Top Ten Reasons Why Rock Music Is Better Than Pop

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1 Instruments Are Played

Well, I hate rock music before I listen to Taylor Swift songs. After I listened her country rock songs, I feel in love with Rock Music and her single I Knew You Were Trouble is dubstep music which make the song perfect but the genre is limited on that song. But on 1989 Tour after watching she perform rock songs with a few of rocker and thanks from I Knew You Were Trouble and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together which both rock version, I feel rock music is not terrible as people said.

Yep, this is true. In rock, playing a guitar hurts your fingers and to play many notes is not easy, same with the bass, and drumming takes a lot more than just hitting some sticks on a drum. Rock singers also write their own songs and don't have a million of producers write it for them. Also, rock singers have more raw singing voices and most of them can sing live and don't need backup singers.

Yeah that's right.. Not hating on pop music here, they use instruments too. But how often do you see a pop group with 4 dudes rocking the stage out while focusing on the instruments, which is really hard. Rock is already hard to record with all the complex guitar riffs and heavy drumming, let alone doing that stuff live in front of a crowd.

Rock performances are always catchier and better because they did more love songs and peaceful songs, but also they can control the instruments better. The notes don't have to be a competitive. Anyway, they use more instruments throughout their songs and make em more sound like more actual instruments.

2 Pop Today Sucks

I like rock and I think it's kind of underrated. If people stopped listening to pop, they would really understand that rock is great. Pop is just well known. Rock singers have more talent.

Not all pop today sucks, but many pop songs, yes. I am sick of hearing that house noise on many mainstream songs, it sounds awful. The vocals are so autotuned and the songs are boring. There are little to no emotion in pop songs. The top charts suck, they don't know what music is actually good. Some pop just takes an attractive singer, produced songs for them, they sing with autotune, then they cash in much more money than rock singers. But some pop actually requires musical talent and vocals.

One day, I decide to wear my Led Zeppelin shirt to school, because it was a new shirt and I love the band itself. I wanted to test if anyone knew Zeppelin, because by today's standards, it's "old" music. And no one knew except one person. Even my friend asked, "Who's that? "
Point is, some people can't tell quality music. Chainsmokers haven't made a good song ever, but Zeppelin were legends. So was Queen, Beatles, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Guns N Roses, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Killers,
and so on.

Basically, it's the only thing you ever hear on the radio. OK, there might be some talented singers like Adele and stuff, but the rest like iHeartMemphis gives me the thought "What? ".

3 Rock Is Motivational

Some pop songs have good lyrics, but most if them are about sex and partying. Rock has more variety when it comes to lyrics, and some bands actually make songs that relate to you.

It tells you that everything is not ok but you have to move on, while tells you everything is fine when it's not and rpackers always put something motivational in it while poppers say S. like your mother is better than you.

Genres of music are not defined by their lyrics. You can not say no pop songs have any motivational lyrics.

I 10000000% agree with you as I'm always practicing fighting with rock music on and it just gets me pumped up every time whether I'm practicing fighting or not.

4 Pop Singers Today Have No Talent

Oh my lord, this entry is so stupid. Adele is modern pop and her music is some of the best of the decade. She is the woman who made "Rolling in the Deep", "Set Fire to the Rain", and "Rumor Has It". Lady Gaga is also pop. Say what you want about her costume choices, but she's a fantastic writer, has a great range, and has hit tons of music genres. Pink counts as pop rock and her songs are amazing. Kelly Clarkson is simply amazing. We also have Demi Lovato, Tori Kelly, Bruno Mars, Twenty One Pilots, Fall Out Boy, Rihanna, Sia, and many other amazing artists. Therefore, it is simple bias to call pop musicians untalented.

At least rock singers can sing and at least rock music isn't just a few lazily-sung lines repeated over and over again with some crappy electronic music added to the background, because that's basically what pop music is. I have to point out though, not all pop music is talentless and meaningless. there are still a few great pop singers out there today.

Yes! Pop singers have no idea what they are doing while on the other hand rock actually puts a stamen out into the world!
Rock rules!

These days they are mostly lip syncing and using autotune make music. But Rock/Metal are real damn skills. You can see it by how the vocals voice changed

5 Most Rock Bands Write their Own Music

Adele writes all of her songs. Lady Gaga DEFINITELY writes her own songs, there is no way anyone else could come up with "Rah rah ah ah ah, roma Romama Gaga ooh la la" on their own. Taylor Swift writes her songs about her exes. Katy Perry writes some of her songs. Miley Cyrus definitely wrote "Malibu". The point is that this is a stupid entry.

Some pop singers do write their own songs. However, rock bands write better lyrics most of the time. Listen to Blink-182's I Miss You, that song has amazing lyrics, as well as American Idiot by Green Day.

Max Martin and Lukas Gottwald wrote most modern pop for the last few years. They've written for Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Jessie J, P! nk, Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding, Robin Thicke, etc. Wether as Nirvanas In Utero album was written entirely by Kurt Cobain, Dave Ghrol and Krist Novosellic.

That's true. Chad Kroeger helps other artist by contributing on song writing, matter of fact he even helps writing songs in films as well!

6 Girls Are Getting "Brainwashed" by Pop

I'm apperently that type of girl that's more matured than my age group. No seriously, I'm 11. And girls in my class usually sing some crappy Justin Beiber song, or 1 Direction. And, l like pop music. Along with rock and sometimes heavy metal ( you just have to balance some things about it. ). I just don't obsess with music. But yes, this is true. Girls are getting brainwashed. Most girls anyways in my class and who l know do not know what the hell is Stairway to Heaven ( and they like boys who sing pop music and youtube. and on youtube, they watch react. even though they have claimed that they watch every episode of reactions, they still do not know what panic at the disco is). But even though this overhype in my class has annoyed me, l still like it. I just hate that obsession.

Ok, I get why they wouldn't know about Stairway to Heaven. But the sad thing is, they know more about Justin Beiber than Fall Out Boy.

I love how everyone on this list is worshipping rock music like it is made by God. There are plenty of horrendous rock bands out there, such as Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Train, Goo Goo Dolls, Smash Mouth, Nickelback, Creed, Coldplay, Oasis, Sugar Ray, Matchbox Twenty, Hootie & the Blowfish, Panic! at the Disco, Attila, Evanescence, Fall Out Boy, Black Veil Brides, Falling in Reverse, Bring Me the Horizon, Asking Alexandria and much, much more. This list is idiotic and just straight up pointless.

I am a girl, and I am not letting pop brainwash me. The mainstream tries to impress girls by hiring so called "hot" guys to sing in autotune like One Direction and Justin Bieber, and produce annoying songs. I don't even find the guys attractive and honestly those boy pop bands that try to impress girls suck. So many girls in my school are obsessed with Justin Bieber.

I love pop and rock but this is correct girls are getting brain washed buy pop it is so ridiculous how many other girls are getting brainwashed by pop I'm a girl but I like rock and roll better.

7 Rock Has Meaning

I'll keep going even. "Ronan" by Taylor Swift is about a 4 year old who died of cancer. "Praying" by Kesha is about how she will move on without Dr. Luke. "Piece by Piece" by Kelly Clarkson is about Kelly's father ditching her at six years old. "Save Me" by Nicki Minaj is about Nicki's abusive father who beat up her mother.

Meanwhile you're all going around saying that "MOBSCENE" by Marilyn Manson, "Rollin" by Limp Bizkit, and "Something in Your Mouth" have meaning. Do I need to keep going or have you had enough?

The lyrics in rock music are based on REAL feelings the vocolist might have experienced, pop music focused on how a person looks and that their perfect and the people should worship them. The lyrics in pop mean nothing but teaches people that partying, drugs and alcohol are the right moral people should follow.

The fact that rock is better is because that the pop is commercial. That doesn't mean that if a band plays pop has to have horrible lyrics with no meaning (like cliché like love songs, parties etc)... A pop band can tell about deep stories, but it's very rare, and this is just because who decide to play pop wants just to make money. So... Money= songs about what common people wants to hear about. So... Stupid songs.

Rock and metal may sound Satanic (some are) or talk about drinking, but have meanings or lessons like never giving up or it's best to do stuff alone. Pop mostly sings about love and sex.

8 Pop is Commercial

This is such an ignorant list, even I, someone who mostly listens to Rock oriented music and rarely listens to Pop music, would say,
Are you forgetting that many many Rock bands were also highly commercialized too, whether it be AC/DC or Metallica or Linkin Park or many other bands.
And even then, while I do think the better stuff is outside the mainstream spotlight, that doesn't mean that just because something is commercial it's bad.
I could talk about the other points too such as how "Pop brainwashes people"(Such an Alex Jones-esque statement) but eh.

I don't see a lot of rock commercials nowadays, but I see plenty of pop advertisements. But I do have to admit, rock at some point was advertised.

Okay, it is MOSTLY corporate (Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are big examples), but not ALL of it is. Rock was the same thing at one point.

Pop is made for a single reason: money. Rock is much more meaningful and emotional.

9 Led Zepplin and Queen Are Gods Compared to All Pop Singers

Kanye West is not a god! Kanye "not the best" West mistakenly thought he himself was Jimi Hendrix who is the real God of not only African Americans but of all music! Rock and Roll is the new rap!

To be honest, I enjoy pop! I really do. But this is an item I can agree with. I love these two bands. They have fantastic lyrics, and are certainly better than most modern pop lyrics today.

Led Zepplin has plagiarized several times and yet they're called gods compared to some pop singers that have made far more original music? I'm not hating, I'm just pointing it out.

You lost me at "Led Zeppelin". Queen may be a godly band in every single aspect, but there are pop singers out there that can give them a run for their money.

10 The Only Reason People Like Pop Is Because Everybody Else Does

This is true. I even talked to one of my classmates about this and he admitted that the only reason he listens to rap is because everyone else in the school likes it.

As if rock isn't more popular than pop? Rock is far more popular than pop, especially on this site.

People only like the music because it's popular. I like music whether it's popular or not.

I agree with this reason. This is basically the same thing with Hip Hop's popularity.

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11 Rock Singers Have Better Voices

Rock singers sing with their actual voices on stage. Whats the point of going to a pop concert where singers lip sync most of the time.

Those who listen to pop have hard time coping with reality as almost everything they listen is fake.

I agree with this section. Adam Gontier,lead singer of Three Days Grace along with the new original singer Matt Walst have great singing voices and I listen to their music for their great voices. Nicki Minaj singing sounds like absolute trash and I never would listen to her songs

Most do, but there are some like Chris Barnes of Cannibal Corpse and Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit that sound much worse than any mainstream pop singer.

Rock may have slot of screaming, but a whole lot better voices, especially Adam Gontier (former singer of Three Days Grace). Billie Eilish mostly murmurs in her songs.

12 Rock Music Generally Has More Feeling

Yes it's true that rock music generally has more feeling than pop music. I'm an 18 year old teenage girl, but I listen to artists and bands like my chemical romance, avril lavigne, paramore, panic! at the disco, nirvana, fall out boy, dashboard confessional and many more. most teenagers now a days are more interested in pop. I always get annoyed by the sound of it. look I understand that some of the songs sang by taylor swift or adele are emotional but rock is much more emotional than their songs. you know I like emo, punk, metal, grunge and alternative rock, I like listening to depressive music.most people says that rock music are ''satanic'' but I don't believe that at all. just listen to my chemical romance music and you will all know how much emotional their songs are.

Metallica makes songs that cover a wide range of topics from war to drug addiction and even love.
Guns N Roses wrote songs about their experiences in life.
Iron Maiden told a story through each of their songs.
And what do the pop singers of today write about? Boyfriends, parties, and sex! No creativity whatsoever. This is exactly why I'm a metalhead.

No pop is way more full of feeling, you definitely haven't properly listened to pop.

Yup rock music has so much more Feeling. Example is linkin parks castle of glass etc.

13 Rock has More Subgenres

Hard rock, soft rock, alternative rock, heavy metal, pop rock, experimental rock, emo, new wave, punk rock, hardcore punk, shoegaze, post-rock, thrash metal, power metal, groove metal, doom metal, crust punk, pop-punk, skate punk, ska punk, grunge, Britpop (don't let the "pop" in the name mislead you), folk rock, nu-metal, industrial rock, rap rock, post-punk, post-grunge, post-Britpop, black metal, death metal, Madchester, blues rock, jazz rock, progressive rock, progressive metal, psychedelic rock, gothic rock, etc.

This is the closest to "it's more diverse" I found on this list.
But it's true.
Not to say anything about the quality (although my opinion on that is also clear), but the fact stands that rock music has a lot more to offer in terms of lyrics, song structures, and atmosphere of the songs, than pop does.
That's why I, personally, find rock music astonishing.

Progressive rock, psych rock, hard rock, soft rock, death metal, black metal, nu metal, thrash metal, groove metal, heavy metal, speed metal, power death, melodic death metal... but still more sub genres does not make a music genre more quality.

Quality > Quantity. Also, pop is extremely diverse because any genre can be pop.

14 Rock Doesn't Rely on Auto-Tune

All I know about rock music is you don't need to soft your voice but instead you must deeper you voice to sing while pop music requires you to has soft voice. So no wonder why pop music needs auto-tunes plus it actually hard to follow the note of song using soft voice.

Justin Bieber, One Direction, Adele, Rihanna, they barely use autotune or don't use it at all. Then there are people like Lady Gaga who use it on purpose as an art form rather than a way to cover up talent, cause Gaga HAS talent.

I think auto-tune would be a good idea for some metal bands who would use it to make their growls and screams more louder. And louder means better!

Every band probably uses autotune. For that one little stupid sharp or flat. BUT

Pop literally relies on autotune to even sing. And the singers probably don't sing when live. They probavly lipsync

15 Pop Stars Focus More On Looking Pretty and Hot Instead of Writing Quality Music

Selena Gomez, Britney Spears, and Taylor Swift are perfect examples, but is this every singer? No. Adele and Kelly Clarkson (and I love Adele and Kelly so that's why I keep mentioning them) obviously have nothing to show, both are overweight. They are simply popular for their stunning singing voices and great music. Sure, there are some MALE pop singers like Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes who have bland music but pretty looks, but girls screamed for Paul McCartney when he was younger and singing "Yesterday". Bruno Mars is also young, but does that mean he's talentless and his music sucks? Absolutely not.

Here is an example, Blink 182 isn't known for being the most handsome looking, but for their music. Even though some rock artists can be attractive, rock is really about music, not looks. One Direction and Justin Bieber are only famous for their looks.

YES! one of my friend keeps saying that all these pop people she listens to are hot or something but when I show her the members of the bands I listen to she always has something to say like "ew, he looks so old, how could you listen to an old guy like that" (that was about Beau Bokan of BlessTheFall) or she compares them to her own "okay fine you might think Chris roe-whatever is good or whatever but harry styles is a lot hotter" it's so dumb

The people at my school think its gross to listen to music made by people over the age of 40. I find it gross how the girls listen to the annoying pop music

16 Pop Singers are Talentless

Not necessarily talentless, they got talent, but they rely too much on technology (e.g, autotune) to do so. But then again, not all artists are. Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston and Bruno Mars are perfect examples.

The only good pop artists are Taylor Swift, Adele, and Michael Jackson because they have at least one talent to show off people.

Eve the weaker pop artists have more talent than Led Zeppelin.

1985: Michael got the moves
2017: Shawn wrote a beautiful song about suicide (A Little Too Much)

17 Rock Has Epic Guitar Solos And Bass Riffs

That's right. In pop it just sounds like robots singing kind of slow. A good song with heavy riffs and guitar solos is the way to go.

Exactly why I always play eruption turned up way beyond 11 to ruin pop lovers listening to pop out loud experiences!

Nothing compares to a good guitar solo.

I completely agree. Does pop have this? No!

18 Pop Fanbases Are Annoying

Rock and metal actually has a community, people who like it are generally part of the "rock and metal community". Pop doesn't really have a community, there are just people who listen to it

Care to disagree?
Rock and Black Metal fanbases are much, MUCH more annoying than Pop Fanbases.

Seriously? Rock fanbases are just as bad, and the metal fanbase is way worse.

Rock fans are not that better, one example? This list.

19 Pop Can Influence More Bad Behavior Than Rock

I'm a big fan of rock (hard rock and punk rock mostly) and all I can say that this is 99.9% true. Metal has darker parts that some of you shouldn't probably explore. Satanic (who cares about religion nowadays) and brutal themes. Good. But pop music has more bad lessons to offer.

I think y'all got this confused with rap. Even though I dislike today's pop, most of it is harmless love songs or songs about parties. Modern rap on the other hand, glorifies drug use, objectification of women, gang violence, and other crimes.

Rock may get people to get depression rarely, get drunk, and probably have thoughts of suicide, but pop has a darker side. I really know about pop because I don't listen to it.

Considering the themes of these pop songs today, and as a die-hard rock fan, I can agree with this. I hva done nothing bad related to my taste in music.

20 St. Anger Is Actually Better Than Every Single One Direction Album

St. Anger is still a crappy album and there are MANY Rock and Pop albums that are actually BETTER than that garbage.

St. Anger isn't even a bad album

St Anger was garbage. Many pop and rock are better.

Lady Gaga: 9/10
25: 8/10
St Wanker: 3/10

21 Michael Jackson, Beyoncé and Madonna Are the Only Good Pop Singers

Michael Jackson was called Disco when I was young ( I'm 55 years old ) and Disco was concidered Anti-Rock. His title as " King of Pop " came later and in my opinion he didn't deserved it. About crap singers like Beyonce and Madonna I even don't want to talk about. LONG LIVE ROCK!

Beyonce hasn't made a good song in 10 years. And if you're talking amazing pop singers, well, Cyndi Lauper, Whitney Houston, Adele, Robbie Williams, Bruno Mars...
Not that I'm a pop fan myself, just saying.

Adele, Pink, Gaga, Rihanna, Ed Sheeran, Kelly Clarkson, Bruno Mars, Prince, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Lorde...hell, Madonna's voice isn't very good and Michael Jackson used autotune but did not need it.

Beyonce is terrible, her album Lemonade is worst and Formation is totally suck.

22 Pop is Too Popular

" Nobody can escape it, it's everywhere you go, in my school, people say that I am listening to unpopular music, they say listen to pop music, its popular.

Metal/Rock music is underground music. The term of 'underground' means uncommercial or non-mainsteream. While pop music is mainstream and mainstream means popular or commercial, idiots.

If you hate it because it's popular than you should hate The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Queen.

Rock was too popular at one point, so what are you trying to convey here?

23 Most Pop is Simple-Minded

Most pop is simple-minded. Drakes new hit "Hotline Bling" doesn't even have a meaning, Drake only added that in the lyrics because it's catchy, which I think is stupid.

24 Even Christians Listen to Bands Like Marilyn Manson

Music is music. a lot of people, like me, listen to music to enjoy it for the music rather than the lyrics. Marilyn Manson songs are great but I dislike the lyrics. There are many bands I like but dislike the lyrical content because I'm Christian

Marilyn Manson sucks and I'm not even Christian.

I am Christian and Marilyn Manson is one of my favourite bands

25 Rock Has Slash, Pop Has Justin Bieber

Rock (along with NWA and 2pac and all other pre 2000 rappers as Rock welcomes them with open arms) has actual real humans being (human is plural and being is singular on purpose by the way)! Pop stars (including the kardashians) are not people don't deserve constitutional rights!

Rock/Metal has Cannibal Corpse, Pop has 2017 Kesha and Adele. Of course comparing good artists from one genre and bad artists from another is a ridiculous comparison, but I just wanted to show that pop artists can be better than rock artists.

Justin Bieber is stupid and weird. Slash, on the other hand, he's the king of guitar solos and all of the awesome rock. I think Bieber should have stayed in jail.

Rock has trash like Cannibal Corpse and Led Zeppelin while Pop has Adele and Alessia Cara.

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