Top 10 Sitcom Cliches

Cliches of any sitcom. These cliches are common and get old after a while.

The Top Ten Sitcom Cliches

1 A laugh track

I think it's fair to say a show is desperate to be a sitcom when these occur. It's like "hey, viewers! This is meant to be funny! Laugh at it! " - Livirus

2 Main characters that fall in love with someone and are too nervous to tell them

Every American sitcom ever. - PositronWildhawk

3 A theme song about overcoming obstacles or enjoying life
4 Innuendos to appeal to teenagers and adults
5 A dysfunctional family
6 Cheesy jokes or dialogue
7 Corny morals about life
8 Recycled jokes
9 Main characters that end up together
10 Main characters that are either high school students or adults
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