CNBUE portrays a different music genre and it should be showcased to the world.

They are able to pull off both acoustic and rock very well.

Besides being able to perform live flawlessly, their band leader JUNG YONG HWA composes songs that are meaningful and the upbeat tune will definitely catch the audiences' ears.

With reference, their 2nd Japanese single album tiled track "WHERE YOU ARE" was able to cling first place of the Japanese ORICON chart, a highly recognized chart.
In addition, CNBLUE is very versatile. Their vocalist (JUNG YONG HWA's) vocal abilities is marvelous, and they are able to remix their soft rock and medium rock songs to acoustic, which was showcased on "MTV UNPLUGGED" in Japan and amazed the music industry in Japan, where rock bands are prominent and highly established.

Being a korean band in Japan, it is undoubted that they receive much fame and recognition.

The other members, LEE JUNG SHIN (BASS) / LEE ...more

CN to the BLUE! Come on everybody around the world. Check them out! Vote for them! They play real band music and they are such truly talented musicians! (well.. And they're hot)

CNBLUE is a young talented band. These four boys play excellent live music for people been participated their show will never forget the great moment. They will be the upcoming super star that deserve to perform in the open ceremony of London 2012 Olympics!

CNBlue A fantastic band from Korea, being more and more famous around all over Asia.. Once they perform their amazing music, will everyone be fond of these 4 handsome guys
They're always ready for cheering up the whole world
Just vote for them
They will never make you down and must give you much more than you thought by their powerful music
As the most popular and potential Asian band, they deserve the chance to perform at the Olympics Opening ceremony!

Cnblue is a really grateful and successful band. They work hard and have many fans. Their songs are powerful and exciting. Some songs are romantic.

It's time for innovation. Something new please! I'm from the Caribbean and I'm tired of all west bands and singers. Recommended videos in You tube Intuition, Love Girl and more. As a K-pop lover and CNBLUE FAN Let the world know this fabulous band!

They love music, we love music, I love they. They have a dream that music can fall in our life, yes, they can do. And their music is the best all over the world!

CNBLUE is Great! They are full of energy and passion!
These are the essential elements for every athlete!
CNBLUE can light up 2012 London Olympic Games!
And their English songs are very good!

Please choose this band! They are handsome! They are very hard to work
Please invite they to take part in it

CNBLUE is a wonderful band. All of their songs are of a special melody & unique style. Even though they do not dance, they create music and lyrics of their own. They are all very talented musicians. Perhaps given a chance to perform at the London OLYMPICS OPENING CEREMONY, they may dance and will certainly bring us more of their good music. Besides, all of their members constantly wear a warm smile on their faces. So I really wish to see them on the London OLYMPICS OPENING CEREMONIES.

It was a great team. Please support them to give them a chance, I believe as long as listening to their songs will be fascinated by them. CNBLUE
From the Chinese fan

They are I like first South Korea's band, their music is great! They work hard, very hard to complete their dreams, and realize the fans wish! Fighting Please! They are not only hard-working, but also brilliant, please vote for them.

CNBlue is one of the top bands in Asia now. They have a lot experience of live performance, since they played as "Indies" in Japan for many years before they were debut in Korea two years ago. Their music and talent inspire me and many others around the world, as we can see at each KPOP concert. That would be such an "unfortunate" for all the people to miss them in this important world event!

CNBLUE is a very wonderful band~very nice~is a very powerful composer singer Jeong Yong Hwa in every performance is very Excellent

Really like them. Their music have power and positive. They created they own song their own style. Also they work very hard. Many people said they can't do it. But they never give up, and show us how they success.

CNBlue is the best! Especially Yong Hwa, he has a great passion in Music and is very talented guitarist and singer. Their music is full of life's happiness and what emotions would sound like. Good Job CNBlue, keep it up. Even if you will not be given a chance to perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies, you're still the best band I've ever known in my entire life

Love their music... Hope I can enjoy their performance asap.. Please give them a chance

There performance is excellent. You can always enjoy their show. Also their English is good. Choose CNBLUE! ~

Cnblue is the best band in the world!
They are handsome!
Music are awesome!
Why don't you choose them?!

And kpop is all over the world~

Please choose this band! This band's music is very nice and very cool
Please~ Please!

CNBLUE is a very wonderful band~very nice~ All of their songs are beautiful and has a very special melody. They are special on their own and unique way. Every and each member of CNBLUE is talented, together they bring good music that never gets bored. So I really hope I can see them on London OLYMPICS OPENING CEREMONIES

CNBLUE is a very powerful band, singer Jeong Yong Hwa in every performance is very Excellent, is a very powerful captain. Member Kang Min Hyuk is an adorable and strength of the drummer, small eyes is characteristic of him. Lee Jong Hyun is responsible for the guitar parts, is a very powerful composer. Lee Jung Shin have a long hair, he is responsible for the beth. His long fingers, so playing the beth when very Handsome!

They're band rocks! They can perform any type of music. The vocalist/leader is very handsome and appealing. The drummer really good. The guitarist and sometimes the singer too, when he sings, its relaxing. The bass guitar is super good too.
They all touch my heart. They captivated me every time they perform.

I hope they visit the Philippines someday.
And I'll meet them.


Unique band, unique performance, unique vocals, unique attractions. The best band which has already influenced over Myanmar. Active in Japan and Korea. Know that your heart will be influenced all over the time when you listen to or watch CN BLUE's MTV. May I suggest you to watch "WE GOT MARRIED" Variety Show about "YongSeo Couple". You will feel closer to them. Join W. Cnblue. Co. Kr. It's their original website. You can find me at FACEBOOK for further gossips and news about CN Blue. My acc is... Ah Just leave a comment and vote for CN BLUE so I can trust you are our CN BLUE's forever fan.

They are my favorite rock band. Their live performances are amazing! Everybody is crazy for them. They work so hard and never give up. Their spirit inspires me and will definitely inspire many others. So will their music. It will be truly a pity to miss them.