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21 Howitzer Gun
22 "My Little Friend"

-good agility
-got it in April's Fool event
-blast out a circle of voice
-2-3 shot kill

23 Smg Howling
24 Stig Rifle

Kills in about half a second, pretty damn fun plus u can up it using the cadet kit

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25 Dual Freedom Revolvers

With black charro mask it will make you say,"BRUH"

26 Little Italy

The little Italy is best for the Royal garden map
And has fast relaid goof for killing mad cop

27 Explosive Crossbow

It's so OP the explosivedamage insta kills almost all times

Explosive Cross bow is best weapon I've ever used
Best weapon for events

28 Chemrail

Best gun to have fun with... Long range, close range, YOU NAME IT!

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29 Dual Rookie Machine Guns
30 Golden Gun

Stats for this unavailable weapon: 4 damage
4Range 4Accuracy4Agility

31 Minigun

Fast fire rate 200 in the mag 1second kill OP

Lol this damn thing kills pretty fast

32 Anti-Aircraft Gun
33 Hand Grenades

Cause they are cheap! Troll

34 Dual Grenade Pistols

They are really good

35 Shockwave Launcher
36 Heavy Shatter

It is beast against elite enimies and it has a lot of rounds and it kills so

37 Zap Gun
38 Double Barrel Machine Gun

Its like a free rainbow's end with good range and damage

39 Night Screech

-Deals great damage up close
-Very good clip size
-Fast enough to strafe with
-Can easily beat rainbows end, aristocrat's shotgun and battle ram up close
-Having clothing that buffs pistols makes it even stronger
-Not a lot to nerf it

40 Rail Gun

No weapon can match against this 1 shot kill sniper

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