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1 Wolf In Sheep's Clothing Wolf In Sheep's Clothing Cover Art

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing is a great song! I love it when it goes into "Oh who am I kidding? Lets not get overzealous here..." This is the best and most known song by them, and there is nothing left to say but... jazzy!

This is the first song if there's I've ever listened to. And I LOVE it. I know every word to it. I didn't really like it at first, I thought it was kinda weird sounding. But I got it's catchy chorus stuck in my head and now it's my favorite song of all time. It should definitely be #1 on this list. Just saying!

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing is the first (and still my favorite) song I've ever heard from Set It Off. When it was recommended to me, I fell in love with it. I listened to a few more of Set It Off's songs and now I'm a huge fan.

I just love this song so much... I especially like the part where the lyrics start "Oh who am I kidding? Let's not get overzealous here..." I just like it a lot. Super catchy!

2 N.M.E. N.M.E. Cover Art

Such a catchy, upbeat, song. I love the bridge, and guitar.

Describes perfectly ex-romanic lives, and its spot is more than deserving!

So sassy, I love it

3 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Cover Art

A song that will truly give you chills. About losing the ability to control yourself, this song's lyrics is catchy and very powerful.

A song that people with sleeping problems might like, depending what music genre you like. Of course, the song is based on insomnia.

Starts off slow but builds up and doesn't let up. At the end you might experience super goosebumps.

CHILLING! That's one of the words you can use to describe this song. I took the insomniac pledge that's in this song(Raising my hand and kindly repeating, "I guess I'll sleep when I am dead.") and I'm proud of it!

4 Nightmare Nightmare Cover Art

I LOVE this song! This song is the first Set It Off song, I've heard and fell in love. I know all the lyrics by heart and I'm conspiring with my friend to do a cover. It is AMAZING! "

This song is super catchy its like I never heard any other songs! I have been looking for a perfect song and now I found it!

This song really expresses Cody in fear. I love the first verse, and the rest of the song as well.

Love this song! it's so unique from all the other songs I've heard really like it!

5 Partners in Crime Partners in Crime Cover Art

Partners in Crime is based off of a true story about Bonnie (the girl) and Clyde (the boy). They were looters during the great depression and DIED TOGETHER after being shot by the police. It is very catchy, and there best song, only behind Wolf in Sheep's Clothing.

This is by far my favorite set it off song of all time and they are telling a story and the melody oh my god the singing is great to me this is the perfect punk-pop song.

If you want a song with amazing singers and a chilling duet, this song is for you. As soon as you start up the music video, you know Cody is going to rock, and rock he did.

My nostalgia honestly. I used to love this song and now I hear it and it's musical standpoints are amazing to me.

6 Why Worry Why Worry Cover Art

Certainly one of their more catchy songs. The Fall Out Boy influence is incredibly present in this song. Overall amazing message with meaningful lyrics. This is what music should strive to be.

It's such a catchy song with great lyrics! I love the part where it says "why do we insist on crossing bridges that do not exist". It's also got a bit of that Fallout boy feel to it

I LOVE the idea of the video, so clever and awesome. I thought this song was more mainstream at first and it made me mad at the band, but I've grown tp love it.

Probably in my mind there most popular song and it deserves the title because this song is great

7 I'd Rather Drown I'd Rather Drown Cover Art

The chorus is by far the best part of this entire thing. I think I have goosebumps

I can't stop listening to it.

The song is good.

8 Kill the Lights Kill the Lights Cover Art

Kill the lights is so good! It should be in the top for sure! The music is so good that I can qualify it as one of top 5 songs from the band.

My favorite of them all! Such a catchy tune and cool lyrics.

This song has a catchy tune and a deep meaning! I love it!

A very underrated song, it deserves more love!

9 This Christmas (I'll Burn It to the Ground) This Christmas (I'll Burn It to the Ground) Cover Art

Even when it's not the Christmas season, I still listen to this song. Its sinister, the instrument parts are KILLER, and the way they incorporate little bits and pieces of other well-known Christmas parts is just incredible.

The second verse is genuinely amazing, Cody doing so may different voices and styles is so cool, probably one of my favorite parts of any SIO song. I could listen to it for ages, literally, one time I kept rewinding onto "sneaking through your chimmey" and I'm still not tired of it

I honestly love this song (not just because its Christmas) it's so good

10 Horrible Kids Horrible Kids Cover Art

I never get tired of this song and know every word (though I know every word to most of their songs). The only reason it's down so far is because it's so hard ranking their amazing music!

Probably biased, but my childhood was very rough. Lyrics which hits hard and good music!

So catchy and yet has such an important meaning. I love it.

Love this one too!

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11 Breathe In, Breathe Out Breathe In, Breathe Out Cover Art

I started out loving this track, but I got a little sick of it.

12 The Haunting The Haunting Cover Art

This song is put together so well. Good luck finding a better song in their entire discography

It's an amazing song, deserves top 5!

Should be in top 5 at least!

Best song! That's it...

13 Killer in the Mirror Killer in the Mirror Cover Art

Why is this so low on this list?! This song is amazing! The lyrics are great. It's awesome how some parts of the song are quite easygoing and other parts are aggressive. And this is the perfect song to play when someone crosses or wrongs you.

Why is this one so underrated? I love this song so much
It has helped me through some tough times.
I want to thank them for that.

Real catchy. Both calming and aggressive. It's just by far one of their greatest.

Absolutely love this song. Describes my life well

14 Dream Catcher Dream Catcher Cover Art

This song is definitely one of my favorites, the lyrics are perfect for how this song sounds.

This song makes me smile every time. I can't get over it!

It's a beautiful song and has helped me to remember I shouldn't give up

This has inspired me very much and I love its melody and lyrics

15 Swan Song Swan Song Cover Art

This is definitely deserving of a higher spot. The sound and tunes are so hyping that I need to basically dance every time!

16 Lonely Dance Lonely Dance Cover Art

This song is very reliable. It sounds amazing. It has a cool and metaphorical music video.

The song sounds good, and that's mainly all there is to it.

This song is the most relatable song I ever heard.

This song is basically me in a song. I love it!

17 Plastic Promises Plastic Promises Cover Art

Honestly my favorite song, Love the chorus and the story it tells!

This is an amazing song! I love the chorus.

"Very catchy and easy to get in to, one of the lyrically superior and storytelling songs by Set It Off"

It promises (no pun intended) a lot in that guitar rip at the start and it definitely delivers

18 Duality Duality Cover Art

I cannot get it out of my head! I love the album, but HK, Cinematics, and Calm Before The Storm are ALL boss!

This song is also reliable.

19 Freak Show Freak Show Cover Art

This song has helped me when I though I was nothing and it helped me find who I am. Also it's a catchy song

I love every part of the song, but the guitar isn't the best.

20 Midnight Thoughts Midnight Thoughts Cover Art

This one deserves more votes!

I love it So much
I first listened to it, and I loved it.
The entire midnight album is the best one yet! :3

I'm just listening to this at night and say "could be having midnight thoughts

21 Hush Hush Hush Hush Cover Art

I've never heard it before now but its very nice.

22 The Grand Finale The Grand Finale Cover Art

Lyrics which hit extremely hard nowadays. Relatable and song which really is described as 'epic'.

This is one of those songs that captures a story of fear, and I love it.

This song is just pretty good, is it about the apocalypse?

23 Hypnotized Hypnotized Cover Art

Best Set It Off song.

Something else I like about it, that not many people know, is that this is about a former band member, Austin Kerr.

As soon as I listened to this I knew it was going to be one of my favorites. And it is

Time to pack yo bags!

24 @Reply @Reply Cover Art

The most catchy song of all! Very true lyrics!

25 Dad's Song Dad's Song Cover Art

This is such a touching song. I like the more angry and upbeat songs a lot too but this one is definitely my favorite. It shows the versatility of Set It Off and conveys the feelings of sadness through loss and the way we are affected by the great people in our life.

This is the most heartwarming song ever I literately cried about a song or movie for the first time thanks to this song.

This song is truly amazing in how much feeling it portrays. It brings me to tears almost every single time.

So sad and sweet, Cody's tribute. But, I'll admit I like the faster songs.

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