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Billie Joe Armstrong is an American musician, singer, songwriter and actor who is best known as the lead vocalist, primary songwriter, and guitarist of the punk rock band Green Day, which he co-founded with Mike Dirnt.


He's pure energy. His creativity goes beyond limits and the way that he can express the things that happens in the world is really amazing! Green Day was the first band who broke the limits of expressing the truth and criticize the situation in the entire globe after 9/11. Like a Green Day fan said on the gig of the Green Day world tour 2005 in the National Bowl Milton Keynes in England: "When someone mentions Green Day, everybody knows a Green Day song! " And that, my folks it's the pure truth... Don't think about it. Vote for Green Day and BJ for opening the Olympic games. I sure, you won't regret!

I only have one thing to say, and all good Green Day fans will absolutely know what this means: "HEEY OHH! " I think we need to get Billie Joe/Green Day there JUST so we can experience an Olympic-style "HEY OH! " from Billie.

Billie Joe Armstrong is simply a hell of a good musician. His songwriting skills are amazing and his voice just represents the pure Rock 'n Roll feel and vibes. I only have to say one thing: Please vote for this amazing and unique musician! Or even better: Vote for his band, GREEN DAY!

It was a tough choice over My Chemical Romance (because they are my favorite band), but I chose Billie Joe because he just has an amazing voice and he can reach a vast audience of both young and old, which is perfect for this day and age. Billie Joe for the 2012 Olympics (even if Mike and Tre aren't with him)!

Billie Joe has such an amazing, beautiful voice. Green Day are the best band not just because of their style but their lyrics are so meaningful. You listen to them and you forget everything and just wow it's the best feeling when you come across music like that. It makes me smile every time

If you've ever seen Green Day show, you'll know just how much of a spectacular performer Billie Joe is. The energy and atmosphere of a Green Day concert is infectious, and definitely a concert you should go to before you die. Billie Joe is the ultimate frontman, and that's just him alone - with the other two members of Green Day behind him, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool, it would certainly be one of the most memorable openings to the Olympic games. It's certain that many people will tune into the Olympics for the chance to see such fabulous musicians perform, and with twenty-odd years under their belt, you can be certain that Green Day know exactly how to wow the crowd. Picking Billie Joe Armstrong to open the performance, and the other members of Green Day as well, if possible, would be one of the wisest choices to make. I would certainly tune in to the Olympics if I knew Billie Joe would be opening, and at least half the country would join me in this. Picking Billie Joe would be a wise ...more

Billie Joe Armstring, I love him and his band to bits for all that they've done. I know that maybe other bands will get a lot more vote due to their style of music being in fashion but there's no other artist that can put such meaning into their lyrics and make the music sound so beautiful. Billie Joe Armstron's lyrics are way better than Justin Bieber's "baby baby baby oh" or Lady GaGa's "let me ride on your disco stick".

Billie Joe Armstrong is one of the most amazing singers I've ever listened to. His spirit on stage goes out to the whole crowd and you can just sense he gives his all during a show. He belts his heart out and the crowd just belts the lyrics right back because he has that kind of power. I'm a lifetime fan and I always will be, the whole fanbase would be so proud if our lead guy sang at the 2012 Olympics, especially if the rest of our members play with him as always by his side.

Seen Green Day in Manchester twice and they were amazing. Billie joe is a born entertainer and time of your life is a magical song and would be even better if billie sung it at the 2012 London olympics just look at Green Day and billie joe Armstrong on YouTube then you'll see why!

I vote Billie Joe because his band Green Day have: They have been around for close to 23 years now. Produced 9 albums. Sold 76 Million records worldwide. Pull off fantastic shows. Regularly donate and help charities. They get members of the audience onstage to play a song. And they always give back to their fans and make them feel special. There isn't a crowd or audience in the world that Billie Joe Armstrong can't connect with, and that is why I vote for him. Because he never fails to deliver and will guarantee a perfect show.

Billie Joe Armstrong is the greatest front man I have ever had the fortune of seeing perform live! He is truly an asset to making the Olympics an amazing and fun experience! Just think of all the people who will tune in to watch the Olympics if he performs! I must tell you that you will get A TON of viewers if he performs! In addition, he knows how to work a crowd better than any other performer listed here! He can make a crowd go nuts just by BLINKING! He's THAT talented! LET BILLIE JOE PERFORM!

They changed my life, and with every gig they do, they change it some more. They're the only band that can mean so much to me. I don't even know.. How to put it but damn, the ENERGY when they play! That's all I have to say. The personalities they have.. I'm so much in love with these guys.

He is a musical genius. His talent would be amazing to showcase at the 2012 Olympics. I would travel all the way from North America to see him. His voice radiates through building during tiny club shows to massive arenas. He's even used England as an arena to perform some of Green Day's most monumental performance's since 2004. It would be even more amazing if Green Day in its entirety performed!

Billie Joe from Green Day is one of the most charismatic, energetic front men I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing. And a brilliant, emotive, strong voice to boot. It would be even better if he was joined by his band mates!

I think that all of Green Day should play. Though Billie Joe is full of epic awesome and is a poster child for punk rock in and of itself, the band as a whole would be an excellent addition and their energy and stage presence would not only be electrifying and enthralling, but also arousing. Just saying'.

Vote for Billie Joe and in fact ALL of Green Day. Let's do this, fellow Idiots!

Billie Joe Armstrong is a universal role model for teens wanting to make a difference in today's society, he is a very unusual celebrity in this day and age, he has a loving wife and family which is a lot less glamorous than the more popular singers that feel as though they need four different relationships, as he says "I got a rock n' roll girlfriend and another ex wife, I got a kid in New York I got a kid in the Bay" basically, he is an excellent singer, a role model, very popular, and would hold a great place preforming at the Olympics.

There are no words to describe how completely amazing Billie Joe is. From the very first second he comes on stage, to the very last, you can't take your eyes off him.
Green Day can entertain crowds of up to 65 000 people and they deserve to be on that stage more than anyone else. I could write for hours and hours about how good they are but you all should know that. 20 years of rocking out should be recognized more than all these singers who have been around for 5 minutes!

21 years it has been since Billie Joe has started his career.

He has had more experience than most of the other singers that you see here in the votes.
He actually gives faith into singing, songs he writes are deep and meaningful and doesn't just sing without feelings like other "bands".
In fact, Listen to one of his songs now, from any album from 39/Smooth up to Awesome! He gives life to his songs by singing with emotion and making to lyrics deep. It's able to give you a smile from any time. Thanks.

Billie Joe would be the perfect opening performer for the Olympics. "Time of Your Life" is the perfect song to usher in the Olympics, and you would be fools if you do not select him for this event.

Green Day is a life change experience, they can make you smile and two seconds later it can makes you cry, Green Day is honest with their songs, and Billie's voice takes you to better place

Billie is a big inspiration to many people of all ages in the United Kingdom and would be absolutely amazing to have him perform the opening ceremony in the Olympics. I would highly recommend anyone to vote for Billie and will most likely attract more people from all around the world to watch the Olympics. I know if Billie performs the opening I will be watching it, not if someone else does though. I won't be too interested.

Billie Joe is gifted in many areas, the top being his voice. The work he has done with Green Day is outstanding and they always have a message included in their songs. I believe that he (Tre and Mike if possible) should perform at the London Olympics because I think it will surely be a performance to remember, like every other performance he has done.

He saved my life.
He's my hero, he's my everything.
He has:
A Lot Of Tattoos
A Fit Body
Gorgeous Green Eyes
A Loving Wife & 2 Cute Sons
Long Sexy Black/Blonde Hair
A Beautiful Singing Voice
A Clothing Line (Adeline)
& Many Other Talents
Plus he's
A multi-talented person
(very) sexy
Highly amazing
A punk-rock legend
The 21st century icon
The hottest singer/guitarist/songwriter on earth
a God in general.

Billie Joe Armstrong is incredible. He's a good singer, amazing guitarist, good with kids and has a funny, awesome personality. He's really inspirational, and he and his band have saved lives. He can control a crowd, and get them pumped up. The if he performs at the Olympics because itll definitely be fun,

He is one of the coolest people around, gives inspirational messages, and he, Tre and Mike are fantastic, down to earth, and hands down, the nicest performers around.

He is the best in the world. He has got a beautiful voice and he is crazy. And he is the best whit the guitar... I love his jump in concerts.