Best Servants in Fate/Grand Order

As of the writing of this list description, the English release of Fate/Grand Order, an online free-to-play role-playing game based on Fate/stay night visual novel game and franchise by Type-Moon, has been released since June 25 of 2017. I downloaded the game on my smartphone right on its launch day, and from there on, I've been having quite a lot of fun battling enemies in quests by commanding Servants in a mission to save humanity's future.

That said, I feel obligated to make an entire main list detailing the best Servants you can get in Fate/Grand Order. After making several sub lists of the best Servants based on their ranks and classes, this list's ordering of what I believe to be the best Servants in the game will be based on information from wikis and articles, my personal experience with the Servants, and what others have said about the Servants. If you're an FGO player like me, feel free to vote and add more Servants to this list if you would like. Thanks and enjoy viewing this list.

The Top Ten

1 Jeanne d'Arc Jeanne d'Arc

Thank God I have a friend who has a completely ascended Jeanne d'Arc (with an increased level cap thanks to the use of a Holy Grail). While she doesn't deal the most damage when it comes to 5-star Servants like herself, she has other viable uses in battle that will inevitably aid in helping your team's survivability. Her three Arts cards are able to help her gain NP points quickly, so once you reach a Fatal or Grand Battle of some sort, her Noble Phantasm will come in handy. While it does stun her for one turn in the process, it will grant your team invincibility, boost their defense, and have them recover HP every turn for a certain amount of time. Not to mention that as a Ruler-class Servant, she resists damage from every Servant class excluding ones like the Berserker class (though, using a Buster Card with her on the third card on a Berserker-class enemy can really deal some massive damage). Overall, Jeanne is a vital Servant you'll want to either roll for yourself or have her ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

2 Zhuge Liang (Lord El-Melloi II) Zhuge Liang (Lord El-Melloi II)

Until Merlin becomes available on the NA servers, this is pretty much everyone's ideal Caster-class Servant to go to. Now Waver is well-deserving of that 5-star status when it comes to buffing and debuffing. His skills can help boost his allies' stats while simultaneously helping to build up NP points. And where his skills can buff his team, his Noble Phantasm can seriously debuff enemies by a large margin. If you ever see any friend having him up for support, go for it! It'll benefit you in the long run for as long as possible. Now if I can just roll for him... Hopefully, when the Fate/Zero Accel Order event comes for North America, I can be able to roll for him at a higher rate. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

3 Gilgamesh Gilgamesh

Man, I really wish I had more luck rolling for Gilgamesh in NA's recently ended 66,666 likes campaign! Anyways, while I saw in an article that he wasn't exactly the best Archer in the game in the Japanese server (most likely being exceeded by Ishtar), there is no denying that the King of Heroes' power is incredible in its own merit. His NP stat is EX-rank and his Noble Phantasm Enuma Elish is without a doubt devastatingly powerful, given it not only deals massive damage, but can also deal bonus damage to Servants especially weak to the Noble Phantasm like Artoria Pendragon herself. Adding on, he can rack up quite a lot of Critical Stars essential for dealing out critical hits on enemies. And for a little note, he can also increase his team's attack as well. Man, it goes without saying that the Gilgamesh's versatility is excellent. However, getting a gem like him is easier said than done. Not only is his drop rate low due to his 5-star status, but he's also a Limited Servant, meaning ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks


4 Heracles Heracles

Almost any beginner tips article will recommend that when rerolling for a good Servant in the Tutorial Summon, Heracles is the best starter Servant to go for. While I didn't exactly reroll since I actually got two 4-star Servants (Marie Antoinette and Carmilla) in the Tutorial Summon, I was wise enough to choose Heracles for free in the Master Recruitment campaign for the NA server. Being a Berserker-class Servant, Heracles will be your ideal damage buster for the first few chapters of the game. While he is a glass cannon thanks to his Berserker class making him deal double damage to all main Servant classes and take double damage from all main Servant classes, the key to utilizing such a glass cannon is to make sure you have the right Craft Essences and support Servants necessary in keeping him alive. Because trust me, his Noble Phantasm can deal tons of damage, so he's pretty handy in boss fights. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

5 Artoria Pendragon (Archer) Artoria Pendragon (Archer)

She isn't available in the NA server yet, but since her usefulness in battle is so notable, I just had to include the swimsuit version of everyone's favorite Blue Saber! Instead of the knightly getup, this Artoria comes in swimsuit form, complete with a water gun as her main weapon! Aside from the swimsuit gimmick, this Artoria is most notable for having an incredible NP gain! Combine that with her Noble Phantasm being able to rack up NP based on total damage dealt after using up the NP gauge and utilizing the essential Craft Essences and support Servants to help fill her NP gauge as well and you'll be finding yourself spamming her Noble Phantasm on almost every turn! Everyone in the NA server is definitely going to be saving up for her, myself included. - ModernSpongeBobSucks


Well, since Gilgamesh is a Limited Servant and hasn't appeared in another summoning campaign since the 66,666 likes campaign in the NA server, aside from Atalanta, if you want an Archer-class Servant in the 4-star or 5-star range, EMIYA is your best bet. While he and Gilgamesh don't compare to Ishtar, EMIYA is basically a versatile all-around Archer. He can apply defense for three turns while evading for one turn, increase Critical Star drop rate, and increase his card performances. Through ascensions, interlude completions, and maxing out skills, EMIYA's power can be used to the fullest. And like Heracles, EMIYA is also considered to be a good starter Servant. Be on the lookout for him when doing a Saint Quartz summon. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

7 Cu Chulainn Cu Chulainn

Think Elizabeth Bathory is the best Lancer-class Servant in the NA server so far? Think again. Until we get Scathach, Cu Chulainn is quite possibly the best Lancer-class Servant out of any Lancer so far. In terms of endurance, he can last the longest more than any other Servant can. For one, he can use his second skill to apply defense for three turns and evade... FOR THREE HITS! That's right. Not three turns. Three HITS. If you can manage to last until the end of the skill's cooldown and/or max out the skill's level, you can essentially be untouchable for the entire battle! And even if you get hit three times, applying Guts to him with his first skill will be insurance that he will revive one time. Not to mention his third skill can remove debuffs and restore HP, further making sure he stays on the battlefield for as long as possible. Don't underestimate a 3-star like Cu Chulainn. Some have even come to question themselves as to why he isn't a 4-star when he's quite on the same power ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

8 Medea Medea

Medea may not be the most damage-dealing Caster in the game, but she certainly is powerful on the front lines, especially as a 3-star. Take for instance, her first skill being able to charge your NP gauge at a high amount. While it doesn't look like much at first, take into consideration that even when the skill is at level 1, the skill can fill your NP gauge by 80%! That's more NP generated than even Zhuge Liang's first skill can generate at max level with only 50%! This brings us to her Noble Phantasm. It won't exactly deal a lot of damage, but if your enemy has a ton of buffs, leave it to Rule Breaker to remove all those buffs single-handed! Honorable mentions go to her being able to restore her own HP and help remove debuffs on an ally and increase their NP generation rate. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

9 Merlin Merlin

Without a doubt a necessity in the meta game when it comes to being a game-breaker. To reiterate from the last time I talked about him, he's Waver Turned Up To Eleven when it comes to being the support for your party. His first skill adds 20% NP charge and a 20% increase in Attack for your team, his second skill grants invincibility to your entire party along with increasing your party's star generation rates and decreasing your enemies' chances of delivering critical attacks with a moderate cooldown, and his third skill gives your team 50% Buster up, 3000 Max HP increase and a 100% Critical Damage bonus for three turns. In addition, one of his passive skills include being able to generate 5% NP per turn and at NP1 for Garden of Avalon, he provides 1000 healing, 5% NP charge and 5 critical stars to the party per turn for five turns. With all the statistics of what is actually a nerfed playable version of the NPC Merlin played in Babylonia, Merlin is truly a game-breaker and worth ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

10 Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)

Goes without saying that her and her true vanilla counterpart are exact opposite parallels. While vanilla Jeanne isn't a huge damage-dealer but can be quite a durable tank when it comes to her Ruler class and high HP stat, Jalter is quite the glass cannon with having some of the lowest HP out of any Servant in the game, but having remarkably the highest attack stat to deal the highest damage output against enemies. She'll easily go hand-in-hand with Buster-based support teams like parties with Merlin in them and whatnot. So chances are if you're not saving up for Okita or Scathach right now, better save up for Jalter when she comes around in the NA server. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The Newcomers

? Sakata Kintoki Sakata Kintoki

Sakata Kintoki is having a rate-up along with Gilgamesh and Scathach for the upcoming Thanksgiving banner. While I'm saving up for Scathach, Sakata Kintoki is also a pretty worthwhile SSR Berserker as well. In terms of strength, his attack stats go far and beyond that of Vlad III's max attack like Heracles (an SR, if I may add) does. His skills are pretty decent too since his first skill increases his attack for 1 turn, his second skill charges up his NP gauge by a decent amount, and his third skill increases his own attack debuff resistance and restores some of his HP by a considerably good amount. He's not as durable as Heracles or even Vlad III, but of all Berserkers so far until we get Mama Raikou, he's probably the strongest one of his class in terms of attack stat numbers. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

? Scathach Scathach

I just learned from Not A Whale that Aniplex USA recently announced that Fate/Grand Order is holding a Thanksgiving banner as an NA exclusive event for the NA server. So I was really excited when I heard that not only is the Scathach banner going to be held, but that the New Year Guaranteed SSR Summon was being combined with the Thanksgiving banner as well! I'm so hyped up for this! Anyways, let's go over Scathach. I wouldn't say she's as durable as her pupil Cu Chulainn, but her skill set and class advantage along with her Noble Phantasm's effects truly make her the most useful and versatile Lancer-class Servant to get in the game. She's incredibly useful against Servants with the Divine trait, so expect to be able to curb stomp Archers like Gilgamesh and Arjuna later on in the game. In addition, her Noble Phantasm is quite notably a very powerful Single Target attack, especially against Archers. And even if it may not OHKO an enemy, Gae Bolg Alternative has an almost GUARANTEED stun ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The Contenders

11 Okita Souji Okita Souji

F2P players and whales alike, if you're looking to roll for a worthwhile Limited Servant other than the temporarily limited Tamamo no Mae, SAVE UP FOR OKITA! Okita Souji is a god send when it comes to dropping Critical stars. With just a QQABB deck, by utilizing skills like Weak Constitution and Eye of the Mind (False), expect to both drop a high amount of Critical stars AND dish out massive critical attacks with Sakura Saber on a frequent basis. In addition, her Noble Phantasm also ignores enemy defense buffs when used, so it's a pretty useful single-target NP. Just couple it along with some Quick card performance buffs including her Reduced Earth skill and you're guaranteed to make Okita-san have her Great Victory! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

12 Cursed Arm Hassan Cursed Arm Hassan

I would put Jack the Ripper on this list since she's considerably one of the, if not, the best Assassin-class Servants in the game, but since Hassan has lower rarity and therefore a higher chance to drop, I'll put him in this spot in place of Jack for now. While Assassins are probably the weakest class in terms of damage dealt, they certainly come in handy when it comes to generating those Critical Stars needed to dish out critical hits for extra damage. So until Jack the Ripper does come out in the NA server, Cursed Arm Hassan is the best you can get right now for an Assassin-class Servant. He obviously won't deal too much damage, but he's key to getting the most Critical stars possible. In addition, his Noble Phantasm has a high chance of inflicting instant death on a single enemy even when not maxed out! It'll be worth maxing out his Noble Phantasm by summoning enough cards of him if you want to increase the chance further. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

13 Tamamo no Mae Tamamo no Mae

(This is a copy-and-paste comment from the same item on Best Caster-class Servants in Fate/Grand Order.) MIKON! So since Tamamo no Mae (or Casko, as Nero refers to her as) is coming out next week for the US Halloween campaign, let's take a good luck at what makes her a fearsome Servant (and waifu). Naturally, as a Caster, her card set is Arts-based, so not only is it easy to build up NP charge, but she's especially vital if you use an Arts-based party of Servants (ex. Tamamo no Mae, Zhuge Liang, and Vlad III). Her skill set is not too bad, as she can drain an enemy's NP gauge by 1 bar, increase her own defense for 3 turns and also increase her defense by 30% for 1 turn only, and increase 1 ally's Arts card performance for 3 turns (and heal ally's HP post-interlude). Now probably what makes her stand out the most is her Noble Phantasm. Using her Noble Phantasm, she can help refill all allies' HP gauges AND reduce all allies' skill cooldowns by 1 turn. It may not sound like much, but ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

14 Mashu Kyrielight Mashu Kyrielight

Ah, Mash. Everyone's starting Shielder Servant. I never go into battle without her. Whether it be the main quests, free quests, interludes, event quests, etc. As a Shielder-Servant, she is not weak nor strong against any main class, including the Berserker-class as well. In addition, the Demi-Servant is able to boost her team's defense and grant invincibility and NP gain to one ally. While she isn't as strong now as she is in the JA server, keep in mind that as the story progresses with each new chapter released, she will definitely grow stronger and become one of the best Servants in the game period. Even to the point of going from 3-star to 4-star status, might I add! Even while Okeanos is awaiting release for the NA server, she will always be of vital use to the team whether it be on the front lines or support. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

15 Francis Drake Francis Drake

Let's go over Francis Drake's versatility as a Rider-class Servant. First off, she's already efficient at dropping Critical stars at a high rate. Second of all, her AOE Noble Phantasm is especially effective at dealing heavy damage and simultaneously gaining Critical stars as well. To top it all off, her skills are all-around diverse and can always be useful to herself as a Servant and to your party as well. Ranging from increasing NP damage and attack for 1 turn to charging her NP gauge, making your attacks IGNORE INVINCIBILITY for 3 turns, and gaining 10 Critical stars all in one go, Francis Drake is perhaps the best Rider-class Servant in the NA server right now. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

16 Karna (Launcher) Karna (Launcher)

Ah, it seems a visitor has already submitted quite possibly one of the most popular 5-star Lancer-class Servants next to Scathach. Alright, my fellow Karna fan, how's about I give him a good ol' analysis to see why he's one of the best Servants in FGO? Okay, to start off, his skill set is quite versatile. He can reduce an enemy's debuff resistance for 1 turn AND prevent them from using their NP for 1 turn as well, simultaneously increase his own Buster card performance and NP strength for 1 turn, and gain 25% NP charge while also increasing his critical star generation rate and critical damage for 3 turns. Not bad, to say the least! Plus, his Noble Phantasm Vasavi Shakti is an AoE attack, so he's pretty efficient at dealing with Archer hordes and such when you're farming in a quest filled with them. Add in the fact that the Noble Phantasm can deal extra damage to Divine enemies as well! For those playing, you might want to consider rolling for this guy in case you have no luck getting ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

17 Oda Nobunaga Oda Nobunaga

Once the server is back up, we'll have a fun time farming for our Demon Archer. Liz Halloween is a decent welfare Caster, but as for Nobu, I would consider her one of the more powerful welfare Servants gameplay-wise. First off, her skills and NP allow her to deal a lot of extra damage to Divine and Riding enemies respectively. Let's not forget to mention one section of T.V. Tropes where it states that an Archer like Nobu is capable of defeating a LANCER like Karna hands down. As for the rest of Nobu's assets, her skills are decent at best, but go VERY WELL when paired with Okita. So definitely try and farm up all those Honnouji points for the Devil King of the Sixth Heaven! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

18 Robin Hood Robin Hood

With the right setup and usage of skills and efficient and pacing, Robin Hood's single-target Noble Phantasm can truly prove to be an OP OHKO nuke. Even as a 3-star, while he doesn't boast pure strength, his tactical skill set of inflicting attack debuffs and poison (simultaneously) and increasing NP generation rate. He'll be able to get his third skill of piercing invincibility, applying self-evasion, and gaining Critical stars all in one go once we finally get his Strengthening Quest. But even while we have yet to play his Strengthening Quest on the NA server, he's still worth keeping as a mainstay in your party especially if you don't have SR or SSR Archers like EMIYA or Gilgamesh. Calling back to his skill that allows him to poison enemies, that skill is especially vital as Robin Hood's Yew Bow can deal twice or more multiplied damage if that single-target enemy is poisoned. For more damage output, using a Mystic Code or Servant skill or Craft Essence to increase his Arts ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

19 Hans Christian Andersen Hans Christian Andersen

The Zhuge Liang of bronze-rarity Servants. While Andersen is unsurprisingly a Squishy Wizard given his low defense stats and not having much powerhouse strength compared to ones like Zhuge Liang and Merlin, Andersen does indeed have something that makes him a worthy rival to them. With his second skill filling up more than half of his NP gauge and his QAAAB card deck further allowing him to charge his NP gauge, you can expect to spam his Marchen Meines Lebens about as often as you can spam Medea's Rule Breaker. As for his Noble Phantasm itself, it increases all allies' attack and defense buffs and regenerates their HP for 3 turns. Of course, the chances for those buffs increases as you overcharge the NP gauge, and given it's easier to max out Andersen's NP level, that makes things all the more easy to utilize his NP wisely and frequently. It's even much to the point that he's even still useful for higher difficulty content in the later game's chapters. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

20 Anne Bonny Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny & Mary Read are some pretty decent SR Rider units right now in the NA Server. They may not have the same powerhouse strength like Francis Drake, but all of their 3 skills are exceptional at collecting Critical stars and dishing out some massive critical damage. In addition, their Noble Phantasm isn't too bad. The damage output of the NP increases with power the lower their HP is. I don't have much to say about this Servant duo right now, but it's worth keeping them as either a reliable Rider-class Servant on the front lines or as a support Servant for your good friends to use. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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