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21 Girl

The best hit by the Beatles at all- the top of their creative peak!

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22 Yer Blues

A look into John Lennon's depression. "Yes I'm lonely wanna die" "In the morning wanna die" "In the evening wanna die" "I feel so suicidal"

23 Hey Jude
24 Blackbird

Definitely in my top 3 saddest Beatles songs.

25 I'm a Loser
26 Long Long Long

This is really hard to listen to, sometimes j can't bear it, and it's so underrated. I'm surprised it isn't in the top 5!

27 Dear Prudence
28 The End

The last song recorded by the Beatles. This is where the legend ends. that's why I find it to be the saddest song

29 I'll Be Back
30 Free as a Bird
31 For You Blue
32 You Won't See Me

I'm surprised that no one added this one! It's my favorite song by them, and it's very sad yet beautiful.

"Though the days are few. They're filled with tears. And since I lost you. It feels like years"

In all sad Beatles songs, this one is the most beautiful.

33 I'll Follow the Sun

This song is sad in my opinion. It always cheers me up, because I can relate to it
"But tomorrow may rain so I'll follow the sun"

34 When I'm Sixty-Four
35 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
36 This Boy
37 Fixing a Hole
38 If I Fell

The Hard day's night song more beatifull and calm

39 Happiness is a Warm Gun

Many have different theories to what this song means, personally I always play this song when I'm feeling suicidal

40 Nowhere Man
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