Lady Gaga

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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, known professionally as Lady Gaga, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She is the first female artist to ever since Cher to get nominated by the Grammys and Emmys . In 2013, during her era on Artpop, she was chosen to perform in a concert from iTunes . more.


Simply the best, better than no one else! She really is the best performer out there right now. It's a fact. No one can deny. She's flawless & flaw free.

It's the best! Paws Ups for mother monster! She's songs are incredible!

She will absolutely bring the most impressive performance ever! And her spirit of telling people to be born this way really send an optimistic message! Facing 2012, we really need her to light the world up!

She is best! I love her so much! Gaga go! Really she is the Queen! She is the best for me and other Little monsters! I'm Gonna Marry the night, I wish I could be strong without the Sheisse, Yeah!

Lady Gaga is one of, if not THE hardest-working artist in the music industry. She is one of few that NEVER lip-sync, writes all of her own material and she is HUGELY talented. Not only her obvious talent, but the connection she has with us, (her Little Monsters), is phenomenal and like no other. A lot of people are only fans of some of the boy bands or other male artists because of their looks and they've made a catchy song that someone else has written. With Lady Gaga, fans love her because we know she is fighting for us every day, and the love we give to her we get given back. She makes us feel liberated at her concerts, like we can do anything. Be anything. We are all equal, she believes in us because she knows what it feels like to be bullied, to be teased, to have not one person believe in you.

Look at everything she has achieved. She has achieved more in 3 years that a lot of artists have in their whole career. She's the most downloaded artist in history, has 5 grammys, ...more

Lady Gaga is a brilliant girl. She has really good voice and she is beauty. She can sing and dance and perform shows. Lady Gaga is a pop-star and I love her very much.

Why the hell is she 24th? I mean oh my god! She should be top without a doubt! Gaga is clearly the only one with enough talent to have an impact on the opening of the games! Not to mention she will get to be in the UK, maybe checkout some venues she could use on the Born This Way Ball tour for all her UK little monsters!

She deserves it because she makes many people believe in themselves, open their own beauty and inside hided world. And because she is the most perfect and beautiful, non commercial(! ) person in the whole world.

Put ya paws up for mummy

SHE HAS TO WIN! She's one of the biggest artist's in the world right now! She's world famous so every one knows her! VOTE PLEASE!

In my opinion Lady Gaga is ideal candidate to open this ceremony. She'll ignite the public, she has no equal. Without no doubts Lady Gaga is incredible, isn't it?

Most inspirational artist out there. She encourages her monsters and teaches them to love themselves and that they were born this way. She'd really put an edge on the Olympics. The best choice.

She's an amazing singer and she will show everybody how to be brave. I NEED HER AT THE OLYMPICS. Baby she was born this way.

Pretty cool, bro! Understand me? She's really cool, and nobody must not say nothing bad about her. Yeah, I'm writing like a scholar, but it's enough

Not only that she is an amazing artiste, she taught little monsters to be brave and she promote to 'Stop Bullying'. She taught little monsters not to look down and be proud of themselves because they are BORN THIS WAY. She is definitely one of the biggest stars ever in the past decades.

She is unreal, amazing, beautiful!
Mother Monster is the best of the best!
We love and adore her!

Lady GaGa is the best pop-singer and singer at all nowadays. Wonderful voice, shocking costumes and the greatest perfomances. Just vote for her!

I don't think that everybody else worthy of this except Lady Gaga x
She is Queen of Pop. She is awesome girl, can't wait your victoria, Gaga I love you

She's the best. She has an amazing voice. She doesn't lipsync. She works really hard to always push the limits. She's just an amazing artist.

She's an amazing singer and entertainer and she's going to slay everyone with her performance.

She inspire us all to be better persons. She deserves to sing, because she's brave and send a fabulous message to her fans with Born This Way!
Paws up

Everybody knows that the BEST PERFORMANCE only are doing by LADY GAGA. Please vote she and this Olympic games will be epic.!

Sheer Brilliance! Love Her. Just... Brilliant. Most influential woman in the world, why would she not be able to perform?!

She the best, Pop Star. No, actually she's more than a pop star; she's an artist. Little Monsters and Gaga, forever. She's an activist, Equal rights speaker, cares about equality, doesn't promote hate. Love, changing the world one sequin at a time.

The most amazing singer on the planet... Little monsters love you lady gaga. You will always rock our hearts.

She's an amazing singer and a really caring people. Gaga is a women fantastic and generous. Ingenious, beautiful, simpatic, she's got a lot of qualities and she makes an exceptional show on scene. Her fans, the Little Monsters are everything for her and she's everything for them. Why? Because she's just wonderful.