Best As Told by Ginger Characters

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1 Courtney Gripling

A prime example of that just because you may be in love with yourself and more into your own stuff rather than others, that does not necessarily make you mean-spirited. Courtney is also one of the characters who grows the most in the show, and for a good cause.

The sweetest character on the show, Courtney is not the stereotypical popular girl. She is probably one of the few characters with good morals, leaving me amazed at how Ginger would rather be friends with the overly annoying Dodie and the 'meh' Macie.

2 Ginger Foutley

I find her interesting due to my personality's being like hers, except that I'm more serious and less social than her.

Her poetic writing and natural personality make her incredibly relatable.

Cute, natural, and an overall relatable character.

3 Lois Foutley

VERY amusing woman and a tolerable one.

As told by Killer Croc: I like her.

4 Macie Lightfoot

I wish that she was never stereotypical.

Little Seal Girl absolutely rocks!

5 Carl Foutley

Amusing when terrorizing Brandon.

6 Hoodsey Bishop

What, he should be at least in the top three! He is so sweet and funny!

I remember not really liking him and was always bored of him and the brothers' stories. But then I watched it and realized he is a really sweet little guy, an unrecognized hero.

7 Blake Gripling

Best supporting character that follows Carl around to make it more interesting.

He's so cute. You can't help but feel sorry for the guy.

8 Melissa "Mipsy" Mipson
9 Claire Gripling
10 Ms. Zorski
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11 Noelle Sussman
12 Hope Rogers
13 Darren Patterson

Not much to him until later episodes.

14 Laetitia Bowers
15 Miranda Killgallen

Miranda is an interesting antagonist. I actually like her, but when you're up against Dodie for who is more likable, anything is possible.

I may not love her, but I read that she mellowed out later on in the series.

16 Mrs. Gordon
17 Principal Milty
18 Winston
19 Jonas Foutley
20 Dave Bishop
21 Prescott Gripling
22 David Dave
23 Chet Zipper
24 Ian Richton
25 Bobby Lightfoot
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