YG Family


Bigbang has been an evolutionary kpop band that has transformed the Korean music industry. Ranging from not only BIGBANG, there are other EXTREMELY popular bands such as 2ne1, and even solo artists such as: Tablo, Gummy, Psy, Taeyang (member of BIGBANG) and many more! The YG family will offer a performance beyond anyone's comprehension. Trust me, London Olympics, in addition with YG Family; it will offer a day that not one person will forget! I can guarantee you that!

Like they may be Korean but if you listen to any of their songs you'll agree that they're not bad, better than most American artists. And also they're really good looking in BIGBANG I love them all I can't choose a favourite but TOP is probably the hottest. And in 2ne1 again, I love them all but park bom is really pretty. They are AWESOME. They should perform at the Olympics. You could check out their songs, they're addicting, even when you don't know what they're saying. Fighting!

YG family have a wide range of different types of music, and also have amazing live performances! Bigbang from YG Entertainment has won Europe MTV best worldwide act in 2011. 2NE1their girl group has won MTV Iggy's best new band of 2011! They are all talented, and entertaining to watch. Just check out bigbangs new mv called Blue, they are famous all around the world! 10 million + views in days!

YG family have the most talented groups of korea such as bigbang and 2ne1.
Their style is sexy, wild, of high quality and it's universal. Recently they've won great international awards which prove their uniqueness and hardwork. That's why they deserve to perform international events.
YG family rocks

YG Family performs their all-out best. Give them a shot in the 2012 London Olympics and let the whole word witness the magnificence and talent YG Family have. Flaunt and strut the ever talented and world-class glory of Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, Tablo, Gummy, and Psy. You won't regret why you voted for them.

The YG Family has a superior amount of talent from its groups and they produce the most interesting albums ever. They are just uniquely different, not just kpop but also a combination of jazz, rap, etc. I appreciate YG for this and that is why they should perform at the London Olympics.

This would be worth watching! There is so much talent over seas that no one knows about. The YG family deserves to perform, 2NE1, and BIGBANG are my favorite, and they are pure heart soul.

THEY ARE THE BEST! They can dance and sing with such strong charisma, it would truly help to pump up everyone in the stadium, but also on T.V.. They have fans worldwide, so you will truly be able to bring together people from all over the world if you were to have them as an act.

The YG Family has surpassed my expectations for the quality and motivation of their performers. Their performers always surprise me whenever I see them live, so much energy and soul put into the music. Don't let them miss this opportunity to show the world this unknown power.

In my opinion, the reason that I choose yg family is because all of them are very talented, so I wish that I could see them perform in London. I think they will make an unexpected and nice performance at that day... At last but not least, all of them are really talented

YG Family consists of world-class performers that really pump everything they've got into their performances. They strive for perfection. If they got to perform at the Olympics, the world could see what a real performance is and I bet the whole stereotype on Korean music would be broken.

Bigbang nothing more nothing else, their kind of music is awesome, a real kind of entertainer from swag to style, they really rock on stage, Bigbang is a bunch of unique and talented person, so I think that will be great if they perform in Olympics. And I will sure their going to rock the stage..!

I've been a fan of the YG family for a long time and I absolutely love all of these bands they bring a quality to the music industry that I've never seen before I absolutely think they should be known worldwide because they definitely know they deserve it.

The members of YGfamily are amazing. There kpop music is the best. The voices are amazing and they dance really nice. It's a highlight for everyone to see them. A band like BigBang you can't find again. Or singers like SE7EN. So much talent you can only find by YG family

I love bigbang so much and I want the whole world to know about them and there songs are awesome. Kpop lovers should start listening to bigbang because there songs are never bad and I love all of them. Check them out NOW!

YG Family is obviously the best choice. I also think a non western artist should perform. Its sad that there are virtually no famous asian artist. IF any of the acts from YG Entertainment were to perform they would blow the crowd away!

YG family has the best singers! They have sustained good performances and productions and has great songs. YG artists are awesome performers! Currently, BIGBANG has been dominating charts in Korea and even around the globe.

YG is a GREAT company and honestly deserves this. They have worked awfully hard and I would really like for them to go international. They are very popular and will probably have an outstanding performance like always.

The one east Asian group that I truly believe has the potential to appeal to the entire world. The members of the YG family have perfect pure English accents with strong and powerful personalities. One of the kind.

The biggest and best representatives of the good k-pop!
Big Bang is the band that best represents the k-pop. G-Dragon, TOP, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri performing EXACTLY the same live performance. Have received several international awards for his artistic excellence, among them the best MTV EMAs Act Worldwide. More recently the group has remained at the top Korean music with his new album ALIVE. Please vote in the BB, we need to promote quality k-pop!

YG has never disappointed their audience when it comes to their performances. They bring more to the stage than just music. They entertain to the fullest. They have a wide variety of music to please the crowd.

YG Family is the best of the best from Korea. I really think they should make a performance for the Olympics Opening Ceremonies. They have excellent groups and are amazing. I think they have much potential.

BIGBANG and 2NE1 are by far the best of the best that S. Korea has to offer! And all of YG have a worldwide fanbase who would be glad to watch their favourite on T.V..

I love YG! Please vote! I think that YG's members are the best K-Pop group ever! Hopefully you'll vote for this group so everyone can hear their wonderful voices being heard!

Bigbang and 2ne1 are amazing artists and would give show that no one would ever forget. They have beautiful voices that should be shared with the world. Vote for YG.