All Vocaloids


I personally have been looking at all of the bands and singers and didn't really notice that many suggested for all of the vocaloids to play because then it would make things easier and we all could vote the majority in. So here are my nominees:Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len and Rin, Megurin(? ) Luka, Mekio, and Kaito. So please just send all of the vocaloids to London because I'm sure that it would make the majority of the fans happy if they went. Also I really hope that I spelled most of the names right but sorry if I didn't.

They are all amazing in their own way, and much more amazing then any other singer-in-flesh. Having Miku, Rin, Len, Luka, Kaito, and Meiko would be absolutely amazing! And Kaito has only had one concert so far, too... It would be a great break for them in popularity, so bring them all to London!

We must band together and use all internet support to share this type of music around the world. There are many Vocaloid singers already on this list. It doesn't matter who your favorite is. Vote for all of them so that everyone can share in this wonderful new form of music.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE VOTE FOR THEM! I think all the vocaloids would be an amazing new change for the world. If all of the vocaloids were to perform at the olympics all of the vocaloid fans out there would be able to see there favorite vocaloid perform no matter what. It would be amazing to see all of them on stage and sing to the entire world.

Ok I love Miku but I think they should all sing! Miku, Rin, Len and even Gumi! They all should sing because they are all awesome and have great, powerful voices! Miku is great but all of them together is amazing! Please vote for all the Vocaloids!

Why just Miku? Why only Len and Rin? Why not all of them? The vocaloids are all the best in their own ways! Everybody loves each one of them! Please vote for all the vocaloids! They are all amazing!

They should all go, not just Miku! Sure, make Miku the lead singer, but give the other vocaloids a chance! Actually I can't believe how far down the list all the vocaloids are...

The Vocaloids are great individually, but I can't pick just one! They should ALL go! I love them, especially Kaito and the Kagamine twins! Bring Vocaloid to the Olympics!

All Vocaloids. Such as Hatsune Miku, Luka Megurine, and Kagamine Rin and Len. Together they create inspiring music and have the voices no one can compare to.

All of them performing together with their own solos in the songs would be awesome. Plus they all haven't been together in one concert. We the people could make this possible! - blompy

Okay I can pretty much tell Miku is everyone's favorite, but why not let all the Vocaloids preform instead of just one? Personally Lily is my favorite but I also very much like Luka but, If all of them preformed no vocaloid would just be number 1 they all would!

Why compete over one vocaloid? When there can be all of them, and make everyone happy? I know this probably won't make it very far on the poles, but hey it's worth a shot, right?

GO! They are all amazing! Please let them all go! They would make a great show together and can show the world that vocaloids rule!

Hey, it's really great to see VOCALOIDs climbing up the list!
Unfortunately planning for the opening ceremony is completed, and cannot include any more acts, but it just goes to show how a strong, tight-knit fandom along with a powerful production team consisting of tens of thousands of users pumping out media via a phenomenon with a concept as simple as vocal synthesis can really push through! - chibinhgnad

All Vocaloids should be able to preform at the London Olympics because who would want to see one Vocaloid instead of all of the Vocaloids together.

It would be AMAZING to have the Vocaloids perform. They're so unique and I don't think much of the world has seen them yet!

Let Everyone go! They all have good songs and voices! They all should have a chance around the world! So for more fans and for people to see singing in a different language is also good music...

Please, please, please, please! Please let all of the vocaloids sing! Together the vocaloids have amazing harmony! They're great on their own but together!? They'll blow your mind!

All the vocaloids are amazing. My friend kept bugging me to vote for the twins, but I couldn't decide which ones I liked best... Thanks for making this voting option!

They can do anything and will put an new spin on the Olympics. Plus, their not like other singer, who have haters, so they won't be hated versus some other group

VOCALOID are awesome. Their singing are awesome. All of them deserve the same attention from people. Not only Miku, but ALL VOCALOID, including V1, V2, and even V3.

Now that I think about it, over ten vocaloids is better than one, right?.. Let all the vocaloids perform, please! Not the future of the sound only!

Although I agree Miku is an amazing singer, and I'm very glad she came out on top, but how bout the other Vocaloids? They deserve their chance shine on stge, WITH Miku! And seeing that all Vocaloids put together including Miku, so many fans can surely bring them all to the top! So, why not?

I think Vocaloid should win because it would be nice to see two cultures (sort of) collide (Japanese and British) Plus, they're awesome!

All of them deserve the chance to be at the Olympics Opening, sure all of us have our favorite but I guess that if we all join forces and vote for all of the Vocaloids to perform, no one loses and we get to see our favorites plus an spectacular show! So please vote for Al Vocaloids to perform at the Olympics N. N love, Sayuri-kawaii