Best Secondary Jessie Characters

This isn't the main characters! Guest characters we mean. Who's the best? You decide!

The Top Ten

1 Mrs. Kipling

Totally! Way and I mean way better than chesterfield brat

The lizard is funny and whimsical you gotta love it. Zuri and Ravi are bad characters though. They piss me off.

2 Officer Petey

He's so funny! He's retarded!

He is a dumbo which makes episodes funny. Without him, jessie is boring show. I hate Rosie why is she here?

3 Rosie

I hate her! She is unfit! Emma is sweet and nice she is not. Rosie has to understand stuff on the show

She is terrible! Kelly Gould can do better than that!

She is not good all she talks about is rats!

I like Rosie because she's a funny character. She has sense of fashion and acts like a Ross kid. Zuri is the best primary jessie character.

4 Tony
5 Connie Thompson

A little to creepy

6 Angela
7 Ms. Chesterfield

Ms chesterfield should be the worst jessie character in existence. #hatechesterfield

Is Rhoda Chesterfield and Betram ever gonna make out?
Will Rhotram ever happen? ( we all know it will never happen )

8 Jasmine Epstein

She is fabulous and funny! I like her better than Rosie! Rosie is a rat eater!

She's Italian and cool. She got Emma tickets to see celebrities, I just wish Emma and Jasmine were still friends, not frenemies.

9 Stuart Wooten


10 Joey Rooney

He's joey Bragg from liv and maddie
His record for highest pus shooter is 2 feet

The Contenders

11 Morgan and Christina Ross

They are funny especially zuri ross! Ooh they eased her! I like them in Hannah Montana I mean jesse! Written by Megean Waterson I live on 21st street

12 Axel
13 Darla Shannon
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