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21 Legacy

"I had a bad day at school, so I ain't talking...", I always listen to this song after a bad day at school or just a bad day in general

Talks about bullying and bad home life, hits home hard

22 Fack

Haha what nice one bro

Tragic and emotional. Gorgeous song.

Powerful lyrics, sad yet flawless peformance. COME ON, PEOPLE! - benjigoo

23 No Love
24 Not Afraid

If you can understand the true meaning of this song, then you'd know.
Song from recovery album



25 Kim

Actually insanely depressing. Look up the lyrics

26 Careful What You Wish For
27 It's Been Real
28 Stronger Than I Was

This song is just as sad as a funeral song I can't stop crying when I hear it but the problem is that this is also the most underrated Eminem song ever have a heart people at least it has a meaning

29 Beautiful Pain

You people clearly aren't eminem fans if this song isn't number 1.

30 Die Alone
31 Best Friend

Okay so maybe it is maybe it isn't valid due to the fact that it's really a Yelawolf song with an Eminem feature. But the "Best Friend" by Yelawolf with the Eminem guest verse has always seemed quite emotional to me.

32 Love You More

Song from encore album

33 Say Goodbye Hollywood

In this song Eminem list many devastating moments

34 Bad Guy

İ cried on the 4 verse

35 If I Had
36 Spend Some Time

Song from encore album

37 97 Bonnie and Clyde
38 I Need a Doctor
39 Guts Over Fear

Just listening to this song makes you think that Eminem is going to retire soon
What can get more sad than that?

40 Rap God

Cause I'm an idiot

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