Most Shocking Music Moments in 2018


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1 Death of Xxxtentacion

And one of the worst moments on this site was that DCfnaf made a list celebrating his death. - Metal_Treasure

Truly tragic. Me and my shadows are praying for the deceased on here. - MrUmbra

A murder it was, Clearly shocking... - Ananya

I feel no remorse for Xxx - iliekpiez

2 Death of Avicii

He was too young - I was never his fan but deaths of very young people are always shocking and very sad. - Metal_Treasure

3 Death of Vinnie Paul

I'm a metal fan and that was shocking to me - Metal_Treasure

At least he’s with his brother. �" - DaringXx

4 Death of Eddie Clarke
5 Death of Dolores O'Riordan

Absolutely shocking - she was 46 - Metal_Treasure

6 Lil Pump tells fans he is suicidal
7 Death of Richard Swift
8 Justin Bieber posted a photo of him in a hot tub kissing Hailey Baldwin

What's shocking about this? - Pato_cargo

9 Slayer announced their final world tour

Metal fans didn't see this coming because in 2017 Slayer were talking about a new album in 2018 - Metal_Treasure

10 Death of Jimmy Wopo

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11 Death of Scott Hutchinson
12 Marilyn Manson accused of sexual harassment

Not surprising... - CaptainMowzker

13 Dahvie Vanity accused of raping multiple women

This isn't shocking at all to anyone who knows this guy, but I added it because I can't find a "notable music moments in 2018" list.

14 Marilyn Manson collapses on stage
15 The Original Bon Jovi Lineup Reunite

For their 2018 rnr hall of fame introduction ceremony. - DaringXx

16 Death of Mac Miller

He was a very important star for the modern music world, he impacted modern music like you wouldn't believe it.
He even inspired Ariana Grande, and was once her boyfriend.
Yet what made it especially shocking was that he had an apparent overdose on drugs, and he was 26.
R.I.P. - Gregory

17 This Is America Music Video
18 Justin Bieber Shaved his Head
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