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201 Estranged - Guns N Roses

the saddest song of guns n roses. - ronluna

202 Beautiful - Christina Aguilera
203 While My Guitar Gently Weeps - The Beatles

It's so sad the guitar even weeps.

204 Don't Let It Show - The Alan Parsons Project
205 In This World - Moby

Saddest song of all time, with a really emotional music video. You cannot argue with the music video, it really makes you think and makes you cry.

Wow, I love this song. It's so unbelievably sad, though, and the music video is even sadder. I recommend it. - PositronWildhawk

206 The Dance - Garth Brooks

This song was played at my grandfathers funeral, reminds me of him so much he used to sing it all the time.. Garth brooks you are my hero! Makes me cry a lot listing to this song, so emotional..

I'm not even a huge fan of country, but this song resonates with me like no other song does

207 Behind These Hazel Eyes - Kelly Clarkson
208 Can You Hear Me - Missy Elliott
209 In the Ghetto - Elvis Presley

Sad, sad song

210 4 Seasons of Loneliness - Boyz II Men
211 Two for Tragedy - Nightwish

Nightwish has the most beautiful ballads that I have ever heard. Their style is different, some might call it odd, but give this song a chance, you'll be surprised. It's full of emotion, it's soft, and yet so strong. It speaks of death in a painfully beautiful way that leaves you numb and speechless. Other recommended songs are Dead Boy's Poem, Sleeping Sun and Deep Silent Complete.

212 Sometime Around Midnight - The Airborne Toxic Event
213 Ruin - Luna Mortis
214 Don't You Forget About Me - Enrique Iglesias
215 Day After Day - Badfinger
216 I Believe - Blessed Union of Souls
217 Till Kingdom Come - Coldplay

I love this song. It's not really sad, but it gives me tears of hope all the same.

218 Ill Mind of Hopsin 7 - Hopsin
219 The Scientist - Coldplay

This song is so sad. Had me in tears the first time I heard it. The simplistic nature of it is so beautiful. An underrated song for sure.

Beautiful written... Tells a story about regretting the mistakes of the past and wanting to go back to the start. I cry every time I listen to it. So surprised this isn't in the top 20.

Couldn't find it on the list so I decided to add it. This song is incredibly well written, and the piano and guitar go together perfectly. One of the best songs of all time.

Now this is sad

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220 The Sound of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel

This song makes me cry every time. We have to sing this song for our school's winter concert, and I try to hide my face, because I cry.

This song was playing in watchmen during the comedians funeral. I love this song, it's so nice.

Should be much higher. Probably not the saddest song I know but definitely the darkest.

This is lower than "Love You Like a Love Song." OKAY PEOPLE. WE HAVE REACHED A NEW LOW. - 445956

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