Top 10 Reasons Why "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Isn't the Best Nirvana Song


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1 For most people, it's the only Nirvana song they had heard

Nirvana had a true musical talent, which showed more in other songs. - PositronWildhawk

YEP and its anoying to hear that

The people who wear Nirvana T Shirts always say that SLTS is their Favorite song because it's the only one they ever heard - christangrant

2 It overshadows other Nirvana songs

True! Now because of that song, it makes other Nirvana songs look like underrated. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Breed,Drain You,Scentless Apprentice,Etc These Are Just 3 Examples Of Songs That S.L.T.S Overshadows - FettiMC

Here are Nirvana songs that are better:

Heart-Shaped Box
Drain You
R. ape Me
You Know You're Right
I Hate Myself And I Want to Die
In Bloom
All Apologies - christangrant

3 Kurt actually didn't like it himself

When a Member of the band hates his own song you know there's going to be a problem just like how Plant hates Stairway to Heaven - christangrant

Yep. He didn't. He said that it didn't come from the heart.

That's kinda sad, a musician not liking a song he made? Saddening - Neonco31

4 It's overplayed

Very true but not really that good of a reason since other songs that are great can also be overplayed - christangrant

But I think it's their best song - Musicislife

5 Kurt plays the guitar a lot better in other songs
6 Sometimes that's the only reason why people buy the album Nevermind

I'm guilty of that. But now I realise Smells Like Teen Spirit is just an OK song. Nothing more. - IronSabbathPriest

7 Kurt had sang better in a lot of other songs

I think we should all acknowledge that the notes Kurt sings in the chorus are higher than what Bruce Dickinson sings on The Trooper. - IronSabbathPriest

This is basically the 4th listing - christangrant

8 You can't really hear Krist's bass

what LMFAO

Only in the verses I hear it, and just barly in the chouros - RustyNail

9 Heart Shaped Box Is Better

This is their real best song - christangrant

A lot better

10 It's usually the first thing that pops up on the Nirvana radio on iTunes

When ever you hear the Name Nirvana this song always is the first to pop up - christangrant

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11 It has a poor guitar solo

This guitar solo is very easy to play which shows how Kurt wasn't that great of a guitarist and yet people call him the greatest? When Chad Kroger from Nickelback can actually play better solos - christangrant

Yes - christangrant

12 It just sounds like a normal Nirvana song they recorded

Yup sounds the same as many of the songs on Nevermind - christangrant

13 It Sounds Like a Song About Farts

What? Are you basing it off th title of the song - christangrant

No, no! - Neonco31

14 It's a Ripoff of the Pixies
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1. For most people, it's the only Nirvana song they had heard
2. It overshadows other Nirvana songs
3. Heart Shaped Box Is Better
1. It's overplayed
2. Kurt actually didn't like it himself
3. For most people, it's the only Nirvana song they had heard



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