Top Ten Reasons Why Taylor Swift is Better Than Avril Lavigne

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1 She's a better role model for men

All the way avril is not a great role model but Taylor is my idol taylor is better all the way

Since when is she a role model for men? - nintendofan126

Who made this list and why!? It's not the looks that matter! And role model for men!? I love Avril and this list is so insulting.Of course I love Taylor but where is Avril on the worst singers list? Lower than 100! Taylor is 6! And 2 on Watch Mojos list.Taylor whines to much about breaking up,you crappy T.S. fans! (yes I like Taylor but seriously! ) Listen to Avrils music! Do it! Taylor gets annoying,trust me!

2 She's much more pretty

Avril is prettier than Taylor

Ok, this is a very stupid and shallow reason. Both women are pretty in their own way.


3 Her songs aren't making people cry

Sad songs are the best songs. - AnonymousChick

4 Taylor donates for child care

Avril too!

5 She makes great covers of any songs
6 She doesn't seem dangerous
7 Almost everyone love her

To Puga
That's just rude. People are allowed to have their own opinions

Almost everyone is an idiot, then. - Puga

8 She's very smart
9 She's taller

Wow this makes so much sense now, I have seen the way

10 Her music is way more popular than Avril's

Justin Bieber is definitely more popular than the The Beales, whoever they might be, but even 40 years after they broke up, The Beatles still outsell Justin Bieber. In fact, the only music artists to have outsold the Beatles even since the year 2000 are Eminem and Adele.

I thought this was between Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift, not Justin Bieber and The Beatles

Who cares about popularity? Justin beiber is more popular than The Beales. - AnonymousChick

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11 She didn't made a sort of punk haircut

Have you seen Taylor's latest look? I don't believe this entry is even valid anymore. Besides, what is wrong with punk haircuts? Avril always has awesome hair that looks like a rockstar's. And Swift has great hair too.

12 She hugs her fans
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