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Brian Patrick Carroll, known professionally as Buckethead, is an American guitarist and multi-instrumentalist who has worked within many genres of music.


I'm not even sure when I first got into Buckethead. All that I know is that when I first did get into him, the whole world of guitar totally changed for me. He inspired me to play more, he had so much different musical styles under his belt, and it was all worth listening to. He can shred, he can go slow, he can make his effects complement his music fantastically. He just knows what he is doing and he hasn't lost his touch! Not only is he one of the best shredders of all time, he's one of the best guitar players of all time. Long live Buckethead.

Buckethead is the most rounded player to date playing anything and everything from Neo classical, to blues, to metal, to flamingo and latin, banjo, bass, video game themes, you name it he's done it and he's one of the fastest players ever. Gilbert himself said in an interview "I will admit, he's quicker than I am" and it especially showed when he was in the deli creeps. How many people can go from Disembodied part 1 and 2, to a song like Sled Ride.. Not many. Guys like Slash just don't have the range. Guys like Vai, Satch, and Gilbert are all on the same level but Bucket is a little more diverse

Why even compare to synyster. Best guitarist like slash and jimi hendrix couldn't shred like him. Far away he's the best in shredding

Since the day I started listening to buckethead. I crave for more and more to find all his tracks. This guy is genius. He uses very simple, yet his techniques are highly professional. He uses minor/major scale and he is a virtuoso in alternate picking. Well Paul gilbert was the one who taught us all about alternate picking efficiently. And Yeah RESPECT TO #SHAWN LANE. Its because of him, we got buckethead and other geniuses out there!

Shawn Lane deserves to be #1 but since he's not even in top 10 (laugh out loud what are you ignorant people thinking? Herman Li is a slug compared to Shawn Lane) I'm voting for Buckethead because he plays faster than Herman Li, he writes his own music (laugh out loud Herman learn some basic music please) and Buckethead's nubbing was originally influenced by one of the greatest guitarists, Shawn Lane himself. Look up Kaiser Nancarrow by Shawn Lane. Around 2:48 in he does a lick (which is picked every single note, unlike Buckethead's nubbing) and it sounds quite similar.

Fanboys these days thinking synester, Michael Angelo, and Eddie deserve to be in the top shredders of all time. What great guitarist has eddie influenced?
Shawn Lane has influenced:
Paul Gilbert
Rusty Cooley
Andy Timmons
And quite a few more.

You tell me what 'amazing shredder' has influenced THAT many POPULAR guitarists of today.
It disgusts me that people can even think ...more

He's the best guiitarist in the world period, he can play every type of music. not just shredding. I don't know why he isn't 1 all round, slash on the other hand is a terrible guitarist. and doesn't deserve to be in the top 10. -

Easily one of the best shredders of all time, easily. But lets keep in mind that this list is for 'Top Shredders' of all time. Sure, Hendrix couldn't shred like him. But comparing them as guitarists overall is laughable. And for someone to say Slash is a 'washed us drunk who can't play guitar', is HILARIOUS. I'd like to hear a solo from that loser, he probably doesn't even know how to play.

Right when you start to get bored of his songs,(if he hasnt already gotten to a solo), he'll just knock you off your feet to where you say "NO WAY DUDE! I didnt know a guitar could make that noise! He used a recorder and sped it up!". He sends shivers down my back listnin to the pure notes he plays... he's that flipping good.

Buckethead is above all others. Not only because his shredding is phenomenally fast and clean, but his musical style ranges from all ends of the spectrum. And for those who think he does not have emotion, lets put it this way, your lying to yourself and you know it.

Words can't express how GREAT! Is Buckethead, everybody who ever listened to him know that and understand that he is the best, his music inspires, makes the world a better place, he expresses emotion without words and does it so good. He writes his songs by himself, a combination of all this makes him the best, even though I respect all other guitarists and musicians

We all know that these guys have speed, Except (slash) But then you have to take in to account composition skills, influence and knowledge. Buckethead owns all these fields and then Gilbert. But Buckethead owns and what he does is instantly identifiable to him that's what makes him the Best SHREDDER!

Its no contest that he is number 1. His music is the most emotional, artistic, and creative out of ANY shredder out there and he has made over 100 albums of shred style guitar playing so its safe to assume his abilities are pretty much limitless. When you get to this level of playing its hard to say who is more technical than the other but nobody is more technical than BH and his expression on the guitar sets him apart from anyone else. Greatest guitar player in history in my opinion.

There's no on else like Buckethead. No one else plays with the originality, the soul, and the technical skill. I never get bored with Bucket, and I can never predict what the next song or the next album will be. Thank you, Buckethead. Originals like you make life better for the rest of us.

He is the best because with that shredding he also has music which is very hard to find. He has got beauty and feel in his music. His songs have meanings and emotions in them, not like the others who just keep shredding without music (exceptions like Paul Gilbert of course)

Buckethead can really make a melodic and soulful solo. He's also a very fast shredder who masters all techniques: sweeping, alternate picking, legato, tapping and effects.

Most amazing guitarist ever. He has soul, versatility and can shred in away nobody else can. Written and released more music than anybody I've ever heard of (300+ albums). I discovered him one month AFTER he toured in dallas last year. I really hope he makes it back here soon!

i've never heard anyone faster and his shredding fits in so well with the rest of wutever song he puts it in its not just senseless "oh look at me i can play fast" it actually sounds good

A lot of amazing musicians on this list but none are quite as unique and soulful as buckethead. John Petrucci is a close 2nd though I agree with most of this list.

He can most likely play everything every one on this list can play, whilst not seeing 90% of what he plays because of that mask?! This dude has immense talent and skill, not only shredding but also the slow, beautiful stuff.

Are you mad! You don't wanna know how he moves his fingers between 8 to 12 frets... ohh man he have a giant hand... and his teacher is paul gilbert laugh out loud... I say he's way better than paul gilbert

Buckethead is a freakin god! He is some shredder I have most of his albums and I was mesmerized at how he could play so fast!

#1! His music might not sound very good but he's so fast when he plays. Also Herman Li's stuff is just sped up and he can't actually play it. - d3rrick95

Yes, Eddie Van Halen and many more are way better guitar players, but nobody can deny that Buckethead is the most talented shredder of all time. Soothsayer is the best proof of this.

Buckethead is certainly the best, as only two or three people has a picking style like him. He has phenomenal speed with his left hand, as he has short outburts of speed. The way he can switch the minor scales with his majors are quite amazing! Paul Gilbert taught him well. He makes a wonderful blues song "Too Many Humans" and he inculdes some shredding at the perfect time. And he has the cleanest shredding I've ever heard next to Paul Gilbert.

Buckethead is greatest guitarist ever and Jordan is greatest song ever. Can't wait to see what else will Buckethead create for us. - Georgiew