Top 10 Slow Gary Moore Songs

Gary Moore was an Irish guitarist, singer and songwriter (1952-2011). R.I.P. Gary.

The Top Ten

1 Still Got the Blues Still Got the Blues Cover Art
2 Nothing's the Same Nothing's the Same Cover Art
3 Parisienne Walkways Parisienne Walkways Cover Art
4 Story of the Blues Story of the Blues Cover Art
5 Empty Rooms Empty Rooms Cover Art
6 The Prophet The Prophet Cover Art

The song sample if from a live version (at Montreux). - Metal_Treasure

7 One Day One Day Cover Art
8 Midnight Blues Midnight Blues Cover Art

The solo of this song is awesome - zxm

9 The Loner The Loner Cover Art
10 Blues for Narada Blues for Narada Cover Art

The Contenders

11 Jumpin' at Shadows Jumpin' at Shadows Cover Art
12 I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know Cover Art
13 Trouble Ain't Far Behind Trouble Ain't Far Behind Cover Art
14 With Love (Remember) With Love (Remember) Cover Art
15 Picture of the Moon Picture of the Moon Cover Art
16 The Sky is Crying The Sky is Crying Cover Art

A cover, originally by Elmore James (1959). - Metal_Treasure

17 Drowning in Tears Drowning in Tears Cover Art
18 Still in Love with You Still in Love with You Cover Art

The solo is in point

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