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441 Difficult - Eminem

This is a great tribute to Proof who sadly died in 2006 this is an unpopular song, but without a doubt it is the saddest and well worded sad song ever please vote.

This is really... Really sad, it hasn't got enough popularity for the song adequecy! Listen to it!

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442 Ronan - Taylor Swift

Seriously why isn't this song number 1 saddest song? Well It should be number 1 because It is so sad and if you know what the song is about you would be crying for like a year! This song is about a little 4 year old boy who died of cancer 2 days before his birthday :'( it seriously breaks my heart

This sad just makes me want to go in a dark corner, and curl up into a ball. The lyrics are so beautiful and so meaningful, if you don't at least feel sad while listening to this song, then you're a robot. This should definitely be in at least the top five songs.

I don't like Taylor swift at all but this is definitely a very sad song and it deserves more credit then it gets

I actually had trouble sleeping the night I decided to watch the video. JUST SO SAD!

And y'all still wanna say "Happier beats of T-Swift? " - Katanaceilingfan

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443 I Won't See You Tonight, Pt. 1 - Avenged Sevenfold

This is about a former band member named Justin Sane that was on the merge of committing suicide by excessive alcoholic consumption when M. Shadows just happened to walk up on him at that moment. This song is from Justin's point of view, written by Shadows. Every instrument seems to consume you with the feeling of being in that situation. The lyrics and voice M. Shadows does are very thought-provoking, sad, and shameful for themselves. The saddest part of this near 9 minute long song is, with both instruments and voice pitch, seem to be more desperate and hopeless as the song goes on. This song has actually saved a few lives because this is what your mind is going through during suicidal actions, which is one simple word, agony. It just doesn't get more clear than this epic song. - Wannabeguy5

Listen to music you morons this song is actually sad can't you tell

444 Changes - 2pac V 1 Comment
445 Run - Snow Patrol

Every time I listen to "Run", it disheartens me but simultaneously gives an odd feeling of rapture/elation. It's such a masterpiece, not just a song that directly speaks to you - no - it somehow touches something inside one's soul/mind which really drives into a nostalgiac mood

446 Victim - Avenged Sevenfold

Saddest song by Avenged Sevenfold without a doubt.

This song reminds me of my friend that's involved in a car accident. "I'm missing you..." feels deep and sad. Love how they sing it.

447 Need You Now - Lady Antebellum

Great song and it's great if you want someone back it's good for thinking and recalling memories. Vote best. thanks X

448 Asleep - The Smiths

This is one of my favorite songs of all time, I cannot believe it's not on the top 10!

No clue how this song isn't top 10 this is probably the saddest song of all time

I can't believe this isn't here, this song brought me to tears, because of its meaning and how I relate to it, it is about someone who is depressed, and just wants to go to sleep, to escape from all the harms that he faces everyday, and he doesn't wants to get up, he doesn't wants to face all those horrors once again, even though he knows he has to, this relates and make me think abaout suicide, (the same happened to myself) and the way he tells his loved ones that if he doesn't wakes up, if he dies, to don't feel bad for him "because in the deep of my hearth thast were I want to go"
Ps: I am not a die hard fan of the smiths, actually that's their only song I like

449 I Can't Make You Love Me - Bon Iver
450 Lay Me Down - Sam Smith

Great track by Sam Smith_ This really is a beautiful slow Sad song

Great and sad song - Danguy10

451 Vincent - Don McLean

This depressing song about Vincent Van Gogh never fails to make you feel melancholy. The hauntingly beautiful lyrics and McLean's emotional performance always brings a tear to my eye. - Spark_Of_Life

452 Suicide Season - Bring Me the Horizon

This has to be one of the saddest songs I've ever heard. It's about a friend who's dad died, and how a huge part of his friend has died due to it. - somelifeonaplanet

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453 Space Oddity - David Bowie

Super sad it is about a guy lost in space and I believe dies well he does die 685 really

454 The Ministry of Lost Souls - Dream Theater V 1 Comment
455 Landslide - Dixie Chicks
456 The Haunting Presence - Giles Corey
457 I Wouldn't Mind - He is We

This song just hits me in the feels every time I listen to it. It hurts hearing about love lost, and now rejoining them in eternity. - BlazenSpirit

458 May It Be - Enya
459 Float On - Modest Mouse
460 I Remember You - Skid Row

i shall gladly kill anyone who will disagree that this song is the saddest love song ever...
this song is all in one set...
think about it, a metal band playing slow but still a metal song which talks about the person which has already left...

If you kill someone from disagreeing, that persons relative(s), friends, or any other special person in their life, might make a song that is sadder then I Remember You. :D

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