Top Ten Reasons Why Today's Pop Stars and Rappers Suck

The Top Ten

1 Both Pop Stars and Rappers Make Songs About Something Inappropriate

And? - Luckys

This is one of the most unoriginal lists I've ever seen. - Puga

2 Rappers and Pop Stars Only Care About Fame and Money

Don't all singers/bands - Luckys

And so are many rock and electronic groups - Quart


3 Rappers Cuss a Lot of Times In Their Songs

AND? - Luckys

Though rap does have lots of swearing, I believe classic rock can be more disturbing with their lyrics. Kim by Eminem is pretty wrong, but there's also Getting Better by The Beatles.
"I used to be cruel to my woman, I'd beat her..."
... WHAT?
Then there's Who are You? By the Who. It has swearing.
And then there's a few Nirvana songs. For example, Heart-Shaped Box.
"I wish I could eat your cancer when, you turn back." - MontyPython

Rappers especially, but some pop songs cuss.

So do rock groups, and every other genre, look up Ænima by Tool that's a rock song with lots of cursing - Quart

4 Some Rappers and Pop Stars Have 1 Big Hit and Suddenly They Have a Downfall
5 Their Songs Suck

Only a little sucks. - Luckys

Not all suck. - Misfire

Every genre of music has songs In it that suck - Quart

Not all suck, I listen to lots of todays music, and some of it is great once you can get past Nicki Minaj and whoever - kaitlynrad11

6 Pop Stars and Rappers Strive to Get Attention In the Worst Ways

I hate that about artiest - donovanthorn

7 They Start Feuds for the Stupidest Reasons

While actresses today are uniting against a greater issue than petty drama.

Taylor swift, nicki minaj, need to say more

Taylor made Bad Blood for just a stupid reason. Such a liar

So do tons of not more rock bands - Quart

8 Their Songs Have Weak Melodies

This why I like singers like Michael Jackson. I miss him! đŸ˜­

Selena's songs.Bad liar,Fetish.It's like she's just blathering

9 You Don't Need Talent Any More, Just Looks and Auto-Tune.

Don't deny it it's true...

10 Pop Stars and Rappers Get Overadvertised

So do rock stars and DJs and stuff - venomouskillingmachine

The Contenders

11 Pop Stars and Rappers Take All Credit and Leave the Others With Little or None

In the music industry, it's survival of the fittest.
Staying relevant? Ok, but that'll probably last you a couple of months.
No new songs? Produce another one, quick! Your biggest rival could steal your spotlight!

You see what I mean? All those poor, unknown bands are gonna die if they don't come up with something new. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

And that basically means that the quality of the music gets sacrificed for the money being earned. The music industry is basically about getting money and not making music.

12 Pop Stars and Rappers Are Both Talentless

Michael Jackson, 2Pac, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Madonna (well some of her stuff), Adele, and the hip hop band Run The Jewels, are talentless? they're actually extremely talented - Quart

Quart, this thing is not about pop stars and rappers of all time, but today's rappers and pop stars

13 Pointless Lyrics

The only thing that’s pointless is too much cheesy lyrics about love. - Userguy44

14 Fake "Music"
15 Stupid Lyrics

Taylor Swifts Songs

16 They All Sound the Same
17 Pop Stars and Rappers Are Both Fake

No, look at the lives of some rappers, it's very real - Quart

18 Have no instruments
19 People Praise Pedophiles Like 6ix9ine and Kelly Clarkson
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