Kagamine Len

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Kagamine Len is a Japanese male Vocaloid2 developed by Crypton Future Media and voiced by Shimoda Asami. He was originally released along with Kagamine Rin on December 27, 2007 as Kagamine Rin/Len (CV02), but had the updates of Kagamine Rin/Len (CV02) Act 2 (on July 18, 2008), Kagamine Rin/Len Append ...read more.


Len deserves to sing so much! He gets bypassed a lot because people only know of Miku. If Len sang at the Olympics then he could get a lot of fame and his fan-girls would be forever pleased. Len's voice is adorable and loved dearly. O u o Oh Len.

Love Rin and Len Kagamine. Len's voice is absolutely beautiful. I wish there was a way that I could vote for the both of them together. I'm basically obsessed with their music. I believe everyone should hear them at least once in their life. There's not really any way I can put into words how their music moves me. It's inspiring, to say the least.

Hopefully everybody votes this. All the vocaloids deserve a time to shine. Miku is at the top but I hoped that all the Vocaloids would have taken the top. - BinMusiQ

Len Kagamine is so cute and he's a good singer! Even though he's virtual and not real, he's still pretty good! The more fans Len has, the more vocaloid will become known around the world! More people need to learn about the Kagamine Twins! It's very likely you will find Miku Hatsune or Rin Kagamine in related videos or their covers of Len Kagamine songs!

Len is one of the best Vocaloids. He deserves this. Len was the first vocaloid I heard, and after that I have loved Vocaloids. If only the world could see they are just like other singers. Some one had to put time and effort into writing those songs. That's why I think Len should be the one to sing at the Olympics.

Len has an amazing voice, he is cute (laugh out loud) I really hope he can sing at the Olympic Games. He is one of the best Vocaloid I have ever heard! It would really awesome if they could do one of those Holograms things they did in the concerts in Japan.

In some Vocaloid Concerts, Len only sung a few songs on some concerts. I hope he could have the chance to sing as many song he wants, even if he's an android, he really deserves this love! I love Kagamine Len and I wish he could reach the top!

Kagamine Len, need I say more? He is utterly adorable, has a fantastic voice and is super sweet. Unlike most male singers Len sings songs that are about more than just going to the club, they have real meaning even if he's not a real person.

His songs have such great meaning and always make me cry! His songs seem to tell a story instead of just feelings. More people need to learn who the Vocaloids are, and this would be a great way to do it!

I would most definitely watch the Olympics if Len performed... Although, I do think that they should do Rin and Len together. Or even all of the Vocaloid 2 characters! Anyway, good luck Len!

I love Len Kagamine too much! I really want him to song with his sister Rin Kagamine too! And with the other vocaloids but I guess that can't be. I know Hatsune Miku is the top vocalist from THE VOCALOID but I want a group song. Just one or two group song is enough! I just want Len Kagamine to sing in the opening ceremonies also (alongside his sister, Rin Kagamine). So, please vote for Len kagamine! Len Kagamine is really cute, charming as a shota, and nice in my opinion. So, please vote for Len Kagamine - kun~!

I personally think that Len is the most amazing vocaloid and to have him with rin would be amazing so they can sing their incredible duets also they would be presented as holograms and that would show the world how far technology has come!

He is awesome and will bring a new type of music to London. As soon as any of the Vocaloids perform, they will spread like wild fire! Although he is at his best when his sister Rin is singing by his side.

They should definitely make him sing along side Rin Kagamine they are a power couple. Their songs sound best together. Plus he and his twin are really cute and it would be an amazing thing to watch two non humans sing at the concert

Why is there a reason not to let Len perform? He is very funny and him and his sister Rin make a great duo. In fact just let all four vocaloids perform. You can relate to there music, its up beat and very enjoyable to listen to!

The games would be nothing without Len! He is amazing and really deserves to be standing (? ) on London soil with his sister Rin. He is kinda hot, if I may say so myself, and has a computerish voice that will give you chills. He and his sister truly deserve this. Go Kagamine Len!

His voice is the most amazing thing I have ever heard in the vocaloids. You should definitely pick him. It would be the best choice you've ever made. Go ahead and pick any vocaloid for that matter.

I came here to vote for Miku but when I saw that voting for Len was an option how could I refuse? I know it's extremely unlikely he would perform but I can dream

Kya! Len-sama is so awesome he is my top favorite singer and I'm from America. I get chills just from watching him in YouTube. He is so cute his music is all very touching more than once his songs have made me cry.

Best male vocaloid! If not miku, then bring len!

I think Len deserves to be at the Olympics because he is nice, has a great voice, and he is cute! He should perform with all the Vocaloids! We love Len! This is for all those Len fans out there!

Len has an amazing voice. I've always wanted to be able to go to a concert with him singing. Honestly I don't think Len gets many aportunites to sing just by himself and is always with Rin. For once Id really like to hear just Len's wonderful voice singing, so PLEASE vote Len. I would really like to see him preform at the 2012 Olympic.

I would definitely vote for Kagamine. If Miku or Rin and Len performed at London, I would be proving my parents and friends wrong about Vocaloid! (My mum thinks it's stupid).

Len is one of the best vocaloids and it would be fun and cool to see him in the Olympics. Many fans love len and rin so I bet they would be ecstatic to see him there.

Er.. (ahem) Len is Rin brother and yet sometimes gets tortured by her. I've always see it that everyone else keeps forgetting Len. I'M HIS FAN GIRL SO THAT WONT HAPPEN!