Top 10 Savatage Songs With Best Vocals


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1 Morphine Child

Jon Oliva is one of the most underrated metal singers - I just needed to start with that.
His voice is very powerful and full of emotion. Jon Oliva has excellent clean vocals but also gritty vocals, remarkable screams and sometimes - even quasi operatic vocals. Overall, Jon Oliva sounds pretty evil and aggressive, provided that his subgenres aren't extreme (prog, power, speed, symphonic, heavy metal).
By the way not only Jon Oliva but also Savatage in general is criminally underrated. - Metal_Treasure

Definitely one of the best.

2 Chance

@visitor - thanks for your great comment and description of this show. I wish I was there, too. - Metal_Treasure

I saw TSO and Zack perform this live in 2011 (I think) on the Beethoven's Last Night Tour in Antwerp, Belgium. It was part of the encores that night, and the moment Zack walks out on stage and says: "I want every single one of you singing the words to this one" and the band starts playing, the whole theatre stands up and starts singing, clapping, headbanging and showing the horns... I went to chills all over and yelled along as if my life was depending on it... it was magic, it was right, it was perfect and I could witness it. Thanks Savatage, thanks Mr. Oliva and Mr. Stevens, thanks TSO, you made a whole lotta difference.

Zachary 'Zack' Stevens sings this epic song and he did a great job, especially the canon vox.
Because Jon Oliva sings most of the Savatage songs, he's also the default singer on this list, except where noted. - Metal_Treasure

3 Hounds

One of the greatest vocal deliveries of any artist. Truly bone chilling.

Jon Oliva puts here clean and gritty vox, screams, passion - there's everything. - Metal_Treasure

4 Hall of the Mountain King

Great Combination of Paul & Savatage!

One to remember,

@visitor RE "Incredible riiffs and solos must be in the top 3" - yeah, but this list is about vocal performances and not riffs and solos. - Metal_Treasure

Especially the chorus...but the whole song is savatageps best even though it doesn't speak of smth very serious...its just epic

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5 Sirens

Quite long sustain, cool screams. - Metal_Treasure

6 Of Rage and War
7 When the Crowds Are Gone

One of the greatest songs ever in my opinion. This band has always deserved more attention.

How can this song not be in the top 10? This is one of the greatest songs ever.

One of my favorite songs ever - period. Great lyrics---Metalskull

8 Handful of Rain

Zack Stevens showcases his remarkable sustain - long, powerful, emotional and beautiful (14 seconds). - Metal_Treasure

9 Streets
10 Commissar

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11 Gutter Ballet
12 Summer's Rain
13 Not What You See

Vox - Zack. He sounds very good on softer songs, too. - Metal_Treasure

14 Scream Murder
15 Doesn't Matter Anyway
16 24 Hrs. Ago
17 Turns to Me

This song really show cases Zak's the great qualities of Zaks voice. We must not forget that Jon has had a big part in helping Zak become into the magnificent singer he is today. I love this song. It's in my personal top 5.

18 The Unholy
19 Follow Me

Vox - Zack. He's even more underrated than Jon Oliva. - Metal_Treasure

20 Legions
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