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1 When I'm Gone

Love to hear him demonstrate his love for his daughter Hailie x

If there's on song by Eminem that puts me in my feels it's this one

This is a very sad story telling song but it at least has a happy ending

Great song he always talks about child he a real family man

2 Stan

Lol this should be first

This song will haunt your dreams forever

It shows how eminem really feels in his songs

Really sad

3 Mockingbird

Still makes me cry to this day

This has been the only song that mad me cry after him talking about death and his own daughter from him wanting to die from his fault

Made me cry which is a big deal.

This is the saddest song Eminem every made How in the world Stan is above Mockingbird I don't know but this is the saddest song.

4 Difficult

Saddest one by far

If everyone knew and actually listened to this song before, it would definitely be #1. This song is about his best friend from childhood that died. I just listened to it too lol but before I listened to it I thought that there was no way that this song could be sadder than mockingbird, but I was wrong.

super sad

Hits right in the feels every time. RIP Big Proof - connorp04

5 Beautiful

One of the best

Welp, this song is 'bout me

Lots of emotion in this one


6 Like Toy Soldiers

I don't understand how people comment things that aren't even true, and you could easily find the right answer with a google search. Never even heard this song but it's NOT taking about PROOF'S death. It's talking about a man named BUGZ who died in 1999, the song being released in 2005. For real people... - SheWolfCloud

The music video made me tear up. That's progress, because I NEVER cry! How is this Number 7?

I cry every time I listen to this

How can it be about proofs death if it was made two years before he died? smh

7 Cleanin' Out My Closet

Song from the Eminem show album

8 Rock Bottom

This song tops Stan in sadness because you feel this is what Marshall actually went through. At least in my opinion

This is one of the most devastating rap song if all time Eminem sounds hopeless about money troubles

100% the saddest song in hip hop history!

Song from slim shady lp

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9 Lose Yourself

not sad

Woah, lose yourself isn't sad, is it?

10 Headlights

Biggest plot twist ever

I thought that Eminem would never say that he was sorry to Debbie Mathers (He even said her name and felt guilty after all of the shade he through at her.), but I spoke too soon. I literally cried on the first time I listened to this.

I truly love this song! This song actually has a purpose instead of a stupid song. The song is about an apology to his mom *cough* Cleaning Out My Closet *cough*

This song is a masterpiece


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11 Going Through Changes

Real artist, one can feel his sadness through the song

I don't know how this is not in top 5

Easily that saddest song he has. Finds a way to rap about all the bad stuff that’s happened to him, and makes it relatable to anybody (which is a true gift to do).

I cannot believe that this song is in 12th place on this list. It is literally one of the saddest things he has written. The music, the emotion, the delivery and the melancholy you can hear in his voice are almost incomparable to any other song he has released. He talks about what he has been through, the changes he went through, and the impact of fame on his personal life and the relations with his friends, daughter, and ex-wife. It is a story that would make anyone with a tiny bit of emotion tear up or sit for a moment and think.

12 Space Bound

Bro, I'm in tears just reading the song title


I can't in any way relate to this song but it makes me cry. It's so sad.

So sad, so real

13 Arose Arose

This song made me cry so many times! Something that separates Em from most artists is his willingness to sink into a dark and painful place within himself so the emotion is raw

top 3 easy

So sad, so beautiful.

This is a very sad story telling song but it at least has a happy ending

14 Hailie's Song

He sure does think he owes his fame to his daughter

15 The Way I Am

Be honest, when someone is willing to accept that what ever you say he is, is what he is, must be totally beaten down. The meaning behind this song passes over the head of most listeners.

16 No Apologies
17 Love the Way You Lie

This is so sad. Why is mockingbird higher this song is one of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard

This is one of my favourite songs ever.

Ok how is this so low. Have you seen the video. Yeah When I’m gone is sad but I never cried with mockingbird and that’s number 3. This is such a sad song that I wonder why it’s so low down. It used to always make me cry

18 You're Never Over

Great song

Honest talk, brutal if you understand the words.

19 Sing for the Moment

god tier

This song is hard to listen to. It's so good, yet so relatable

Talks about real life issues without a father

20 Kim

The most depressing song for couples that broke up

Actually insanely depressing. Look up the lyrics

Best ever lyrical genius
don't trust bitches its what he says

21 Fack

Almost as sad as Difficult! - connorp04

I’m in tears bruh. And yes this is a troll

Drove me to tears while listening to this at my grandpa's funeral

It’s sad to see how much Em’s skill deteriorated and diminished. - Temporary_

22 Legacy

"I had a bad day at school, so I ain't talking...", I always listen to this song after a bad day at school or just a bad day in general

Talks about bullying and bad home life, hits home hard

23 Stronger Than I Was

Honestly I didn’t like the lyrics to this song, they were sort of weak. - Temporary_

Man this song is just unreal

This song is just as sad as a funeral song I can't stop crying when I hear it but the problem is that this is also the most underrated Eminem song ever have a heart people at least it has a meaning

This sympathetic song provides an insight into Eminem’s relationship with ex-wife Kim, and how he apologizes for acting how he did towards her particularly on The Marshall Mathers LP 1. It’s the polar opposite of the track “Kim” from the original MMLP.

24 Deja Vu

A blood

The chorus says it all.

25 No Love
26 It's Been Real
27 Beautiful Pain

It’s reminds me about sad times in my life

You people clearly aren't eminem fans if this song isn't number 1.

28 Rap God

Wow! This is the most saddest eminem song! Talks about life struggle and being poor and his dead best friend. This song makes me cry.

Cause I'm an idiot

29 Bad Husband Bad Husband

I'm speechless...

30 25 to Life
31 Careful What You Wish For

This should be way higher than it is, great song

This is so sad More than I can handle

32 Die Alone

He sings about the aftermath of his divorce with Kim.

33 Love You More

Actually deserves top 10. - Temporary_

Song from encore album

The melody...

34 I Need a Doctor

How can anyone not find this sad? R.I.P Dr. Dre

35 Stepping Stone

One of the saddest

Great song...

36 If I Had
37 Not Afraid

If you can understand the true meaning of this song, then you'd know.
Song from recovery album



38 Guts Over Fear

Just listening to this song makes you think that Eminem is going to retire soon
What can get more sad than that?

39 Best Friend

Okay so maybe it is maybe it isn't valid due to the fact that it's really a Yelawolf song with an Eminem feature. But the "Best Friend" by Yelawolf with the Eminem guest verse has always seemed quite emotional to me.

40 Infinite
41 Castle

This song is in combination with Arose cry-worthy. I get goosebumps every tike I hear those two songs, as emitional as it can get.

Why. isn't. this. on. the. list.

42 Cold Wind Blows

How much a human can be strong to pass that though days

43 Tragic Endings
44 Walk on Water
45 The Real Slim Shady

Wow so sad it makes me cry so much

Such a sad song. I cry through out the whole song especially when he says “Dr Dre’s dead” R.I.P Dr Dre (just kidding of course he isn't really dead and I put this in as a joke).

46 Spend Some Time

Song from encore album

47 97 Bonnie and Clyde
48 Say Goodbye Hollywood

In this song Eminem list many devastating moments

49 Bad Guy

İ cried on the 4 verse

50 How Come
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