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1 I'm Not the Only One

It's beyond me how Stay With Me is more popular than this one. SO glad this is number 1 on here though. Well deserved! Such a beautiful song in every way.

This is my personal favorite, because of the piano, the beat and the AMAZING chorus. But, that's not all. Last but not least, the lyrics. This song is very clever. He doesn't straight up say his lover is cheating on him, but he says, "when you call me baby, I know I'm not the only one."

I love this song I think it beats all of his songs, I love Sam smith his songs are amazing but this is the best song I've heard of his

The song is perfect always my been my favorite, and his voice is so unique.

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2 Stay With Me

Its like god (batman) sent an angel singing. nowadays can't sleep without hearing at least 5 times - butthurtbastard

Makes me sing, if it makes me sing it means it's amazing

This song really sticks in your mind, but in a good way. It's really catchy.

I just listen to it over and over before I sleep. Its GODLY

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3 Writing's On the Wall

About the only thing that made Specter bearable, as good as Casino Royale. No but in all seriousness one of the best songs of all time

It's the best that's all I can say, the cloudy morning and the darkest night of London

A great song to be featured in Bond's upcoming action-thriller Spectre.

However no word can show the whole value of this song, I'd like to say so lovely song.

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4 Lay Me Down

I don't understand how this is number 5 amongst voters and didn't reach number 1 in any of the charts. This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard (I'm 33 years old) and Sam Smith is an artist that we should be grateful to witness in our generation.

The emotion in his voice is palpable and the pace of the verses emphasize the longing. It's a work of art.

I should hate Sam Smith since he's a restrained artist who supports LGBT...but I don't. And I have no idea why this isn't #1. While Like I Can and I'm Not The Only One are stronger melodically, there are very few songs I've heard that are as emotionally powerful as this one. While most songs these days talk about lost lovers, there are almost none that talk about late ones. And the John Legend remix is even better than the original, which is saying a lot. I give the original a 4.5/5, and the remix a 5.5/5. - WonkeyDude98

This is definitely #2 in my list because of the first chorus. It gives me goosebumps ever time. This song shows his vocal range and his incredible runs and just his beautiful soul voice. Perfect.

The sample alone made me cry

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5 Like I Can

Yeah! Listen this Song with a couple of your friends with suits And go To A party is Just beautiful :D

This song is catchy and quick to learn

Honestly it's probably his best song of all time!

A steal yo girl anthem done right. 5/5 - ProPanda

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6 Latch

Up beat song and puts you in a good mood!

The vocals on this track was a breath of fresh air.

This is the number one song of The Summer. I love it.

Love this song it's so up beat and it makes you happy and you just want to get up and dance

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7 La La La

Perhaps the only non depressing Sam Smith song

The only one I like - RockStarr

This song should be on number 2 or 3

The video was great but simple.when the first time I heard this song,i never knew who's sam smith,finally yup he is.thumbs up.

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8 Money on My Mind

His debut solo single. And it went straight to No. 1!

This has to be my least favorite song because I find the chorus A BIT annoying, but the bridge is one of the better bridges in this album.

Sam says Money on my mind but I have this song on my mind.

Money on my mind get it

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9 Nirvana

I think that this is one of his more less known songs but IT SHOULD BE KNOWN! It's such a great song. I think it would suit the soundtrack of a movie well - he's also done the Bond theme...

I just wish it was on his album

Love the production and his vocals are incredible

great song

10 Leave Your Lover

This is song is just so emotional I love you sam

I love this song.

Such a good song, makes me cry

It really drives thru you.

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11 Omen

In my opinion it's hands down the best Sam Smith song

Wooow this song is just perfect,it feels so goos when you listen to it

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12 I've Told You Now

Okay, why it isn't not on the top ten list? Come on guys you have to here it, aside from I'm Not The Only One and Stay With Me this is also incredible.

This one should be in the top ten his vocals are shown very greatly in this piece

You already said this song

Best song ever

13 Make It to Me

One of the best... when a song blesses one within

The best of all of them, means loads to me and really good to cover

The best chorus out of all of his songs

I have no words

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14 Love is a Losing Game
15 Too Good at Goodbyes

This song is absolutely perfect in my opinion. I have been listening to it on repeat.

Absolutely love this song

This song is so amazing

16 The Lonely Hour

I've been in the lonley hour and still am, he says everyone has been through it

great beat

Sometimes u will feel lonely but this song will get u trew it

17 I Told You Know

In my opinion, this is the strongest song with best hook. I'm shocked that hasn't gained the recognition that it most certainly deserves. I'm glad that at least I know of it and it makes me sing every time I hear it.

It's an awesome song! But it's actually called 'I've Told You Now'.

One of his best songs... Love it every time I listen to it


18 Not in that Way

I don't know how this is so low down, it is wicked good! Probably my second favorite behind Lay Me Down.

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19 Restart V 1 Comment
20 Hotline Bling
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