Top Ten Reasons Why Rock Music Is Better Than K-pop

Too many people on this site talk about K Pop as being a good genre when rock music is truly the better genre. Do you think so?
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1 Rock Has Iconic Musicians

Having a genre around longer doesn't make you superior. BIGBANG, Supior Junior, SNSD, 2NE1 have all done amazing things to make a name for themselves. I know I sound like I'm attacking but I'm sick and tired of people hating on one of the most broad genres they know nothing about

This makes no sense. K-pop may not be American but they have major icons like any other large genre. Being popular doesn't nessasarily make you any good either.

Kpop is not really good to me anymore, the only kpop artist I like is BoA. Rock is better in my opinion now, Blink 182, especially Tom DeLonge beats all kpop singers, so do bands like Green Day, Nirvana, Sum 41, and Queen.

I honestly like both genres, both of them are great. Kpop has good singers like BoA while rock has good bands like Green Day.

2 Rock Takes More Talent To Create

NOPE. The best rock creators just scream their heads off for attention (to all of you mindless people who love stupid things but hate people with talent), On the other hand, K-pop actually has some talent (for some hate from you,😬).

I love rock, but have you heard how hardcore k-pop is. A lot of work goes into the songs not to mention the production value and the artists go through rigorous training just to have a chance to debut.

I am an equal fan of rock and kpop. As suprising combination. I have noticed though that other rock fans will shun me while other kpop fans are more accepting. Kpop fans respects rock music while rock fans tend to hate on other genres. I understand the feeling but it's something to think about

All countries have rock bands in the mix! K-Rock is a real thing by the way!

3 Rock Has Legendary Songs

K-Pop has its legendary songs as well so this argument can't really be used against it.

Kpop is not legendary otherwise it would be respected by music scholars

4 Rock Has More Longevity

I like K-pop but the fact that songs from the Beatles or "paint it black" by the Rolling Stones are still listened to today in many countries says a lot.

5 Rock Has Great Live Shows

I am one of the few that has been to both rock, metal, and K-Pop consents. As much as I love seeing my hipster bands, I've never seen live shows any more amazing than what I've seen with K-Pop.

Both have pretty good live shows.

Far way better than BTS


6 Rock Has Good Guitar Solos

It may not be a solid reason to make a genre better, but it's one of the only reasons that's truthful.

This downy nesasarily make a genre any better but it's the only reason so far that has any truth

Nice reason


7 Rock Has More Lyrical Depth

Quite steriotypical. Most reasoning is I suppose. I've heard rock songs about girls and I've heard kpop songs with deep meanings that make you think about life.

8 Rock Artists Write Their Own Songs

Far way better than all BTS songs - vettel7

This is important as what's the use of being a MUSICian when you don't write your own songs?

Both genres are actually good.

This isn't even true for most kpop artists nowadays. G Dragon writes his own stuff. Jonghyun writes. Zico writes. I don't think anyone has actually done any research here. They just assume.

9 Rock Is A Cultural Institution

More like a cruel insultation

10 Rock music is written for good causes

Listen to civil war by Guns N' Roses people

Rise againts prevents bullying and exploitation while supporting refugees and displaced people

NU'EST face is about bullying. NU'EST action is about individuality. Wow. Two songs from one group. K-Pop isn't American pop.

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11 Kpop is meaningless

No, have you heard the song "Bulletproof" by BTS. It sounds like a meaningless rap song, but really has tons of meaning behind it. The song is about how the boy group, BTS, overcame challenges to become successful.

I've been a long time rock fan and a newbie kpop fan and I've found so many meaningful songs in kpop as well. And being judgmental about one genre of music isn't going to make fans love it any less.

Only BTS is trash

12 Rock Has Been Accepted As The Music Of The World

[Insert frowning Lenny]

13 Rock Music has variety K Pop music doesn't

Every kpop artists sound a bit different, but when you take a look at a kpop artist / band individually, all their songs sound the same.

I can tell the difference between Pink Floyd, AC/DC and Linkin Park. However most K Pop bands sound identical.

Then name every rock and K-pop song in the world.

14 Most K-Pop videos are too darn creepy

Don't stereotype! American music can be creepy too. Apparently people are forgetting that American and Korean pop are basically the same thing, just in different languages.

15 Rock is more powerful

More powerful than BTS songs - vettel7

Lmfao vettel7 u sound like a troll. Stan talent stan bts 😜

16 Rock is Manlier
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