Miley Cyrus

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Miley Ray Cyrus is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Miley Cyrus's voice is contralto. She became a teen idol starring as the character Miley Stewart in the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana in 2006. Her father Billy Ray Cyrus also starred in the show.


She's the best! Inspiring girl/lady. She touches everyone's life and heart. She's a true person.

I'm a huge fan of Miley Cyrus, my angel, my inspiration. No matter how much she makes mistakes, everyone makes mistakes, NOBODY'S PERFECT.
She's amazing, just the way she is. I think she's the best singer in the world, her songs are perfect, and no matter what the haters think or speak, she always will be awesome to me, she's pretty, wonderful, just not perfect because nobody in the world is... My heart beats for love for her, because she is beautiful, her lyrics are great and her voice... Wow, I think is the most beautiful in the world. She'll always have a space in my heart, no matter if she'll make a hundred, or thousand of mistakes, I'll love her anyway.
Imperfections equal Beauty, All of us are Imperfect - Miley Cyrus

My Heart Beats For Miley

Miley is the best singer in the world!
It's "OK" for the the 2012 Olympics! Go Miley, wherever you go!
Her voice is powerful and strong! His voice is right for the occasion!
His voice is right to give the charge to all participants!
She has grit!

! If Miley Cyrus Will Perform In The Olympics Then It Will Be The Most Amazing Olympic Ceremony Ever Happened!
She's My Idol, My Inspiration, My Everything! LOve Her A Lot! She Always Keeps On Rocking Every Show Where She Goes! She's UNIQUE & Her Performances Are Super-Duper Amazing! Shes The Best Singer Ever! WE Love You Miley! India Loves You MileS! The Whole World Loves you Miley! HOpe You Win! All The Best!

She is so pretty and Best singer.. Beauty of nature and voice... We love Miley.. Miley in our hearts forever

Everyone has to vote for Miley!

She made mistakes, but who didn't? Everyone just makes Her mistakes bigger and bigger and this is miserable... Interesting when Selena smoked then nobody said anything. I'm not hate Selena but She wears almost same dress as Miley and She's not a bad girl. So what's the problem with you people?

Miley has an amazing and strong Voice. She is one of te most talented person in the whole World! Miley wanna show how much She love everything but you idiots can't let Her show! So leave Miley alone or love Her because Miley is a very-very honest person! I love You Miley!

Miley is the best, she is good singer, she always look well, I love Miley very very much, I am SMAILER... She is my angel... MILEY PLEASE COME IN GEORGIA.. WE LOVE YOU

Miley Cyrus, I LOVE YOU! I love her just she is the only Miley Cyrus.! No matter what she did or what people think of her, I just know she is a kind-hearted, great and beautiful girl. And she is never afraid to be herself. She is such a brave girl! So I love her forever! Maybe some people hate her, but that's just because those people are terrified to show who they real are! How could we stop loving Miley just because of such a group of people?!
We love Miley Cyrus and we want her to perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies!

Miley is an amazing live performer, her voice is so strong and powerful. She has performed in London before so she'll be familiar with her surroundings. 2012 is Miley's year and she will own the stage! I love you always Miles!

Miley have a good voice! And she can open the Olympic games! I love her, she is beautiful and feminine! )))she can take the high notes! Miley can sing LIVE, not as some...

In my opinion worthy of Miley Cyrus to perform at the Olympic Games 2012.
She is very talented singer and actress, she chic. So I voted for her. I love you Miley Cyrus)

Certainly, miley should perform at the Olympic games just because she's got a beautiful voice! So vote for her! It will be a good opportunity for her to prove once again that she's a amazing singer

Miley is not only the best singer in the world but she also writes the most amazing songs ever She is my biggest inspiration & role model - I love her so much! I will definitely watch the opening ceremony if Miley performs

I think she's an amazing performer! She really deserves it. I love her. Besides she doesn't try to be what other want, just herself.

If she win, will be a amazing perform in the Olympics. She has a beautiful voice and she has the power to inspire the whole world. She deserves win this.

I think she should open the ceremony of the London Olympic Games because she inspires others not to leave their dreams behind and that with faith and dedication anything can be. She is a girl who faces many things and I think it may very well represent all competing there, because where she is currently competing and much, so I think she should sing at the ceremony. I love you Cyrus, you inspiring me every day!

Simply because she is my idol, I love her very much, I love his songs, his movie The Last Song, just "The climb" is my favorite song that is so inspiring.. Helps me a lot, thanks for everything Miley, Spain awaits you! Your angels are eager for the coveted 2012, your movies, your new album going to be incredible. And nothing more, I hope that everything in your life is really wonderful because you deserve it. A big kiss

Miley deserve to sing in this ceremony. She is so talented. Amazing Singer.

Come on everyone VOTE for Miley Cyrus NOW.

Miley is the best role model in the world! She is cute friendly she loves her fans she give money to the poor people... We love him!

Miley have great voice vote for her please
She very nice person
I will always love her
Good Luck Miley!

Miley Cyrus is very talented.. I'm her biggest fans, and I'd like her to perform at this event and I think all the Smilers will be happy if she performs, because her voice is AMAZING and it is pure She is the best and she has a big heart, because she always does charity work and helps million of people... She speaks from her heart and she has a heart that nobody else have... She looks Amazing while she performs. I love her for what she is. So please VOTE FOR HER LOVE YOU Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is perfect in every single way and this would be an amazing opportunity. She wouldn't let any of us down she would do us proud! Her voice is flawless and shes just amazing. Such a loved role model and inspiration to so so many young people. She really connects with the audience and her fans. She would create an amazing atmosphere and energy in her performance. It would be the perfect way to start the games. I love Miley! X

I think she's one of the best voices in this world, also her voice is unique! And all the smilers and I want her on that "stage". Miley would be so HAPPY, and beyond AMAZING! She simply is talented, and she deserves a opportunity like this THANKS FOR LET ME SHARE MY THOUGHTS! (i'm from Mexico and sorry my English is not very well, hope you understand me) P. S: that stage will rock, if Miley is there!

Nobody takes her seriously because she was Hannah Montana, but she actually writes greats songs and sings live AMAZING. People should give her a chance.

I love Miley Cyrus, she is the best. If she will, I am so happy and so excited! Smiley, I believe in you. Your songs inspire me every day to do good things and helping people. I feel alive when I listen to your music!
Fans unite, act, vote for your favorite artist. Miley has to perform at the Olympic Games in 2012 because the songs are filled with meaning and encouraged to work wonders!