Reasons Why Sesame Street Is Better Than Barney and Friends


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1 Sesame Street Is an American Classic

Why is it still on the air today? - greatesttop10s

2 Celebrities Have Appeared On Sesame Street After They Got Famous

Don't give me the Selena Gomez/Demi Lovato excuse. - greatesttop10s

3 Barney Has No Good Messages

Sometimes Sesame Street has the best messages for little kids - greatesttop10s

Sesame Street is a great example for kids! - micahisthebest

4 Sesame Street's Writers Put In More Effort

Sesame Street actually has memorable characters in it, while at the same time having good lessons. You don't see little kids singing Barney songs anywhere. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

That's why it has witty scripts - greatesttop10s

5 There Is More Merchandise for Sesame Street

Sesame Street is WAY more popular and has more merchandise because it's a big property!

All there is for Barney are VHSs, DVDs, Books, and Toys but not much more. Sesame Street has all those things, BUT it also has a magizine - greatesttop10s

6 No One On Sesame Street Is Constantly Saying "I Love You"

That is why there is so much hatred towards Barney - greatesttop10s

7 Sesame Street Is the 27th Greatest Show of All Time According to TV Guide

That was just their opinion, I would say It was the 27th WORST Show of all Time.

8 Barney Is the 50th Worst Show of All Time According to TV Guide

I Wish Dora Was Number 1 On The Worst Shows Of All Time

This is true I looked it up

Do you what barney is? A really boring T. V show why because barney sucks. :(

9 There Is No Such Thing As Anti-Sesame Street Humor
10 Sesame Street Has a Concept of Reality

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11 Big Bird Is Taller Than Barney
12 Parents Don't Feel Like Killing Themselves When Watching Sesame Street
13 Barney Yells

He is so annoying I hate him so much

14 Sesame Street Helps Kids Get Ready for School
15 Everybody On Sesame Street Knows That "Dinosaur" Isn't a Gender

One day, while handing out safety badges, Barney, giving them to Lucy, Derek, Min, Kathy, and Baby Bop said "Ladies, Gentlemen, and Dinosaurs"

16 Sesame Street is Actually Funny

Yeah it's funny once in a while

It is actually funny sometimes - micahisthebest

17 Barney is a Pedophile
18 Big Bird Can Still Win In A Fight Against Barney
19 It is way more educational for preschoolers
20 Its setting is reminiscent to Brooklyn and UBC
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