Top Ten Reasons Why Soundgarden Was the Greatest Grunge Band

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1 Chris Cornell's vocals

I think Chris Cornell has amazing vocals, but my sister things he sounds like a wannabe Christian pop singer. At the same time though, she says that about everyone that me and my dad thing is a good singer and half of the music she listens to doesn't even use real singers it uses the vocaloid robot things.

Chris Cornell's vocal abilities outshine (no pun intended) other vocalists during the 90s. He hit some amazing high notes in some of the songs (same ones mentioned above in fact).

Best thing to happen to rock since Ian Gillan. Totally irritating to a Poison fan and God bless them for that!

I Would Pick Layne Staley As My Main Vocalist In A Band Over Chris Cornell

2 Their sound was more metal in comparison to other grunge bands.

My favorite grunge band is Alice In Chains, and trust me they also have metal in their music. Even more than Soundgarden in some ways. Songs like " Man In The Box", " We Die Young", " Them Bones", Dam that River", Grind", " Junkhead" just to name some that sound like metal. Hell in the big 4 of grunge bands ( Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Alice In Chains) AIC is the most metal sounding.

Albums like Badmotorfinger and Ultramega OK show some of the most metal-sounding songs ever, like Slaves and Bulldozers, Jesus Christ Pose, and Beyond the Wheel.

What about the Melvins they're heavier than both Alice In Chains and Soundgarden.

Actually Alice In Chains Was More Metal Than Soundgarden Even Though I Hear Some Of Metal In Their Music,However I Think Soundgarden Was More Hard Rock Than Metal.

3 They were one of two pioneers of the grunge genre.

Soundgarden was one of the earliest two grunge bands, the other was the short-lived Green River.

4 The band experimented with different time signatures.
5 Black Hole Sun and Spoonman both won Grammys.

So Many Amazing Artists Never Got Grammys To The Fact That They Really Don't Mean Anything.

Awards Are Nothing! The Who, Led Zeppelin, AND Queen Never One Any Grammys!

Black Hole Sun, Won’t You Come, And Wash Away The Rain

6 Kurt Cobain himself was a fan of Soundgarden's early work.

How Did Kurt Cobain Himself Being A Fan Of Soundgarden’s Early Stuff Make Them The Greatest Grunge Band For A Bit That Makes No Sense (I Mean I’ve Got Nothing Against Soundgarden Don’t Get Me Wrong) But How Is Kurt Cobain Liking Them A Reason

If he heard superunknown or down on the upside he would really enjoy those too even though badmotorfinger is my favorite

7 Soundgarden broadened their musical horizon to psychadelic while still sounding fresh.

Evident most in the "Down on the Upside" album.

Guys, just listen to Applebite. Do it. Now.

8 The lyrical content of Soundgarden songs is very diverse.
9 Their songs were more complex in comparison to other grunge bands.

This reason should be at least in the top 3.

10 Their collection of rarities and B-sides are actually worth listening to.
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11 The album Louder than Love was a step into the metal mainstream.

The transition from the guitar to Chris Cornell's voice in the beginning is so stellar

Uhh, was it? Thought that was Badmotorfinger

12 Their songs were technically more demanding in comparison to other grunge bands.
13 They survived past the 1995 mark and the media’s focus on post grunge acts.
14 They did not change their sound enough to alienate their original audience
15 They reunited.
16 Their use of countermelodies.
17 They are the best instrumentalists
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