Top 10 Slow Gary Moore Songs

Gary Moore was an Irish guitarist, singer and songwriter (1952-2011). R.I.P. Gary.

The Top Ten Slow Gary Moore Songs

1 Still Got the Blues
2 Nothing's the Same
3 Parisienne Walkways
4 Story of the Blues
5 Empty Rooms
6 The Prophet

The song sample if from a live version (at Montreux). - Metal_Treasure

7 One Day
8 Midnight Blues

The solo of this song is awesome - zxm

9 The Loner
10 Blues for Narada

The Contenders

11 Jumpin' at Shadows
12 I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
13 Trouble Ain't Far Behind
14 With Love (Remember)
15 Picture of the Moon
16 The Sky is Crying

A cover, originally by Elmore James (1959). - Metal_Treasure

17 Drowning in Tears
18 Still in Love with You

The solo is in point

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