectness because how being overly edgy just makes you look like a unlikable and classless douchebag.

4 Both can ruin everything.

All kinds of things like politics, movies, T.V. shows, social media, video games, etc.

5 Both have done more harm than good.

Political correctness because of how it's made our society flowery, watered down and manufactured, and political incorrectness because of how it's made people obnoxiously edgy and amazingly douchey.

6 Both just turn certain places into dystopias rather than utopias.

They really do. That's why I think there needs to be a bit of a balance for both.

7 Both cause people to make bad decisions.

Political correctness because of how they take non-offensive things way too seriously (Baby It's Cold Outside), and political incorrectness because of how most even advocate for real life villains like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc (as stated in the description above).

8 Both encourage bad thinking.

Political correctness encourages people to take things too seriously and political incorrectness encourages people to be edgy jerks who mostly enjoy ticking people off.

9 Both have been making people more stupid every year.

Mainly deviding people into two groups (the oversensitive wussies and the annoyingly edgy douchebags. Both of which are not pleasant to be around at all).

10 Both just make people amazingly unlikable.

Political correctness turns people into oversensitive crybabies and political incorrectness turns people into major douchebags who are edgy for the sake of being edgy.

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