Joe McElderry


Joe is an inspiration to young people in several different ways. He never gives up no matter what obstacles comes his way. He runs regularly and always tries to eat healthy. Most of all he has an amazing voice and can sing any style of music. I just think that he would make an amazing choice to sing for the 2012 Olympics.

A true show of young British talent. He's a role model to so many, I've never seen such a diverse fan base from young to old, male or female and all round the world. Can you imagine him singing Nessun Dorma to the world during the opening ceremony? I would never have been so proud to call myself British

Joe is the definition of talent. He's perfect in almost every way. His voice sends shivers down the toughest mans spine, he makes people of all ages smile with his ability to entertain a crowd. This would make his life.

Joe McElderry has the capacity to sing with his note perfect mindblowingly beautiful voice that would enhance such a world dominated sporting event such as the Olympic Games his talent far outreaches any singer this country or even the world has ever known

I think Joe would be the perfect choice to represent our country as hosts of the 2012 Olympics. He has won the XFactor and Popstar To Operastar and supports the Teenage Cancer Trust. This makes him a great young role model and a huge inspiration to all. And of course, he has an incredible vocal talent the ability to entertain all ages. He is an excellent role model and his bravery in coming out as gay has helped so many people, especially people of his age. The guy is just awesome! Let's have Joe!

Joe is a major inspiration to everyone, old and young alike. He never gives up on his ambitions and faces all obstacles with a positive attitude and a smile. Joe also gives back to people by being involved with charities such as the Teenage Cancer Fund. Not only does he have an amazing voice but has proven that he can sing any style of music, pop and opera so he will definitely appeal to all age groups. Joe is a compassionate young man, very caring and has the voice of an angel which he has proven over and over again. I just think that he would make an amazing choice to sing for the 2012 Olympics.

Joe would be the perfect choice to sing in next year's Olympics. Anyone who's heard him sing Nessun Dorma, for example, couldn't fail to be impressed. Powerful & beautiful vocals. I think he would do the UK proud.

Joe is an amazing person! He is also an amazing performer and as he hasn't had that much time for people to see how good he actually is, I think this venue where thousands of people are watching him would be the perfect place! Joe is an inspiration and he is just an all round amazing person. Please please please everyone vote for Joe!

Beautiful person. An inspiration for the achievements he's made happen. And of course... He's got an amazing voice! Love him to bits. He brings me to tears every time I hear him sing. He will move others to tears too on such a massive stage

Joe McElderry is such an incredible person with an amazing talent & beautiful voice. He truly deserves success & is so lovely and down to earth. All of us fans are always here for him & his career is becoming more and more successful with a new record label, new album & a tour coming up too. This would be a great opportunity for Joe.

Joe McElderry has a clear voice, he has pure raw talent. He has worked very hard to be where he is today, and his hard work is paying off, as he is doing really well in the chart. He is a vocalist and he is a very friendly young singer. He really loves what he does and communicates his love for singing very well. He loves performing in front of a public, and expresses the emotion of a song very well. He is a born performer. He would be a great choice for the opening ceremony. He is a great example of someone who can be talented but who is very down to earth and friendly.

Joe McElderry is a very talented vocalist. We need a real clear strong voice to open the most watched show in the whole world! The opening ceremony is all about showing the most wonderful voice in the host country and Joe's is certainly that. Other in fashion bands and performers are just about looks and popularity, but Joe has it all: he has a magical voice, looks absolutely gorgeous, sings like heaven, controls his voice with perfection and represents the future of Great Britain in the perfect way by being generous, positive and hard working!

Joe has an incredible voice! He always delivers fantastic performances! He is a wonderful young man who just simply touches your heart! He'll make the world smile!

He really is amazing, he is so caring for his fans and likes to make sure that his fans are all okay. I've met some of my closest friends just through being a fan of him.

Joe has such a beautiful, strong voice. He does run almost daily & took part in the Guns N' Roses- He will make a perfect role model

There is only one person to do this and that is joe mcelderry, he has the most amazing voice I have ever heard, note perfect every time. He can sing any song that is put in front of him, he is such an inspiration to everyone, he live a healthy life style and helps to raise money for charity including children's cancer trust for which he is an ambassador. He runs regularly to keep fit and has took part in the great north road. He takes on any obstacle thrown at him and always comes out a much stronger person. I think joe should be choosing to sing

Joe McElderry has a stunning voice. With the little classical singing training he has had this year by participating in the show popstar to opera star, he has strengthened what was already a powerful voice. He would make the opening ceremony a night to remember with his lovely personality and his amazing voice! He has a great sense of humour, works really hard to always perform better and better, is a lovely person and is a great example to the young generation of Britain and the world.

Simply because he is British, he is sporty, he is talented, he is kind and generous and is a great example to us all, young and less young generations. He has an amazing voice and has been recognized by huge classical/opera singers as an artist with huge potential and a raw talent. He has it all and would represent the UK the world extremely well! He sings like a dream, he smiles like a dream but he is true to himself.

Joe is an amazing and really talent young man with a beautiful and great natural voice. He has gorgeous and charming personality. He is a good sample of new generation of people who think positively through people around him and has never given up in his ambitions. He is an inspiration to all ages of people around the world who love beautiful music. I am a fan overseas who can tell you that UK must be enormously proud of this young man.

Pure natural talent that needs to be allowed to shine and be recognized. He has fans around the World and his voice and singing style appeals to the wider audience. He deserves lots of success.

Joe is a young guy with a wonderful natural voice. He keeps fit by running regularly which that makes him a good role model to other young people,

Joe epitomizes the true meaning of the Olympic games. Striving to succeed even when obstacles are put in your way as true talent always shines through. Wanting to excel in your chosen discipline not for personal glory but for the love of performing. Joe would be a true ambassador for this country representing the very best of the youth of today. A warm, generous heart that touches hearts all round the world. He truly is an inspiration. Not to mention one of the best male vocalists this country has ever produced.

Joe McElderry is the most amazing up and coming young vocalist this country has ever produced. He has a fantastic voice, covering all genres including classical arias. He is the ambassador to the Teenage Cancer Trust for whom he regularly runs and performs. He has just completed a sell out tour, he latest album has gone gold on the second day of its release and with two other albums going double gold he would be the most superb representative of the young of this country and show the world what we can produce.

Joe is such and amazing singer, and he's such a nice guy, he's won 2 T.V. shows and it would be great if he was part of the 2012 London Olympics.

Joe is the greatest ambassador for youth, sincerity, triumph over adversity and courage that embodies the spirit of the Olympics. He brings a natural character to all that he does, he represents the new generation, the tolerant generation, the smiling generation, the can do generation. He exudes the confidence necessary to show the world what London is all about in the 21st century. Their is no better voice, to explode the opening ceremony. To show the world that superstars can be genuine, can have values, can have courage and can show determination. This is London's Moment this is GB moment, keep it real keep it for the common man select Joe.