Greatest Slash Solo Career Songs

Slash at his best in 2010, 2012 and an upcoming 2014 album!

The Top Ten Greatest Slash Solo Career Songs

1 Anastasia

Anastasia is likely one of the most hyped up masterpieces Iv'e ever learned to play. The technique is large and requires more than just a good guitarist to not only write it but perform it perfectly.

The last few minutes can awaken the dead! Gotta be better placed than 7!

2 Ghost
3 Back From Cali
4 We're All Gonna Die
5 Beautiful Dangerous
6 Crucify the Dead
7 By the Sword
8 Gotten

I can't believe he doesn't play this song in shows - keyson

9 Promise
10 Watch This

The Contenders

11 No More Heroes
12 Sahara
13 Bad Rain
14 Beneath the Savage Sun
15 I Hold On
16 Paradise City

The best of slash.. my guitar god..

17 The Dissident
18 Starlight
19 Bent to Fly

Should be higher on this list.

20 Doctor Alibi
21 World on Fire
22 Shadow Life
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