Mayday is one of the most amazing bands among Asia.
They stand a very influential role in Asian music.
Mayday takes Beatles as their idol since they were very young, and now they proudly known as the "Asia Beatles".

Olympic is a very significant and important event among the world, since it will be held at European country this year, I hope Mayday can perform here in the UK to tighten the link around the world. Other than sports, it is undeniable that music is also a great tool to unite the world.

Let's Mayday rock in London. Rocks 2012 Olympic!

Mayday is a fantastic band in Taiwan.
The bend leads the Chinese music world and its very popular. They have already had hundreds of concerts in all over the world and they will hold TWO concerts in Beijing Olympic Stadium at the end of April with 100000 people for each concert. And all the tickets (200000) sold out within 1 day which is amazing!

I love Mayday and their song change my life.

Hope they can join the London Olympics Opening Ceremonies, Thank you!

Great song~ They create many wonderful artistic song. In addition, the main vocal Ashin have a captivating voice that awakens one's sensibilities. They takes in different genres of music and revamps them in their own style.

Let more people be moved by Mayday. Mayday is a special band! Whether you have been as a fan of Mayday for a long time or not, Mayday welcome you at any time even now. Join us, and listen to Mayday together.

Well mayday is amazing, who always creative wonderful songs. It represent rock and life, it can represent Chinese music, of course.

their music has some kind of magic to make you feel you r more powerful than ever. You can make your dream come true even though its gonna be very hard. They can feel what you feel and write those feelings in their lyrics. So amazing and unbelievable.

plus their vocal ashin looks so cute! He is so talented!

Mayday Forever
They are the best music band in Taiwan, and very famous in Asia. They just started their world concert trip, they are going to America, England, Canada and Australia, such many different countries for the concert, they are the best

Amazing music that once you experienced, you will never forget it. And as the most popular band in Asia. I believe their music can move the whole world

An amazing band��encourage 200,000people to joni their concert in only two days and enjoy exciting nights

Mayday is the sign for the youth, the songs encourage us to pursue our dream, I think they could convey the spirit of the Olympics Game, please let they perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies!

I love MAYDAY! They are amazing Rock Band!
Their songs are full of meaning..
The whole should know them...
They are TOP of the WORLD!

MayDay is the best band in Asia!
Their lyrics is so amazing that I do not have any reason for don't vote them!
(I'm just a high school student in Taiwan. My English is poor

Mayday is a rock band from Taiwan. Their music is always so inspiring and the interactions between the members are the best! Mayday is made up of 5 passionate boys, no more, no less. Please vote to let them come to London and perform! Let more people be inspired by them and their music! Mayday the best!

Mayday is a great team. They stand for our dream. Their songs stand for the power what can make us stronger! To me, I really don't like star before. But they make me change! I am so proud of them~!

They make the music world more amazing! I will always love them!

I love Mayday because their music is amazing. When you are happy or sad, their music will accompany you. The same with the John Lennon, they believe that music can change the world. I hope the whole world could listen to their music and know who they are.

A reputable and eminent rock band from Taiwan.
Mayday's music, including lyrics, compose and arrange involves high quality undoubtedly, especially the meaning of the lyrics always make people burst into tears.
On the other hand, Mayday is named 'King of Concerts' and 'Asia Beetles', Mayday's live performance provides exceptional experience to fans in each concerts, the atmosphere in Mayday concert involves hyper, touching, romantic, humorous etc. Everyone who has been to Mayday Concert must then 'addicted' to their concerts and musics. The western media also describe Mayday as'Asia Beetles', this proved their position.

I think Mayday deserve to be known as a Chinese wonderful rock band! There are five people who consist of the band and each of them is the one who should be cherished. They teach teenagers to realize their dreams. They encourage people never give up and Mayday is the example!

Mayday is our pride, pride of Taiwan.
They're always inspiring people with their unbeatable songs and the number of their fans is simply non-stop increasing.
The band is so far 13 years old and I've been deeply in love with them for almost 10 years.
For only one thing I feel proud to be a Taiwanese, and that's undoubtedly Mayday.

The best band in Taiwan.
They create numerous miracles, and surely everyone in the world should know them and love them!
If you want to know why they are so popular, please take part in on of their music concert, and you will find it out!

They are a Chinese band, and the best to me. They have real talent, they can compose their own songs, write their own lyrics, and they can play instruments, so they don't really use auto-tuning. Their songs have meaningful lyrics, and their songs are sang with feelings. They are considered the best band in Asia.

They are really very good, please let them have a chance to perform in the olympics, I can promise you that it'll be awesome. I Mayday. - LurveMayday

They can let people know what is love and friendship. And also can give you a strong feeling that no matter what you will face in your way of life, the only thing you can do is keeping on. Only you can decide your own DNA!

Mayday is my favorite band!
It is the most popular band in the Chinese Music World.
Mayday is composed of five people:Monster, Ashin, Masa, Stone, Ming.
I love Mayday%~

They are an amazing and perfect band, and I am proud of them because they are from Taiwan!
They proudly known as the "Asia Beatles" now.
On 4/29.4/30, there were two concert in The National Stadium in Beijing.
More than 200,000 people join the concerts! (The tickets sold out in 3 minutes first day. The others sold out in a day! )
Mayday make us have more courage and love our life more.
Their music always cheers all of their fans, because it is very touching, it touch our hearts.
They are not just popular in Asia... Mayday is GOD!
I hope everyone can understand Mayday, it's not only a rock band, to their fans, we are a family!

It's a pretty good band in Taiwan.
My first time heard their songs when I was 15. I was stressful then, I had an very important exam. (it's an exam that has a serious affect to your picking of high school. ) one of their song gives me a lot of power to keep on.
They are one of the most famous band in Asia. Their music is so powerful!