Top Ten Sims Medieval Heroes

The Sims Medieval is a standalone sims game with one "expansion pack", Pirates & Nobles. You can buy both for $20 on Origin. You name your Kingdom, make a monarch, and decorate your castle. You then have to do quests in order to build more places, which give you more Heroes. You have 10 heroes to choose between and almost all of them are awesome. It's just the merchant and Peteran priest that suck. You should play it if you haven't already.

The Top Ten

1 Wizard

The best role for an Aes Sedai. The only problem is: who though choose? - Merilille

2 Physician
3 Monarch

Your real job is keeping the Pit Beast fed. - Merilille

4 Spy
5 Knight

I like having my knight jump in the pit for training. It's fun to watch them ride the Pit Beast. - Merilille

6 Blacksmith V 1 Comment
7 Bard
8 Jacoban Priest

Yes, there is religion in this game, but you're the one who's being worshiped here! And those Peterans thought I was going to be a benevolent god. Ha! Fear the Watcher, silly little sims. - Merilille

9 Peteran Priest
10 Merchant
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