Top Ten Reasons Why Slayer's South of Heaven Is Better Than Reign In Blood

I'm sorry Reign in Blood fans, but there just needed to be a list made about this!

The Top Ten

1 It is more varied

By that I mean that the songs didn't all sound exactly the same. This was a problem on Reign in Blood since every song was nothing but snare drums and guitar solos. - AngryByrd

Ok, so it is more varied, but I still think Reign in Blood is better.

I Prefer This Album It Has More Songs Texture Than Speed.And Seasons In The Abyss Than RIB.Favorites Tracks Ghosts Of War,Behind The Crooked Cross.

2 It has more atmosphere

This album, in my opinion, is a much better representation of hell than Reign in Blood. - AngryByrd

3 Tom Araya uses clean vocals more

I like Tom's singing much better than his screaming! Yes, there is still screaming, but the clean vocals sound better for this album. - AngryByrd

4 The album is slower and more sinister

Their best songs are some of their slowest ones. You can really feel each note.

5 It isn't carried by controversy

What made Reign in Blood do so well was controversy. The album itself was good, but nothing that special. I feel like South of Heaven focused more on creating a better album than grabbing everybody's attention. - AngryByrd

Yeah Reign in Blood was controversial for it's graphic album cover and disturbing songs.

6 It doesn't have heaviness as its first priority

Reign in Blood was really just trying to be heavy and nothing else. South of Heaven was softer, but it was more ambitios. - AngryByrd

7 The guitar work is better


8 There are no anti-religious songs

While South Of Heaven's atmosphere SOUNDS like Hell; few, if any songs, are about Hell. South Of Heaven is about immorality of American society, Silent Scream is about abortion, Crooked Cross is about the experiences of a Nazi soldier, and Mandatory Suicide is about war's horrors.

You can only hear so much about satan, and Reign in Blood was littered with satanism. South of Heaven has better lyrics and deals with much more than just hell. In fact, the word satan is only said once on the whole album. - AngryByrd

What AngryByrd said: there is only ONE anti-religious track, Read Between The Lies, and that is the only time Satan is mentioned in South Of Heaven.

9 The album cover is cooler

No it isn't.

10 The songs are generally longer

Reign in Bloods songs were just too short for me. It's really hard to get into a song that seems to be over before it begins. South of Heaven had longer songs, which made each song special, in a way. - AngryByrd

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11 All of the songs from Reign in Blood sound the same
12 It has a better "canvas".

The slow tempos by themselves have a great doom sound, but they also give the band more room to do interesting things, including Tom Araya's use of melodic clean vocals in a few songs as well as Dave Lombardo's insane drumming in Behind the Crooked Cross.

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1. It is more varied
2. It has more atmosphere
3. It isn't carried by controversy
1. It has more atmosphere
2. It is more varied
3. The album is slower and more sinister


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