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Megurine Luka is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media, headquartered in Sapporo, Japan.


Luka-san! You have to go up to the stage with Miku-chan and friends! Show us (Vocaloid Lovers) your best singing performance and make the world screams your name out loud! Daisuki dayo, Megurine Luka-san! Keep fighting!

I NEED Luka to perform! She HAS TO PERFORM! Miku-san with the LEEK, and Luka should come with TUNA! She has to perform! NO MATTER WHAT PEOPLE OR Justin Bieber SAYS! LUKA! LUKA! LUKA! Vocaloid and Luka need more love! Miku and Luka are matched... NO MATTER WHAT~ Actually, the whole cast of Vocaloid should come...

I think Luka has a really beautiful voice, she sounds really mature. I would really like to see her perform but she's all the way back on #77?! WHAT?! I know Miku is the most famous, maybe because she's created first, but Luka isn't that bad either. She needs more attention, VOTE FOR LUKA!

Please vote for her, and if you DO vote for Miku because she's created first, then I guess I'll have to say it all out: Luka was meant to be the first Japanese Vocaloid2 but the voice provider was busy and didn't have time, as a result, Miku and the Kagamine twins were created first and Luka came after them.
But if you don't believe me, just check out the Vocaloid Wiki and go to Luka's voice provider's page.

That's all I have to say for Luka.

Luka Chan Daisuki! Her voice is simply amazing. It would be a grand treat for all to watch should she be able to perform there. She would definitely touch the hearts of many as she performs her popular singles.

Oh my goodness. I would pay an indefinite amount of money to hear any of these vocaloids voices. So beautiful I could cry.

We want Luka to sing! She's the best, and if we pair her with Miku (or maybe with Rin and Len) she would be unstoppable

Luka beats Miku by using more comprehensible English skills

I have always liked song of megurine luka, very mature and soft, I never miss the latest songs when release, I hope megurine luka be able to sing in Olympic 2012.

LUKA-SAMA sings various kinds of songs.
Even a forcible lock is sung from a quiet beautiful ballade.
There is tenderness which is wrapped in in her voice.
It already seems to sing visionary music only to a goddess!
I think that the person in the world should hear her singing voice.
She can sing it also in English.
What trouble does singing at the London Olympic Games have?

Please help luka win. I really want her to sing Double Lariat at the Olympics. Me as a girl loves her voice and she is beautiful, they knocked Miku down lets bring the 2nd best thing!

Luka-chan has to be one of the best singers in the world next to Miku Hatsune, although if both of them were to perform together that would be the most amazing thing in the whole world!

Honestly, really guys? I love you luka! Why does everyone forget luka!?!?! When me and my friend play vocaloids, I am always luka and she is rin! It makes me cry to see her so low on the list. I love miku, I really do, but notice how miku is always trying to push luka to the bottom! So vote! Got it? Oh yeah, I'm sure all fellow luka lovers will agree when I say this, but I love Double Lariat, just be friends, luka luka night fever and etc. GO LUKA-SAN!

Luka is my 2nd favorite vocaloid beside Miku! I would want that Luka will sing with Miku because their voices are just perfect for each other! VOTE LUKA!

Luka-chan dai ski! Her voice touches my heart. Luka is one of the best besides Miku

She has the best English voice bank so far of all the Vocaloids and she is no doubt an amazing singer. Have her, or Miku sing!

The Moment I First Saw Luka.. I become her fan and wanted to know more about her she loves tuna as well I like it and she is designed in pink which is my favorite and when I listen to her songs especially English I know.. She is really amazing with her songs and her self I want to meet her in real life if I do I wish to be friends with her, and now hearing out this I wish her to be in the 2012 Olympics. Not only miku needs to shine but I believe every vocaloid needs to have the right to shine.. Go for it luka! I support you

Megurine Luka is Vocaloid2 03!
She is very beautiful and She has good and big hit song!
And she will become good and popular and famous singer in the future!

Vocaloids singing in the opening ceremonies is an excellent idea - it would certainly be something fresh and new. Luka's (more realistic-sounding voice) along Miku's would be just great.

She's the best! In Japanese Vocaloids. I think(really, I only think) she's better than other Vocaloids; Hatsune Miku or Kagamine Rin & Len or MEIKO and KAITO.

Luka is the best
Is beautiful... Vote for who wins it
Although all are very good singing as
Kaito, Kagamine Rin and Len Hatsune Miku

Megurine Luka should preform.
She is different from other singers because she is a vocaloid program like the famous hatsune miku.
But she is better than Miku.
Luka has a mature voice that is not difficult to hear like miku who has an impossible range.
Luka has an English voice bank so people from all around the world can understand her ( even though there are glitches )
Miku doesn't have an English voice bank so only people who know Japanese can understand her.
Megurine Luka is a quality singer that should perform at the olympics ( if not let her appear with miku )

Luka deserves to preform at the 2012 olympics! Miku is the one who always gets the most love, Luka has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard in my whole entire life. Len sould really sing with her as well, both their voices combined can create a miracle! I you Luka and I REALLY hope you will end up singing at the olymics! (P.S. if you do sing with Len please sing Pygmalion) All my love - Tina

Luka and miku should both sing for the London 2012 Olympic games both are awesome and both of them are great singers and they don't be mean so yeah both should definitely be in the London 2012 olympic games

If Luka preformed at the Olympics with Hatsune Miku, I think that they could touch a whole new type of emotion that has never been presented there. Their duets, such as "Magnet" and "World's End Dancehall" are beautiful both in the music and the lyrics, being able to express feelings and being able to have beautiful vocals that you would swear are human. Today, I vote for both.

I think it would be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING to have another virtual singer preform with Hatsune Miku. It shows how diverse the Vocaloid software can be, it shows that there is far more than one virtual singer, and there is SO SO many good songs with Luka and Miku that will blow the whole world away.

(Now only if we can get Gumi and some other Vocaloids in there as well... )