Best Seasons of Marvel Netflix Shows


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1 Daredevil Season 2

Daredevil Season 2 is a season that is even better than the previous season (which also was fantastic).
The performances are incredible, The Punisher is excellent and Elektra was great. The action, the story and the characters were just so engrossing and the rooftop and the graveyard scenes may actually be one of T.V.'s greatest moment. Daredevil season 2 is excellent. - idontevenknow

2 Jessica Jones Season 1 Jessica Jones Season 1

This is what got me into these shows in the first place, and it's still great.

Jessica Jones's first season was incredible, great performances and Kilgrave was awesome and one of the best villains and full of shocking moments. - idontevenknow

3 Daredevil Season 1

This was the first Marvel show on Netflix and it started with a bang. - idontevenknow

4 The Punisher Season 1 The Punisher Season 1

Great action mixed with a genuine emotionally resonant story lead by Jon Berthnel makes The Punisher season 1 near perfect. - idontevenknow

5 Luke Cage Season 1

The first half of this season is awesome and Cotton mouth was great, however the shows 2nd half isn't as good. - idontevenknow

6 The Defenders Season 1

While it could've been better with it's pacing and directing (at times). The Defenders was just a blast and possibly the most fun of the Marvel Netflix shows (but not the best) and seeing all these heroes together was awesome and that hallway fight gave me goosebumps. - idontevenknow

7 Jessica Jones Season 2 Jessica Jones Season 2

Ughh, what a disappointment.
Krysten Ritter is absolutely fantastic and delivers a mater performance filled with emotions and there are some great moments in this season. However, the pacing is brutal at times,it's too long, the first half is a clueless meandering section with no real story, Trish was just the worst (and so badly written), the villain was a mix bag (some great moments buts also some not great), it's overstuffed with so many unnecessary stuff, tonally uneven and it's all over the place, I could go on and on but to put it simply:
Jessica Jones season 2 proves that the first season was lighting in a bottle.
Jessica Jones Season 2 is a disappointing unfocused mess. - idontevenknow

8 Iron Fist Season 1

I can't say that much as I haven't finished it because I was bored out of my mind watching this train wreck. - idontevenknow

9 Daredevil Season 3

Take my money - idontevenknow

10 Luke Cage Season 2

Hopefully it's awesome for both the first and the second half. - idontevenknow

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11 Iron First Season 2
12 Castlevania Season 2
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