Jane Zhang


Jane Zhang is awesome. She will attract your attention with her look and captivate your heart with her voice. Besides Chinese, she sings equally well in English. Also, she can sing in Spanish, French and Japanese. She is very hard working, clean and green. Won the "Best Female Singer In Mainland China" Award presented by the Chinese Music Billboard for the last 5 consecutive years and just recently the Stars Citizen Award in China for her CSR effort! She speaks and sings from her heart. A person with no guile. Her spirit and quality of persistent, consistent, determination, patience, going the extra mile, dare to pursue her dream all speak very well for her and in consistent with an Olympian Champion's spirit. Her presence in the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies will surely add tremendously to the Games with her wide following in China and soon the world.

Jane Zhang is the superstar of China. She not only sings superbly well -- in Chinese and English plus a few other languages -- she is beautiful, charming, captivating, friendly, thoughtful, helpful and can dance really well. She exemplifies the character of an Olympic champion in her life. Her presence and singing performance in 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies surely will bring fond memories of the Games to millions and even billions around the world.

Jane has an extraordinary voice which is worth to this event. Also, as a young talented singer, she has been a role model of the young generation.
What's more, Jane once sang for the Beijing olympic games in 2008 and she proved she can made the event better. We are forward to see her show in London olympics opening!

She is a wonderful singer, with wide-range vocal, and has good live performance.
She is chinese, but she can perform foreign language songs with her soul and power and criterion pronunciation, like "I Still Believe", "Contigo En La Distancia", "Crazy In Love", "listen", "To Be Loved".
she is pretty, and she know how to make the best song.
she just finished a live DVD record yesterday (09/04/2012) in Beijing, audience gave out feedback on bright side.

She use-to-be cooperated with Andrea Bocelli singing "Embrace in Love and Dream".
She had performed "Welcome to Beijing" in Beijing Olympics, though she did have much scenes on T.V. at that time.
she is the singer of theme song "Ala nonn" of Expo 2010 in Shanghai China.

P.S. the thing I want to do, is find her a microphone, let her sing to the world.

She is one the best singer in Asia. Power voice and attractive performance!

I get to know her by Oprah's show, ever after that, I searched all the videos, SHE IS AMAZING! ALl I want to say is that, her voice totally shock my world and I believe she can bring the reformation of the world for the whole world!

Jane is wonderful and amazing. She is the best female singer in China. She won many international music awards.

Her voice is so nice. I couldn't imagine how perfect she will perform if she had this chance to show to people all over the world.

The Voice of Jane is so attractive, and she can sing with different style. Also, Jane is one of the youngest and successful DIVA in China.

Jane's wonderful voice and unique understanding of music make her the best female singer of China. We have every reason to believe that her fantastic singing and amazing improv on the stage will definitely astonish every audience.

Her voice can touch my heart and in my eyes she is the most beautiful goddess. I love her very much and I bel1eve everyone can read her soul through her voice.

Jane is really a wonderful singer and I believe she could represent our Chinese singers. We will be excited if we see Jane in the London Olympic games. (Um~ It's a little hard for me to write such words. But I like Jane very very much)

Jane, her voice is very attractive, she is singing with her soul. Listen to her song and get to know her, you will fall in love with her. Jane, you are the best.

Chinese amazing singer, making the Chinese music more international, we hope to share such a beautiful voice with everybody.

This girl has an amazing voice along with a kind heart. I've been with her voice and love for nearly 7 years. I'll always stand till to listen to her once she begins to sing. And I would always love to share her voice to one other I met because it's AMAZING! She must be the singer known by the world in the future. And I'm so lucky that I've been enjoying her voice for years before that.

She is the best popular singer in China, six year, you kan see her progress.

Her voice touches me, that's the reason why I vote her ~ hope she can deliver the best show there! She is shining since the time when she was in competition - super girl in 2005

She is best known for her singing ability in English, Spanish, Cantonese and other languages besides Mandarin Chinese. She is regarded by some critics to be one of the top-level foreign language singers in China. Some critics further commented that she sings with her soul. Zhang participated in a World Peace One concert that was designed to increase awareness and activism for world peace, and to raise funds for humanitarian relief. Other participating artists included U2, Madonna, Pink Floyd and Green Day.

I'm Chinese. Jane Zhang is one of Chinese best singers, and her voice is so beautiful and amazing. I hope that Jane could stand on the graceful stage and let more people know her and know China. Please give her the chance.

She is brilliant and having an positive image. She is suitable for being the representative of the coming Olympics Opening Ceremonies.

Jane Zhang is the best Chinese singer I have ever seen, not only for the beautiful voice but also for her charming she showed in her previous concerts. Though she may be too young to own the Olympic stage, I have never wondered that she will convince of everyone in her further career.

Jane Zhang was born to sing for big event! Really amazing voice from China. Actually, I think she should be the one who sing for 2008 Olympic, however, something happened and finally it didn't come true.
In addition, Jane Zhang, the best female young singer in China, also keeps nice and bright image to the public in these years. And she is also a big sports fan! She has sang for many sports event, and also wrote for sports magazines.
So I think she is the best choice, no matter from which aspect!

She is the best female singer of my country and she loves music so much. As a fan of her, I know that she works really hard, so I hope she will give a wonderful show for the people of all this world on this stage.

Love HER! Jane is the best ever! Her beautiful voice is so remarkable. I believe she will bring the bet quality of music to London 2012 Olympic games. We are looking forward for her performance.

She is a young representative Chinese singer. She was nobody before the Super Girl competition but ever after, she became more and more attractive. I just love her and that's it.