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1 When I'm Gone

This is a very sad story telling song but it at least has a happy ending

Great song he always talks about child he a real family man

Always singing about his family, and how much he loves them. What music should really be about

Eminem evokes you like no other

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2 Stan

Thank you, Marshall

Best Eminem song

Stan is based on a true story

Great story shares the sadness of suicide that many of us excpierence

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3 Mockingbird

In this song he talks about how hard he tries to keep his daughter happy

One of the best, his bars where on point and the story was one of the saddest songs I ever heard.

It's the best and I got me through my most difficult times

The video makes you cry

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4 Difficult

Unlike When I'm Gone this song has no happy ending its just pure devastation but most people never heard if it because it is an unreleased track but it can be found on bad meets evil the shady project the song is about proofs death R.I. P big proof

I have never heard this before until I searched it up. Wow. Such emotion. Unbelievably sad.

I think this song should be on Top..I'm sure Em will agree too

This destroyed my heart

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5 Beautiful

This should be number one or at least When I'm Gone, you could really feel his emotion in this song. - Riz123

A great song to be honest, its hard in feels

Song from relapse album

Most relatable em song

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6 Like Toy Soldiers

Song from encore album

This song has a great meaning its about proofs death and the events that lead to it

How can it be about proofs death if it was made two years before he died? smh

7 Cleanin' Out My Closet

Song from the Eminem show album

8 Rock Bottom

This is one of the most devastating rap song if all time Eminem sounds hopeless about money troubles

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9 Lose Yourself

Woah, lose yourself isn't sad, is it?

10 Headlights

I thought that Eminem would never say that he was sorry to Debbie Mathers (He even said her name and felt guilty after all of the shade he through at her.), but I spoke too soon. I literally cried on the first time I listened to this.

I truly love this song! This song actually has a purpose instead of a stupid song. The song is about an apology to his mom *cough* Cleaning Out My Closet *cough*

Saddest song I heard I cried the first time I heard some reason it touches my heart

best song

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11 Space Bound

This is one of the greatest Eminem love songs ever

So sad I nearly cried this song is by far his saddest song😭😭

12 Going Through Changes

In this song Eminem states a variety of the saddest things that have happened to him

This one is just AMAZING! It's sad but gives so much motivation.
The part where Hailie cries: Daddy, don't die on me, when Em is down would make anyone cry!

13 Hailie's Song

He sure does think he owes his fame to his daughter

14 The Way I Am
15 No Apologies
16 Love the Way You Lie
17 Sing for the Moment

Talks about real life issues without a father

18 You're Never Over
19 Arose Arose

A feeling of fulfillment for core fans.

Just sad cried for it

So much meaning, u really have to listen to the lyrics though. favorite track on revival

Describes what would’ve happened if he had stuck to drugs. But makes an amazing comeback in the last verse, which is a real-written version of the previous track’s last verse “Castle.”

20 25 to Life
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