Biggest Problems with New Super Mario Bros Series

Ah yes New super Mario Bros. The series that was supposed to reflect the classic games (Super Mario Bros, SMB3 and Super Mario World) but it falls short for several reasons.

Side note: The original game (DS) is actually decent. And Luigi U doesn't count
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1 Way too easy

I don't really agree with this one, only NSMB2 is really that easy in my opinion, NSMBWii had one of the most infamous levels in Mario history (9-7).

Don't. Touch. Anything.

I'd agree with this list if it weren't for that ONE challenge!

If only you could collect 1,000 coins in New Super Mario Bros. 2 instead of 100...

It doesn't help that the Poopalings are the easiest bosses ever to defeat.

2 Repetitive formula

Bowser or Bowser Jr easily kidnap Peach right in front of Mario then Mario and Luigi go through the same eight worlds then fight Bowser and Bowser Jr then hit a button or an axe to defeat them and then the Princess is saved. The End!

But in the first game:

1. Peach Captured
2. Go through 7 worlds and fight Bowser Jr and some random bosses
3. Go through World 8 and fight BOTH Bowser Jr and Bowser.

Summary of the New Super Mario Bros Series

1. Peach captured
2. Go through 7 worlds and fight the koopalings
3. Go through world 8 and fight Bowser
4. Rinse and repeat

3 Koopalings The Koopalings, or 7 Bowser Team in Japan, are a fictional group of seven childlike characters in the Mario video game franchise by Nintendo. Their individual names are Iggy, Larry, Lemmy, Ludwig von, Morton Jr., Roy, and Wendy O. Koopa.

They are complete garbage. A fire hydrant would make a better boss than any of these seven, worthless loser. Axe them. They suck.

They're garbage. You spot one and you know the other six are coming. Also, since they're semi-clones of the same godawful thing after you defeat the first one you have a generalization of what's coming after. So the entire experience is repetitive, predictable and it fills like trash tier filler for bosses of actual surprise and variety. 28 rounds of projectile flinging and shell spinning in the last three installments! Koopalings suck.

"The Krapalings are the worst bosses in history because you jump on their heads three times! The bosses from the original New Super Mario Bros are so much better than the Poopalings!" -Koopaling Hater
You Also Jump On The Bosses In The Original New Super Mario Bros Heads Three Times Too!

I actually like that they appear in the games, I get nostalgic feels when I see them, but I can definitely see why they are hated.

4 Nothing "new"

Yes. I totally agree. NSMB2 and NSMBU are both perfect examples. It feels like the same game with mediocre gimmicks

5 No new characters

They need to use girl characters lout only good ones like Toadette and not things like Daisy or Rosalina.

We don't need Wendy

I hate koopalings

6 Same worlds

It is always the same worlds in the same order. It is boring enough that it's the same generic worlds every time they are always in the same order. Grass, Desert, Snow, Water, Jungle, Rock, Sky, Lava, Star. Why can't Nintendo at least mix them up?

It always works like this:
World 1: Grass
World 2: Desert
World 3-5 (Any order): Snow, Forrest, and Beach
World 6: Rock
World 7: Clouds
World 8: Lava
World 9: Star
More variety would be nice.

Even some ROM hackers have made the Sorting Algorithm of Threatening Geography in each post-NSMB1 less recycled from Super Mario Bros. 3. I mean, these three games could have been like Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario Bros. Next and Newer Super Mario Bros. DS (or maybe Other Super Mario Bros. U), right?

I would really like if they removed the could world considering they are very dull, they are only boring athletic levels that feel like World 1 except way harder.

7 No new music

Actually there's like three new soundtracks. But yeah, the rest of the soundtrack is like ported from previous titles.

They could've been based on the soundtracks of the ROM hacks I've mentioned.

And for the love of god can we stop with the "bah" music please? It's really getting old

8 No new enemies

Never really bothered me.

9 Nothing original
10 Luigi as player 2
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11 Multiplayer is a problem
12 Every game feels like more of the same
13 When someone gets hit or gets a power up, the screen pauses

That's a game changer because.?

14 Lemmy only uses his ball

A ball isn't a weapon

15 The "bah" sounds
16 Atrocious gimmicks
17 Yellow and Blue Toads as player 3 and 4

One toad is fine in my book but why two? They play like exactly the same! Why couldn't they have added Daisy? Or Wario? Or Heck I'd even be okay with Waluigi.

18 Female disempowerment

Come at us, 20th Century Super Mario haters that attack this list! >8(

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